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Twitch Streamer!

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Hey guys. 


I briefly streamed on twitch yesterday and it seems like something I enjoy doing, so with that said I want your ideas! 


I had 8 or so people watching yesterday during testing and it was a teeny bit laggy but I sorted that out later by lowering my maxed out settings (lol)


I'll be twitching for the next 4-5 months I guess, as my house is fairly empty and I wont be getting the random niece sticking chewing gum in my hair or pulling my plug out :/


Some ideas I have:


- Travelling to the best locations on Exodus, and showing off other peoples beautiful villages. (as mine sucks)


- Luring champion mobs into a pen and sending in a good fighter to show off his skills (I can barely kill a mountain lion)


- Travel to other servers connected to freedom cluster, as long as there is someone on the other side willing to let me ride a fast horse - makes for shorter stream videos


- Create a Colosseum and have a short fighting tourny?


- Boat race around Exodus server! (If someone trusts me to sail their fastest boat :P)


Any other fun ideas?


And yes I will be on webcam, so you can laugh at my bright coloured t-shirts , and sorry about the accent - i'm not really that posh.. *sips tea* 

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