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Found 9 results

  1. Starting bid 1g Increments 1s No buyout Sniper protection 1 hour No reserve Description: 10% less damage taken runes on each piece. Dyed black (R=11, B=11, G=11). Note: Does not include cap. ~~~~ HAPPY HOLIDAYS ~~~~
  2. Ok I found my saddle sacks. Turns out a random motion moved them to my inventory just when my internet reset itself. This was not a saddle sack issue, just my internet crashed, then I was move/clicking around the screen, accidently must've moved my saddle sacks to my inventory just as my connection was dying. Sorry for this post before I actually checked in my inventory. I was traveling Spider Road, just killed a huge spider on Independence, at around M22 on ingame map. So I had my horse (Aged fat Honeysweet '5sCbcBrF 1st 8', branded to Cornersville) saddle open was gonna put stuff in her saddle sacks (the new xmas one). Just at that instant, my internet crashed. I lost connection was my ISP doing some sort of reset. I could not access internet for some moments. When I logged back on my saddle sacks were gone. No longer on my horse. So I logged out for lotime iaw CA recommendation. I logged back in, my saddle sacks are still gone. I am so darned lucky they were empty. Well this is my post. I have not submitted ticket yet, I guess I should have done that first. Oops. TeeeBOMB
  3. Doesn't fit in the necklace slot.
  4. Yeah yeah its early. But hey never hurts to get started early. Don't think this would involve much work, aside from maybe voice acting. The model and animations are already ingame. A tiny little animated model of the GM, perhaps even with a very deep, gravelly voice for its size. Or a high pitched, sped up voice. Either is amusing. Watch it wave its little scythe as it pronounces your doom!
  5. I put this in Town Square, but probably should be here?
  6. I was surprised to log in and see a message that Christmas was over. Sadly, I had not put up my tree yet and checked for gifts. I had just assumed it would run through the end of December, or we would at least get a warning message somewhere, like the "server is shutting down" or maybe email? Anyway, I vote for an extension to the end of December
  7. The Xmas impalong on Xanadu is fast approaching, so I thought I'd sail up and see how the deed was looking. > Wurm Online Playlist
  8. So today we had an outage game wide after implementing an update for Xmas. But in Wurm as most wurmians know this means full sleep bonus. Now just in case of outages I keep my sb pretty low, I think most do. I just want to thank you. We literally get reimbursed for our missed game time. Not for doing something extra above and beyond but what all other mmos should do. We pay for our time so we get it back in game if the game wasn't available. Its fair and right so thanks for doing the right thing even though Wurm is the only one, that I know of, doing it. Happy xmas.
  9. [15:03:23] Santa Claus says, 'You have been a bad person this year, Volix. No gift for you!'. What I was very good this year,lol