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Found 17 results

  1. Hey everyone! been playing Wurm on and off since Golden Valley, i finally got more into my youtube channel, so i wanted to use the opportunity not only to share one of my favorite sandbox games, but also get some publicity for Wurm! i dont have much to say here, and if this isn't allowed im sorry, i just wanted to share this with the community. if i cant have this up here my bad!
  2. Hey guys, So I recorded a quick little video yesterday in which I decided to talk about why I've finally come to the decision to monetize my channel. It's not about the money, instead about increased online presence and prioritization on Youtube; and it's certainly worth a watch if you're a wanna be youtuber aswell. I just figured it might be astute to make a video being on the level about the reasons behind it instead of someone being like "yo dude wtf?". If anyone else has any additional knowledge on how Youtube works in terms of giving videos better visibility I'd love to hear your thoughts on it all. I'll throw links to the videos that I reference in my video down below, thanks everyone for your continued support! I'm actively playing Wurm again quite abit so ya'll can expect plenty of Wurm content coming up so I hope you stay tuned, much love.
  3. The newly opened Orient Express canal on Crystal lake on Independence - Stretching all the way to the east coast! Hi Everyone! As you all know by now, the cooking revamp is well underway, with testing ,tweaking and delicious smells, Tich is working hard, We have a loose release date, and will let you all know once it's set in stone, expect it in time for some delicious Christmas feasts though! The cookbook. With the cooking update, there will be several hundred recipes available, with only a tiny few visible by default. This week we'll be giving a short overview of just what you can expect to see when exploring this new system! The initial page of your cookbook allows you to select what recipes to view, Target action - these are the ones where you use one item on another, e.g. grinding cereals to make flour. Container action - these ones are when you use a tool of some kind on a container to change the contents of the container into a different item. E.g. using your hand on a pottery bowl which containers flour, water, salt and butter to make pastry. Heat - these ones are your basic cooking recipes, where you put ingredients into a food container, and put in an cooker and after the ingredients get hot the container items change to the result, e.g. putting maple sap into a saucepan in a lit oven, will result in maple syrup after sometime. Not all recipes work in all cookers. Time - these ones are used for brewing. Also on the initial page you also have links to view recipes (that you know) by Tool - this gives a list of the tools that you know are used for cooking, selecting a tool from that list will give you the known recipes that can be made using it. Cooker - this will give a list of cookers, and selecting a cooker from that list will lead you to a list of known recipes that can be made in it Container - this will give you a list of containers that can be used by known recipes, selecting one will then give a list of the known recipes that use that container. Ingredients - gives a list of all your known ingredients, and again selecting one of them will then show a list of known recipes that use that ingredient. From any list of recipes, you can select one and view what you think is used to make that item Note that there are optional ingredients, and unless you have used them for an ingredient, then they will not show in your version. Note that some recipes may use any type of meat, or fish, or veg, or herb, or spice, when you attempt the same recipe with a different type, your recipe will be updated to show that information, Refreshing Of course, many of you know that the Path of Love ability, and the rare item sacrifice refreshing grant instant max nutrition, food, stamina and water. A lot have asked about whether there will be changes to how this current system works, and in short, the answer is yes: Refresh will now, most likely, give less than 99% nutrition, but will still fill your food and water bars and your stamina bar when it used to as well. PoL refresh will set you to 50% nutrition when you first get that ability, and will increase by a further 5% for each level after that to a max of 99%. (e.g. Refresh at level 8 gives 50% + 20% (5% for every level above level 4) Sacrificing: A rare will now set you to 50% nutrition + half of the QL. A supreme will now set you to 70% nutrition + 30% of the QL. A fantastic will now set you to 90% nutrition + 10% of the QL. Some other ways to get a refresh will now give an extra random amount on top of their base 50%. After considerable feedback we have decided to not go ahead with these changes, refresh will still give 99% nutrition, but there will be other bonuses and incentive to cook. Each meal, when eaten, will normally give a timed skill bonus, the skill can vary from player to player and due to the ingredients and cooking method of the meal itself Meiyeeer joins the team This week we took on a new volunteer developer! Meiyeeer has joined our team and will be working with us on various projects, so be sure to give her a huge Wurmian welcome, and don't harass her too much! Milosanx returns! Another of my favourite youtubers has returned to making videos, and this time with a quick refresher of his deed, before jumping over to Xanadu to give a tour of Glasshollow Markets, a thoroughly impressive marketplace in NW Xanadu. Another video series that caught my eye this week. Could you last with just a steel & flint? That's it for this week folks, we'll have more info on cooking as we get closer (we're close as it is already!). Let us know what you think of the changes and what you'll cook first thing!
