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Found 11 results

  1. Allow us to use a yoyo while mounted, in carts and wagons, boats, etc. The skill has no other use, and it'd be nice to do while traveling.
  2. Yoyos used to take only .1kg of a shaft to create (about 2 years ago), but now they use a full shaft. For the amount of time, effort, and amount of different skills needed to create a decent quality Yoyo, eating up a full 1kg shaft for creation simply isn't necessary. Let's go over the four double-favour items: Libila - Easiest 90 Farming > 90QL Produce, Skill = QL Magranon - Easy 90 Mining + 90 Locksmithing > Door Locks, ~75QL Average / 100 (requires 60kg of Iron per 100) Fo - Average 90 Cloth Tailoring + 90 Farming > 1kg Cotton turned into .2kg Strings turned into .3kg Squares, ~70QL Average / 100 (requires 30kg Cotton per 100) Vynora - Hardest 90 Toy Making + 90 Cloth Tailoring + 90 Woodcutting + 90 Carpentry + 90 Farming > Felled Trees cut to Logs turned into Shafts + Cotton turned into Strings, Combined into Yoyos, ~65QL Average / 100 (requires 200kg Log [2 trees] + 10kg Cotton per 100) Cordage - Hard Cordage requires extremely high ropemaking and a good ropetool for even 90%. I believe that's fair simply because it can be used as a "double-favour" item for all priests. (requires 65kg+ Wemp) Now, looking at the above items, it's painfully obvious how much harder Vynora has it compared to the other three Gods when it comes to sacrificing for favour. There is so much skill-grinding needed to make favour for Vynora. The material cost is huge compared to the others, too. One could argue it's because Vynora has such good casting spells, but to be fair, Fo can easily make the most money in the long run with LT, and Magranon can have a steady income with Strongwall casting 50c-1s per tile (like what, 5 doorlocks per cast?). Libila doesn't really count as she doesn't exist on Freedom. So my suggestion is to either lower the required shaft weight to .1kg per Yoyo, or completely rework how Yoyos are made. Perhaps just a string on log, and it takes out .1kg of log instead of having to make shafts. Opinions?
  3. hi i want to sell some stuff i have ... give me offer for stuff below... if i aggree i'll COD it to you as soon as i can THANK YOU
  4. Fireworks, birchwood 80ql 00dmg best offer Easter egg 99ql 00dmg best offer Statue Of Vynora, silver 32.66ql 00dmg best offer yoyo, birchwood 38.52ql 00dmg 50i or best offer yellow potion 16ql 00dmg 15c or best offer yellow potion 50ql 00dmg 25c or best offer
  5. Note: Make sure to leave the number or the name of the item you are bidding on. #1: 19ql - Rare Yoyo Starting Bid: 50c Increments: 50c Buyout: 2s No reserve, 1h sniper #2 : 66ql - Rare Shovel (78woa, 65coc) SOLD Starting Bid : 4s Increments: 1s Buyout: 6s No reserve, 1h sniper #3: 75ql - Rare Saw (96woa) Starting Bid: 4s Increments: 1s Buyout: 6s No reserve, 1h sniper
  6. WTS: 500 charcoals 31.86ql - 2s 500 charcoals 20.97ql - 1s50c 2000 wemp - 79,32ql - 1s per k 100 yoyos - 75.15-70.34ql, avg ql 73.90 (1080+favor for Vynora) - 2s50c
  7. Hello Devs and fellow Wurmians, after all the love the Libilan sacrificial items get (which is good and long waited for) I think it's time again to remind everyone that the yoyos are still messed up. To make a yoyo you need a 1kg shaft and 0.2kg of string. When created you have a yoyo of 0,1kg and a wood scrap of 0,1kg. A whole 0,8kg of shaft magically disappear into nothingness. Now let's take a look at the whole process for a minute: You cut a tree and turn it into ~7 logs of 24kg each. Now you turn those into ~84 shafts of 1kg each. Make those into yoyos and you have 84 yoyos of 0,1kg each. That's 8,4kgs of yoyos made from 168kgs of wood. You lose 159,6 kgs of wood. That's crazy enough... but if you compare it to other sacrificial items like locks it gets even worse. A yoyo is a useless fun item. So you have to grind a fun but useless skill to make them. But you can't just start right away... No... you first have to plant cotton fields, wait a few days and then turn the cotton into strings. Only then you can start to make your sacrificial item for your loved goddess. For Magranons locks you pick your pickaxe, mine some iron and turn it into a lock using a very useful skill which everybody needs to secure their belongings. Tl;dr Version: Yoyos take a lot of ressources and a useless skill to get the same benefits like other priests get for a fraction of their time/effort. Edit: Just to clarify... I don't want the sacrificial item of Vynora to be changed... I only want Yoyos to be fixed so it doesn't use a whole shaft to make one yoyo.
  8. Hi! Im interested in buying favour gain items for my vynora priest. It doesnt matter what kind of items, im paying in the worth of favour gain. My favour is atm 55 so items that will give me more then that is just a waste (I can still buy them, but for the price of a 55 favour item, hence the waste). Examples of items im looking for; Cordage Rope Yoyo Silver/gold statue Silver/gold bracelet Silver/gold pendulum Silver/gold candelabra Silver/gold necklace Silver/gold ring PM me either here or in-game (if im online that is ) Cheers Edit: I now have my favor items i wanted. Cheers
  9. Tired of playing with your average toy? Play with rare style instead [18:50:10] A small spool of wood with a string rolled up in the centre. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from cedarwood. Start: 1s Increment: 50c Buyout: 10s Sniper: 30 min no hidden reserve Will COD to winner from Celebration
  10. I was wondering, after recently using a particularly bad quality batch of strings, does the string QL affect the end product (yoyo) at all or does it only affect the creation chance?