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Found 10 results

  1. I have the following for sale: 39 x Sleep Powders 1s each or (13 for 12s, All for 35s) SOLD 2 x Yule Goats 1s each SOLD 3 x Yule Reindeer 1.5s each SOLD 4 x fireworks (3 @ 80ql, 1 @ 99ql) 1s each 3 x Snow lantern 1s each 72 x Yellow potions 4c each 55 x Source Crystals 4c each SOLD Collect from Independence G/H17 or will send COD
  2. I have a few odds and ends I'd like to sell (specifically, what I mentioned in the title). I can't travel, so the sleep powder and spyglass are pick-up only. Sleep Powder: 75 copper each or best offer; 7 in stock 70.00 QL Spyglass: 3 silver or best offer Yellow Potions: 5 copper each; 25 in stock
  3. - SOLD - I have a set of 40+ yellow potions, including 30 potions of 100ql: I'm offering the complete set for 3.50s 2.00s (pickup southeast Deliverance). I can also deliver to places in Deli and North of Exodus.
  4. Ladies and Gents! I have here today for you the (after i looked through the archive too) (may or may be not be the) largest yellow potion auction ever made in Wurm! Do you want to fool your neighbors? Perhaps make a prank on one of your villagers? Want to scare to death a fellow kingdom friend? Or just....have some (good ole wurm) fun? (perhaps to the point where your non wurm-playing spouses/family (shame on them!) start to wonder if you smoked something) ------------------------ Well you've come to the right place! These potions will give you countless hours of fun and more! Technical details: 34 potions under 100ql and 66 potions at 100ql -------------------------------- Start bid: 7s (7c per) Increments: min. 50c Buyout: 17s (17c per) Sniper protection: 1h -------------------------------- Good luck! Have fun using them and get potionated! (yeah yeah, all you grammar nazis out there, i wanted to make up a word >.<)
  5. Like the title says, auctioning 24xPotions and 25xYellow Potions Starting Bid: 1s Minimum Increment: 50c Buyout: make me an offer No Reserve 1hr Sniper Protection Pick up only (delivery could be arranged at an extra cost, but PM me before bidding)
  6. Just clearing some stuff..... Buyer pays COD or can arrange collection from Pest Harbour Indy (Inner Sea) - Could deliver if on inner sea..... 10 Yellow Potions (10 x 100, 2 x 96) - 100ql @ 60c ea, 96ql @ 55c (all 12 for 5s) 4 x Fireworks (3 x 80ql, 1 x 99ql) 80ql @ 1s ea, 99ql @ 1.2s 2 x Snow Lantern (99ql) - 2s each 1 x seryll Plate Gauntlet (30ql) - 5s 3 x seryll lumps (78.82ql) - 2s each
  7. Soft capx5 80c each Yellow potions: 40i per ql 80qlx1 64qlx1 50qlx1 48qlx1 32qlx1 16qlx3
  8. Rare demon statue - make offer through PM Red wine 68.29 ql (30.00) with barrel - 2s Sleep powders x3 - 1.5s each Large Anvil with 32 CoC - 50c 5 yellow potions (16ql, 32ql, 48ql, 50ql, 64ql) - 35c for all 5 Large crates - 10c each (by order) Small crates - 8c each (by order) Seryll lump 80ql - 1.5s All items located in Kalayaan, Indy... PM on forum or in-game. Prices are negotiable.
  9. Want to sell: 1 Firework 80 QL = 1 S 80 C sold 1 Lump, Seryll 80 QL = 1 S sold 1 Yellow Potions 16 QL = 25 C 2 Yellow Potions 50 QL = 40 C/each Pick Up on Bergdorf (High Fort) on Deli (4x, 16y) or CoD (Buyer)! For Rare-Fans: 1 Rare Rock Mine Door 50 QL = 1 S 80 C