  4. Episode2: My new video about the process of building on Huntington Castle is up. Episode 1: I want to try to make a before- after series about my Island deed on Pristine. I thought because this one did go trough some hands, I might mention it here and some people might like to see their old deed. Would be interested to hear all about the history of it, who build it, old screenshots all that. Thank you :-)
  5. I uploaded a video to youtube and was flagged for copyrights violation. I didn't have any music playing but it flagged the wind sounds/noises that you get while in those rough terrains. These are the notifications I received and i was wondering if this is correct or a mistake by youtube. Do these wind sounds come from " When Nature Sings (Wind) - Darryl Holt"? " The claimant is allowing their content to be used in your YouTube video. However, ads might appear on it. " Content: When Nature Sings (Wind) - Darryl Holt Sound recording 12:40 - 13:55 Claimant: CD Baby On behalf of: Darryl Holt, LLC
  6. This is a (9 part) series in which I take a boat and sail the coast of a large portion of the Mythmoor server. Along the way I will be stopping to check out various coastal settlements! Click here to watch Weem's Mythmoor Voyage (Day 1) - "Leaving Tick-Tock" @Brash_Endeavors - I'm using music from the Wurm soundtrack in this series by the way
  7. I was watching one of the YouTube channels i am subscribed to today and wanted to share the channel with you guys and help him maybe get a few more subscribers. He lives a simple life and has some cool videos of him working on his place so thought some of you might like it. He also is an artist and sells some nice prints if you are interested.. > If you have any channels you like i would love to see them i am always looking for new things to watch. I myself am more into the vloggers but feel free to post channels about whatever. I thought we have a post about music so why not YouTube channels so we can share what we are watching while we grind
  8. Hey all! I have a new video series following the development of our new settlement on the Mythmoor server I thought I would let you know about! Myself and a few friends moved there recently from a private server hoping to play with more people and have a place where we could experience more of the game. Wurm Unlimited was my first real experience with the game (I played WO for one day, last year) and I have been having a blast! Here is the first video of a few I have so far for those who might be interested! <- Wurm Unlimited - "Journey to Mythmoor"
  9. I recently did a video talking about what I have enjoyed about Wurm as well as the elements of the games that have turned some people off (even if I am not one of them in some cases). Let me know what you think! Should YOU buy Wurm Unlimited? <-- direct link to Youtube video
  10. Welcome to Wurmian Adventures! Twitch: YouTube: Don't expect anything close to perfection. It's very raw and uncut. When I post the edited versions of the videos on YouTube I make the originals unlisted with a comment linking to the new edited version. I don't always have the time to edit right away. I'm far from being a pro at this but I don't think there's anything wrong with adding more content to the mix. We could probably use some more streamers/youtubers for Wurm Online. Keep in mind, I don't have a set date/time for streaming. I just do it whenever I feel like it so it's completely random. However, that's why I post the videos on YouTube. Have fun :-)
  11. Hello guys and girls! I am a beginning a career in the Youtubing business and I appreciate your help in making my channel a success! I post Wurm Let's Plays. So far I have 7 episodes up and more to come! Start here and explore my channel. Comments and constructive critisism is a plus, please help me be a better youtuber! Thank you!
  12. I would like to start posting short video links on the Wurmpedia Site for new players, After I've been granted access of course, i will probably post them here as well, this could be a good resource for all new players to look at once I have a large portfolio of guides up. Basic crafting tutorials, to advance crafting video guides following projects like boats - houses , viewer ideas, breeding/capturing animals. Ideas are more than welcome. Let me know what you think. Video Link here : Just threw this together real quick, I used to make videos in numerous other mmos, Looking to get back into it. Thanks! -Leadion
  13. I have no idea how to contact this company to ask about this issue of YouTube monetization. Some other companies make it quite clear what their policy is on their support pages etc (World of Tanks, Firefall, explicitly allow it for the pro-gamer side, while Microsoft the big baddie says absolutely not). It seems the music in this game gets tagged by YouTube for third party content administered by The Orchard Music. As a side note, the music in this game ranges from nice and beautiful, to ...uh whaaaat is that doing in this game (the guy singing and the soft rock music with electric guitar)? It also seems to be quite irrelevant to what is going on (just pops up out of the blue then vanishes in a few seconds sometimes). YouTube didn't flag one instrumental music at one point but then 2 minutes later with a different song ("Tom E Morrison-Finger of Fo") it did.
  14. Earlier this week I made a video covering some stuff in a battle in wurm and Google decided to do this little annoying thing to the video: Despite me pointing out that it had royalty free music and voice recordings from teamspeak they still want some form of paperwork saying we can make videos from the game developer. So was wondering if Code Club AB could post a statement for youtube monetization. This will also be a handy reference for any future people who make monetized videos about wurm in the future so they don't have to hassle the developers for some sort of email saying they can make videos.
  15. I HAVE SO MANY VOICES IN MY HEAD! Ok to be honest, I do and don't this video was made because a lot of people I know said I should make a few and possibly throw my luck into youtube in order to try and become some sort of voice actor. A lot of people have had luck with getting breaks before, might as well throw my name in the hat eh?
  16. I seen this on my YouTube this morning and also on Twitter it is a video of the new trolls thought i would share it here for anyone that did not see it yet,