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Found 19 results

  1. After one month premium you will discover a yellow potion in your inventory. You can drink it to temporarily turn into something fun. Or… Please rename your yellow potion with your character's name and mail it to Jpoppin on Melody. You can charge me 5c for it if you wish. They will reside in the Great Wall of Yellow Potions located at Surefall Glade on Xanadu. Here is a recent pic: But wait a minute? How are the yellow potions going from North Freedom to South Freedom before the servers have been linked in the game? The game devs have kindly gifted me (not really) a magical yellow mailbox to accomplish this feat. Pretty amazing huh? How do I see this Great Wall of Yellow Potions? You can currently only visit your potion by creating a character on South Freedom. Here is a travel guide to get there: I also have two other player participation projects going. Please post any Wurm related jokes of funny Wogic observations here or pm me (Jpoppin) in the game. If they make the cut they will reside upstairs from the Great Wall of Yellow Potions in the Hall of Jokes. And if you have an interesting (but relatively short) story to tell of your Wurm adventures, post it here as well. The best will get posted at the Wall of Stories, also located at Surefall Glade in the underground city of Qeynos. Thanks in advance. Happy wurming!
  2. Hi there have some gems of varying qualities.. etc.. opal- 47.00, 19.08ql diamonds- 50.43, 24.88, 22.96, 5.43, 1.00ql emeralds- 14.80, 6.95, 46.73, 24.00, 51.78, 88.57, 44.62, 28.07, 0.97, 58.42, 84.95ql saphire- 40.00. 30.00, 62.67, 42.00ql total at 10ql and above = 942,55 4 silver total less than 10ql = 14,35 so 20 copper ... total of both 4.2 silver or best offer... spatula oak 89coc 20 ql best offer.. gems sold pending delivery sorry for not updating sooner..
  3. Hello, I have for sell 9 x sleep powder - 1s ea SOLD 3x yellow potion - 10c ea rare rope tool - 5s rare clay shaper - 2s emerland 28,50ql - 20c buyer pays cod discount for purchase of all 9 sleep powder's for 8,9 s, 8,5s if you pick up your self deliwery or pickup L - 26 on Xanadu PM on forum or in Wurm nick "Kolekcjoner" PS. I like a bargain
  4. As the title say WTS, send me an price in-game or private message her on the forum. Ingame: name Nachtiti or Voorheezz Black drake Leather armor QL80 with Cap SOLD If you wonder how it looks, i send a link from wurmpedia hole set is Black Drake Hide jacket , Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Cap, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide sleeve, Leather Ql 80 Black Drake Hide sleeve, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Gloves, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Gloves, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Boot, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Boot, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Pants, Leather QL80 Fantastic Knapsack Tin SOLD rare Knapsack cherrywood SOLD 3X Spyglass 17x Sleeping powder SOLD to platinumteef 49x Yellow Potion rare Large Padlock, Iron Ql 16.41 SOLD Rare Twenty Coin, copper QL70
  5. Fireworks, birchwood 80ql 00dmg best offer Easter egg 99ql 00dmg best offer Statue Of Vynora, silver 32.66ql 00dmg best offer yoyo, birchwood 38.52ql 00dmg 50i or best offer yellow potion 16ql 00dmg 15c or best offer yellow potion 50ql 00dmg 25c or best offer
