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Found 3 results

  1. Time goes against you Look at any other popular games. Why are they popular? The most important thing is to meet the players What people primarily use when they see a game What we use most of this game What should be changed first The answer is: HUDS Us, all this is usually on the shoulder. But more and more players prefer simpler, more convenient options. There are too many minor HUDS in this game, in which it is very easy for a simple person to get confused Everything that is in the game does not have to be changed, but in my opinion, you need to have in stock convenient modern interfaces for all those who can not fully feel and understand this game
  2. Hey there! I have been watching forums lately filled with a lot of threads with similar mood and message; what is wrong with the game or what could be improved. So I decided to make a counter-thread for such movement! This is the thread, where you can memorize and share one particular, lovely memory you remember when you played Wurm and something good or absolutely funny occured, or you can point out some feature of the game you waited for so long and you felt super-satisfied when it came out and loved to use it. Or you can give just positive feedback for the community, devs or some individual, who has been doing well or you feel has succeeded in some matter, like helping others, being a trustful friend in all turns in Wurmian life... sky's the limit! Only demand is that this thread is filled with the positive posts. Because when you feel down and need cheering up, you can read this thread and identify with the feelings others have shared. Or you can go to the thread "that thread about cats". I have plenty of good memories and a lot of to thank to many people, but I think yesterday happened something that made me feel so happy. That thing was, when I announced our alliance's advertisement post and I got not only so much support from my alliance friends as a bunch of supportive posts to the thread itself, but also personal feedback about how amazing job I had done with it. I felt like, man, this is why I play this game and truly enjoy it after 4 years of playing it; because of the best community. Okies, it's time for you to share a positive moment!
  3. I think it's time for me to sell some things I won't use anymore. I hope you'll find something interesting for you. Decent Tools: Awl 73ql, BotD78 - 1s Carving Knife 72ql, CoC77, WoA 77 - 1.5s Fruit Press, pinewood 76ql, CoC81, WoA80 - 1.5s Grooming Brush, oakenwood 36ql, CoC87 - 1.2s Grooming Brush, oakenwood 68ql, CoC88 - 1.4s Hammer 87ql, CoC64, WoA72 - 1.2s Hammer 91ql, CoC76 - 1.3s Hatchet 1ql, CoC80 - 80c Leather Knife 67ql, BotD76 - 1s Mallet, pinewood 67ql, CoC77, WoA62 - 1s Mallet, oakenwood 75ql, CoC59, WoA84 - 1.5s Meditation rug, cotton 57ql, CoC85 - 1.2s Needle 70ql, CoC81 - 1.2s Needle 76ql CoC66, WoA60 - 1s Pickaxe 83ql, CoC76, WoA80 - 1.5s Pickaxe 69ql, CoC87, WoA60 - 1.5s Rope tool, pinewood 75ql, CoC82 - 1s Rope tool, oakenwood 84ql, WoA54 - 50c Saw 79ql, WoA87 - 1.5s Saw 90ql, WoA85 - 1.5s Saw 86ql, CoC73, WoA78 -1.5s Shovel, steel 8ql, CoC84 - 1.2s Shovel 69ql CoC61, WoA61 - 1s Spindle, pinewood 45ql, CoC87 - 1.3s Stone Chisel 80ql, WoA86 - 1.3s Cheap Tools - 50c each Carving Knife 76ql, WoA74 - 50c Grindstone 47ql, CoC73 - 50c Hammer 56ql, WoA70 - 50c Hatchet 59ql, CoC69 - 50c Hatchet 77ql, WoA73 - 50c Large Anvil 50ql, WoA50 - 50c Pickaxe 1ql, CoC77 - 50c Rake 28ql, CoC70 - 50c Rope tool, oakenwood 84ql, WoA54 - 50c Scissors 78ql, CoC77 - 50c Scythe 4ql, CoC73 - 50c Sickle 33ql, CoC67 - 50c Spatula 70ql, CoC76 - 50c Stone Chisel 60ql, WoA75 - 50c Trowel 44ql, CoC34, WoA63 - 50c RARES: RARE fruit press, birchwood 81ql - 5s RARE butchering knife 25ql - 5s RARE exquisite meditation rug 75ql, CoC73 - 8s RARE needle 13ql - 3s RARE saddle 83ql, WoA70 - 7s RARE spatula, oakenwood 11ql - 3s RARE plate leggins, steel 49ql - 3s Tools with 90+ enchants: File 79ql, CoC95 - 2.5s Butchering Knife 56ql, CoC94 - 3s Cloth Meditation Rug, cotton 48ql, CoC90 - 1.5s Hammer 58ql, CoC95 - 2.5s Needle 70ql, Coc96, WoA87 - 3s Sickle 62ql, CoC57, WoA98 - 4s Whetstone 82ql, CoC94 1dmg - 2.2s Large Rat Pelt 100ql, CoC96 3.53dmg - 3.5s Stone Chisel 40ql, CoC100, Imb9 - 5s Saddle 82ql, WoA93 - 4s Uncommon things: 4xFireworks 80ql - 50c each Star emerald 1ql - 3s Oil of the armour smith 91ql, 81ql - 2.5s each Oil of the armour smith 54ql, 52ql - 2s each Oil of the armour smith 25ql - 1.5s Potion of Acid 68ql, 7ql - 50c each Soft Cap, cotton 99ql, 7dmg - 50c Easter Egg 99ql - 50c Small tortoise shield 69ql - 2s 2x Drake Hide 0.01kg 80ql, 89ql - 40c each Rare materials - 30c each: RARE stone brick 25ql, 42ql RARE ore, iron 56ql, 10dmg RARE log, firwood 62ql, 40ql RARE wool 48ql, 0.5kg RARE colossus brick 36ql RARE cordage rope 84ql RARE clay 35ql Supreme materials - 50c each: SUPREME dirt 39ql SUPREME square piece of cloth, cotton 27ql Seryll Chain: Chain gauntlet, seryll 90ql, 1.11dmg - 1s Chain sleeve, seryll 30ql - 2s Bulk tools: 27x Rope tool, oakenwood 87ql+ 20c each Specials: 4x Green Gnome 99ql - 10s each or 35s for all. Full Seryll Plate Armour - 60s moved to auction. Post here if you want to buy something. I will be sending items at least twice a day (morning and evening in UK time zone). Buyers pay CoD (from Xanadu). EDIT: I don't want to spam this thread too much, so new rule - if item is crossed from list it means it has been sent already and you can expect it in less than 10 minutes.