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North Shore is Recruiting

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North Shore.


Main site


Current Members is * 8 * Players this does not include alts and these are active players.


Deed size is roughly  35x60  with huge area to expand 


Location Is North Celebration Y8 x43 or D23







We are Chatting on TeamSpeak 3






We have a Facebook setup to share in game help tips, photo and more


We are recruiting new and experienced players 


Nice Hunting area, Farming Animals Husbandry, Close to Exoduses zone line, On deed Mining, Shipping, Much more


We do have rules and Player perspiration expected. 

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North Shore rekrutiert – auch deutschsprachige Spieler


Mein erster Tag in Wurmonline war eine Katastrophe. Nur rumgerannt, nach einem Ort zum siedeln gesucht – doch nirgendwo wurde ich fündig. Ich war ganz knapp davor, das Game zu verlassen.

Dann habe ich ein Recruitment-Board gefunden und Damine, den Bürgermeister von North Shore angeschrieben.

Das war vor ungefähr einem Monat. Seit dem lebe ich in North Shore erfolgreich als Schmied und habe Wurm online lieben gelernt.


Wichtig ist die Gemeinschaft. Geben und Nehmen. Ich werde von anderen unterstützt, doch ich helfe auch selbst, wo ich kann. Das funktioniert.


Suchst du ein Zuhause in Wurm? Suchst du eine echte Gemeinschaft mit Zusammenhalt? Dann melde dich bei uns.


Hier ein paar Infos:


8 Einwohner, größtenteils aus den USA

TS – mit einem deutschen Channel, um Fragen zu klären. Keine TS-Pflicht!

In-Game-Chat-Sprache sollte englisch bleiben

funktionierende Gemeinschaft – Jeder für Jeden – darauf legen wir wert


Ich könnte noch stundenlang über North Shore, Wurm und meinen ersten Monat hier schreiben, aber ich muss den ganzen Kram ja auch noch übersetzen … meld dich einfach bei


Damine – Bürgermeister, englisch

Kristof – Stellvertreter, englisch

Melvinus – ich, Einwohner, deutsch oder schlechtes Englisch








In English:

(sorry, if it sounds funny sometimes)



North Shore recruiting - including German-speaking players

My first day in Wurm Online was a disaster. Just running around, looking for a place to settle - but nowhere I found it. I was all just about to leave the game.
Then I found a Recruitment Board and wrote to Damine, the Mayor of North Shore.
That was about a month ago. Since I live successfully as a blacksmith in North Shore and have come to love Wurmonline.

Importantly, the community is. Give and take. I am supported by others, but I also help myself, where I can. It works.

Are you looking for a home in Wurm? Looking for a real community with cohesion? Then register with us.

Here are a few details:

8 inhabitants, mostly from the United States
TS - with a German Channel to clarify questions. No TS-duty!
In-game chat language should be English
functioning community – Everybody for Everybody – this is important for us

I could spend hours writing about North Shore, Wurmonline and my first month here, but I have all that stuff indeed translate ... meld easily with

Damine - Mayor, English
Kristof - deputy, English
Melvinus - I, Citizen, German or bad English

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Some really nice people here. Did some work for them recently and had a great time.

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I'd love to join! i'm a new player, but i've played before. i'm reinstalling the game as we speak, so i'll post on here when i'm out of the tutorial and such. how far a walk is it from the starting area?

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Hi Icednova...


its a bit to walk... i made the travel save cause of the newbie-buff with reduced aggro-range - but - its a bit dangerous. Probably the best idea would be if we pick you up by boat in Tap Dance. Cause of myself have no boat, ask Damine or Kristof ingame for a travel...


You can pm me too, of course - (Melvinus). I think your ingame-name will be icednova?


I am looking forward to meet you in our nice town...



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Hello. I am a new player looking for a new home. I have played before but have uninstalled. Looking for somewhere to keep it interesting!

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