  6. I have a few odds and ends I'd like to sell (specifically, what I mentioned in the title). I can't travel, so the sleep powder and spyglass are pick-up only. Sleep Powder: 75 copper each or best offer; 7 in stock 70.00 QL Spyglass: 3 silver or best offer Yellow Potions: 5 copper each; 25 in stock
  7. A friend of mine is getting rid of the last bit of their stuff before leaving Wurm so I'm helping them out by selling these items. Any items you purchase will be mailed to you within 24 hours of your post but I'll likely get to you sooner than that. As items are sold I will strike out / remove them from the list below as quickly as I am able to do so. Also, depending on how long these items sit they may have a minimal amount of damage on them when sent to you, though any that can be repaired are sitting at zero damage at the moment. The source crystals and source salt are a package deal and are sold together. Delivery is available for this package but please allow extra time for delivery since I will need to coordinate delivery with another player. CoD costs are not included in the prices below and all items able to be mailed are mailed from Celebration. Any items not able to be mailed can either be picked up or have delivery arranged if necessary. Miscellaneous: Trader contract - 40s Fireworks, birchwood x3 80.00 quality - 45 copper Potion of acid 36.19 quality 17.92 damage - 30 copper Source salt x2 Source crystal x67 - 2s for all + source salt included (delivery is free for the source salt and crystals) Valentines, pottery x7 100.00 quality - 45 copper each Yellow potion x18 16.00 quality Yellow potion x12 32.00 quality Yellow potion x7 48.00 quality Yellow potion x2 50.00 quality Yellow potion x3 64.00 quality (Yellow potions are 10c each regardless of quality, or all for 3s50c) Yule goat, straw x2 99.00 quality 0.00 damage - 1s each Supremes/Rares: Supreme lump, gold 61.45 quality 0.00 damage 0.10 weight - 27 copper Supreme lump, lead 30.00 quality 2.70 damage 1.00 weight - 15 copper Supreme square piece of cloth, cotton 11.21 quality 0.00 damage 0.30 weight - 27 copper Rare log, birchwood 65.26 quality 0.00 damage 16.00 weight - 5 copper Rare lump, gold 69.04 quality 1.30 damage 0.10 weight - 10 copper Rare lump, gold 2.25 quality 0.00 damage 0.09 weight - 5 copper Rare square piece of cloth 24.21 quality 0.00 damage 0.30 weight - 18 copper Rare string of cloth 40.63 quality 0.00 damage 0.20 weight - 18 copper Rare string of cloth 28.87 quality 0.00 damage 0.20 weight - 18 copper Rare string of cloth 24.32 quality 0.00 damage 0.20 weight - 18 copper Rare string of cloth 1.65 quality 0.00 damage 0.20 weight - 18 copper Rare rockshards 45.83 quality 0.00 damage 20.00 weight - 12 copper Rare fine fishing line, x2 24.44 quality 0.00 damage 0.11 weight - 12 copper Rare bouquet of orange-red flowers 35.80 quality 0.00 damage 0.05 weight - 5 copper Rare bouquet of orange-red flowers 8.62 quality 0.00 damage 0.05 weight - 5 copper Rare arrow shaft, walnut 12.68 quality 0.00 damage 0.10 weight - 5 copper Rare sprout, cedarwood 57.05 quality 1.58 damage 0.20 weight - 9 copper Rare sprout, camellia 20.00 quality 0.00 damage 0.20 weight - 9 copper Rare Large nails, iron 33.59 quality 0.00 damage 0.30 weight - 18 copper Rare Large nails, iron 23.93 quality 0.00 damage 0.30 weight -18 copper Rare lump, iron 54.78 quality 88.45 damage 1.00 weight - 5 copper Rare lump, iron 54.50 quality 1.65 damage 1.00 weight - 12 copper Rare lump, iron 38.50 quality 0.00 damage 1.00 weight - 12 copper Rare lump, iron 38.50 quality 0.00 damage 1.00 weight - 12 copper Rare lump, iron 24.50 quality 