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Postponed - Please lock

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Scrap this for now sorry.

It clashes severely with existing events on other servers. I'll find a better date next week.

Dear Residents of Celebration,

I write to you inform you that an abomination lurks in the south. Earlier this week, a false epiphany of the Avatar of Magranon was seen lumbering around the southern steppe, consuming livestock and terrorizing local hunters.

In light of the sudden appearance of this monstrous apparition, I am calling upon all good hearted citizens of Celebration to rise up, take up arms and join me on a crusade to slay this demonic behemoth.

My name is RomaN, I am a veteran unique slayer who has been involved in the slaying deaths of half of the unique creatures on the entire Freedom Isles. My service record has seen me responsible for the deaths of many dragons through to Goblin Leaders, Troll Kings, Kyklops's and even Avatars.

Follow me and together we will rid the world of monsters.





I am looking for at least 10 fighters. We also need healers and priests (Magranon and Fo). I will welcome any help I can get.

I have a deed nearby and can ally with villages for respawning purposes if necessary.

Recommended requirements for a Fighter:

  • Bravery
  • 50+ Fighting
  • Two Handed Weapon, preferably Huge Axe of at least 70QL

Proposed time for slaying:

10.00 PM GMT - Friday the 18th April, 2014

How to register your interest:

Post your name, approximate fighting level and weapon.



90+ FS
Huge Axe

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