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Found 2 results

  1. Laying our friend Zorako to rest. June 22nd, 2018 Amendment: See the end of report for a link to one of the TV stations coverage of the service which the Funeral Home was nice enough to sent me today as I was heading to the airport for my own flights home. Amendment: See the end of the below report for the link to the just received photo of the head stone monument that now marks our friend's final resting place. It was moderately warm overcast day today in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Among the 200 plus folks who turned up to say good bye to Thomas "Zorako" Hill, were three Wurmian's. Hughmongus, Zpen, and Finndar. Skyefox and Gold dust both wanted to be here but could not get the time off from their respective day jobs to attend in person. The Chaplin started Zorako's burial service by telling folks that it was the gaming community who did not give up on Zorako... that we kept pushing to ensure he got a proper burial service with proper honours for a war veteran and retired serviceman. As they could not locate an living Next of Kin for him, Finndar, Zpen and myself were put in the front row (where immediate RL family normally go). We, his friends from the gaming community, were were acknowledged as his family as he no longer had one in RL. Two local TV stations showed up cover the service and a local newspaper. They were blown away by us coming in from all over the world. From east coast of the USA, west coast of Canada and from Eastern Europe to give our good friend a proper send off. The TV press wanted an interview afterwards and asked who was the group's spokesman. Although I (Hugh) was the senior Wurmian present (one with most time in Wurm and who has known Zorako the longest), I deferred to Finndar as I felt it more appropriate that an American speak for a fellow American and answer their questions. Because of our persistence that we wanted to attend and pay our respects to our friend and see him properly laid to rest, the below appeared in local news services yesterday (Thursday evening). Three different vetearan's groups and many locals turned up for the twin burial service, over 200 people. I took a few photos. I know Zpen also got some from inside the burial service itself. He will post these when he gets time to do so as he has the furthest to travel. The place of the Burial Service Two honour guards, a pair of US Marines for the Marine chap, a pair of US Navy ladies for Thomas. After the service we were told that if we cared to come back in a few hours his grave would be ready for visitors. So while Finndar and Zpen had to head for the airport to catch their flights home, I stayed after the service and waited until they had interred his ashes. I then visited Zorako's grave... Zorakos in the back row, top of picture with flowers by his marker. I left this note a personal good bye note from me and Skye and those attending, and on behave of "his Indy Family". Zorako's grave with temporay marker Zorako's name plate marker For friends of his who wish to stop by and leave flowers and pay their respects, Thomas "Zorako" Hill is resting now in the south corner of Section 1, per this map Rest in Peace, Zorako. You will live on in our hearts and memories. With a heavy heart, Hughmongus Post Script: June 23, 2018 - here is a link sent to me by the Funeral Home, that leads to the local TV coverage of the funeral. Post Script: January 15th, 2019 at 01:54 GMT (UTC) - here is a link to the photo sent to my by the Funeral Home, of the head stone monument that now marks our friend's final resting place. Tom "Zorako" Hill has received a fitting resting place marker. With kind thoughts, Hugh
  2. On 31 March, 2018, the Independence community lost one of its long time players, Zorako. Zorako was a very good man, and a good friend. He was helpful to many on Indy - newbies and vets alike. He was giving of his time, his knowledge, and his friendship. In-game, Zorako lived in central Indy, near Freedom Market, on a deed called Yoitsu Meadow. In real life, Zorako lived in Nebraska, and was a veteran of the Vietnam War and the U.S Navy. We will miss you, friend Zorako. Rest in peace.