0.00 damage 1.00 weight - 12 copper Rare lump, iron 15.62 quality 0.00 damage 1.00 weight - 12 copper Rare lump, iron 7.39 quality 0.00 damage 1.00 weight - 12 copper Rare lump, iron 2.50 quality 0.00 damage 1.00 weight - 12 copper Light Sources: Lantern, iron (245, 245, 245) 80.15 quality - 63 copper Lantern, iron (no dye) 80.12 quality - 50 copper Tools: Butchering knife, iron 22.25 quality C53 - 30 copper Butchering knife, iron 71.84 quality C25 - 20 copper Carving knife, iron 23.96 quality C98 - 1 silver 35 copper Carving knife, iron 25.83 quality C16 - 5 copper Carving knife, iron 42.18 quality W38 - 20 copper Exquisite meditation rug 16.11 Quality 77coc - 72copper Meditation rug 1.71 quality 74coc - 50 copper Meditation rug 20.18 quality 52coc - 25 copper File, iron 53.23 quality C78 - 60 copper File, iron 28.48 quality C24 - 5 copper Fine fishing rod, willow 40.24 quality C76 - 60 copper Fine fishing rod, willow 70.60 quality C29 - 15 copper Fine fishing rod, willow 40.02 quality C27 - 10 copper Grooming brush, oakenwood 61.10 quality C68 - 50 copper Grooming brush, pinewood 81.05 quality c53 - 40 copper Hammer, iron 88.48 quality C71/W79 - 1 silver 20 copper Hammer, iron 24.56 quality C14 - 2 copper Hatchet, steel 7.44 quality C78 - 65 copper Hatchet, iron 1.00 quality C79 - 65 copper Hatchet, iron 67.57 quality W70 - 60 copper Key, copper (Locksmithing) 46.41 quality 16.21 damage C56- 18 copper Log, pinewood 84.55 quality 0.00 damage 15.45 weight C60 - 10 copper Mallet, oakenwood 43.72 quality C93 - 1 silver 35 copper Mallet, pinewood 66.03 quality W80 - 70 copper Mountain lion pelt 93.57 quality 8.37 damage C81/W75 - 1 silver Mountain lion pelt 43.58 quality 61.38 damage C77 - 3 copper Needle, iron 50.21 quality C30 - 12 copper Pickaxe, iron 41.63 quality W93/C72 -1 silver 50 copper Pickaxe, iron 69.79 quality W55/C78 - 1 silver 30 copper Pickaxe, iron 55.52 quality W66/C44 - 1 silver Pickaxe, iron 50.40 quality C91 - 1 silver 8 copper Pickaxe, iron 8.54 quality C69 - 50 copper Pickaxe, iron 52.69 quality C64 - 50 copper Pickaxe, iron 35.44 quality C54 - 40 copper Pickaxe, iron 43.69 quality C48 - 35 copper Pickaxe, iron 43.61 quality C31 - 15 copper Pickaxe, iron 47.35 quality W70 - 50 copper Pickaxe, iron 61.12 quality W52 - 45 copper Pickaxe, steel 3.39 quality C79 - 76 copper Pickaxe, steel 4.87 quality C75 - 60 copper Pickaxe, iron 57.02 quality W16 - 5 copper Rake, iron 1.00 quality C75 - 55 copper Shovel, iron 1.00 quality C67 - 55 copper Shovel, iron 61.33 quality C53 - 40 copper Sickle, iron 36.09 quality C72 - 60 copper Spindle, cederwood 50.08 quality W60 - 45 copper Stone chisel, iron 31.77 quality W75 - 50 copper Stone chisel, iron 59.46 quality W73 - 60 copper Stone chisel, iron 43.92 quality W66 - 55 copper Toolbelt 55.54 quality - 35 copper Trowel, iron 22.03 quality C37 - 5 copper Whetstone 79.93 quality 9.49 damage C74 - 50 copper Yoyo, cedarwood 22.46 quality 13.20 damage C60 - 30 copper Weapons: Axe, iron 66.09 C42 - 10 copper Longsword, iron 44.30 quality LT20 - 5 copper Maul, iron 17.87 quality W54 - 30 copper Pinewood bow 28.13 quality C70 - 55 copper Two handed sword, iron 54.35 quality FA66 - 35 copper Please put the name of the character you would like the items mailed to. Thanks!
  8. I am selling these yellow potions as a bulk lot, all for 1.3s. Pickup from Pristine Message me here or ingame, AussieMel.
  9. I sell a pack of yellow potions. I dunno the price but I supose not too much, then I make the deliver only in Celebration...
  10. Need to clear out some odds and ends, so: WTS Oil of the Armorsmith 75.82ql 2.5s 1 black dragon hatchling drake hide 86.50ql the weight is 0, no clue what to ask so honest people pc me please and make an offer (sold for 10c) 5 sleep powders 1s each 4 yellow potions 16,32,2x100 ql 10c each All is c.o.d. mailable except the sleep powder, can deliver if not too far from me on Pristine (K13 ingame map) otherwise must arrange to pick up
  11. 1x Yule Goat 2.2s (includes CoD) 2x Sleep Powder 1.1s on pickup (1.5s if delivered on Pristine) 1x Yellow Potion 30c on pickup PM me on forum
  12. Howdy fellow wurmians! As some of u know, I'm back! And I need money for a deed, so selling what I got from token. seryll lump, 1kg, 80 ql Seryll - this reddish metal is believed to exist naturally only on Seris, and be delivered here by envoys from the gods. yellow potion 50 ql A round flask containing a yellow fluid smelling strongly of alcohol and urine. fireworks, 80 ql A package of fireworks. It is made from birchwood. easter egg, 99 ql A large funny-coloured egg. chain pans, seryll, 29.44 ql Leg protection made from metal chain. It could be improved with a lump. So, what those are worth? Can be picked up at Bear Dock, Independence, T 19. Or COD (lump in container so double fee) payed by recipient.
  13. Title of post changed since I only have the yellow potions left now WTS: 1 referral 6s SOLD 5x Yellow Potions 20c each or 80c if you take all 5 - seen in merchants from 30c to 60c each so grab a bargain! (2x16ql, 32ql, 48ql, 62ql) PC/WTS: ( pc info appreciated and make me an offer, if I think it sounds fair will take it ) (the 'slivers' and pots from dragon hunts, going to waste with me but hopefully someone can make use of them) 1 (white dragon) hide 87.66ql 0.01kg SOLD (accepted an offer of 50c for reference) 1 (red dragon) scale 80ql 0.02kg SOLD (sold for 1s for reference) 1 Salve of Frost 71.71ql SOLD (sold for 1s to a special person ) 1 Oil of the Weapon Smith 37.96ql SOLD (offers up to 3s for reference) To buy or make offers post here, message me here, or ingame (same name). Will check back a few times a day. Thanks for looking!
  14. I have a set of yellow potions, including some high ql ones: I'm offering the complete set for 3s (pickup southeast Deliverance or CoD). I can also deliver to places in the South, Southeast or East of Deli.
  15. Curious if there is even a market for these things. At the moment I have 20 of them, ranging in QL from 16 to 100. Willing to part with all of them, however would like to sell them all at once if possible. Delivery may be negotiable depending on location, otherwise they would have to be picked up from somewhere coastal on Deliverance.
  16. 9 yellow potion Starting at 1s80c Min. increments: 20c Pick up only (Deliverance, Zbuczyn 38x 7y)
  17. For Sale this week are various rewards and presents currently at PPM on Deli. Not sure if these can be mailed but (if possible to post then the) buyer pays cod and postage. FIVE Four Snow Lanterns - 1.5s each or 5.0 silvers the lot. Expel the darkness with this +2 lantern, gives +4 to jollyness checks during winter. Christmas gift presented in 2013 Quality 99 Weight 2.50 You can use Candles to refill the lantern. The number of candles needed to refill the lantern (according to chat info) appears dependent on the quality of the candle. When full, you will get a message to that effect. Sixteen yellow potions! 5 x 16QL - 10c 4 x 32QL - 20c 2 x 48QL - 20c 5 x 50QL - 75c The whole lot for 1 silver. Yellow potion A round flask containing a yellow fluid smelling strongly of alcohol and urine. Yellow potion is an item given as Loyalty Bonus program that implemented on 12 December. The item turns you into a random creature or object when you use it, the duration depends on the quality. The quality of the potion depends on how many times and how long a player have been premium. Taking damage or riding / embarking will dispel the effect. I have an idea of the value of something made of urine and the effect of these is at best only interesting on PvE. I will consider offers and exchanges but my new toon is on Release not Deli. Sale run by Keeko (Kristel on Release)
  18. Fireworks 80QL - 1s yellow potion 50ql - 1s Easter Egg 99ql - 1s Pickup near Gold Pearl Market on Exodus