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Found 12 results

  1. WTS Sleep Powder. I have 10 available 1s each.
  2. Want to sell 10 sleep powder 1s each or buy all 10 for 8s
  3. Hello Wurmians I'm a newish player looking to make some coin to fund my deed and whatever comes up. The price will continue to be the same, but the quantity will keep going up. The first person to buy will get the lot. Current item: - Price: - Current quantity: - Production: Sleeping Delivery terms: I currently only have a large cart stationed near Vrock, so I will only be able to deliver to Xanadu. I greatly appreciate tips, but I will not charge you for delivery. Write below what item you would like me to do next. History
  4. Supreme Basinet Helm, Steel QL 55.31 [19:28:36] A shining basinet helm with a lift up visor. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a lump. [19:28:36] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, ''. Starting bid: 7s Minimum Increment: 50c Sniper protection: 1 hour
  5. Noobville Reststop is looking for new guys to join the ranks! We are a fairly new town, set up for new guys to come and try the game in peace. We have a village plan using google docs with plenty of tasks to be completed. We are located at Xan E14 Just below the boat tunnel. Mainly looking for EU time zone players but all are welcome. Once you have found an affinity for a crafting area i will help you move on to a more knowledgeable village of that type. Contact Panzerlancer in game or reply to the ad See you in game!
  6. Bundles in Bulk! Looking to sell what i have on hand and do not worry if we don' have enough just leave a message with how much you need and when you need it by and we will let you know if we can fill your order in time! Delivery available (cost varies depending on where you are located) Will trade crates with delivery. Or add 4c per small crate, 10c per large crate Item Name Cost per 1000 Amount on hand Mortar 2.2s 2000 Stone brick 2.2s 2000 Planks 1s 1000 Sand 1s 1000 Lamps 70ql20c/ea 0 Your item not listed? Let us know what you need and we will get back to you with in 24H or feel free to PM me in game.
  7. Auctioning Rare Longsword, Iron QL - 35.38 Starting Bid : 5s Minimum Inc. : 1s Buyout : none 1hr Sniper Protection
  8. Auctioning Rare Two Handed Sword, Iron QL - 31.40 Starting Bid : 5s Minimum Inc. : 1s Buyout : none 1hr Sniper Protection
  9. Constantinople is an emerging village located at K18 Xanadu. We currently have 4 citizens and we are looking to invite 2-3 more people. I would like to think we are nice people and we are looking to connect with similar players. Some of us have been around for a while. We make and sell a variety of products. The location has relatively easy access via sea and land. Resources are bountiful and hunting grounds are available. If you think you're looking for a cosy home where you can pitch a small stone cottage feel free to check us out, perhaps, If you're looking to have your own deed, there are plenty nice areas around us as well. Please send PMs if you would like to inquire about our village.
  10. Hello, I'm selling off 10k units of dirt for 1s per unit (1k). I'm stationed on Xanadu but available to deliver trough the freedom servers for a fee. Contact me in a reply, in a pm or in-game on Ronbalder.
  11. Given the current discussion about Xan traders, here is something that would be easy to do to make the current broken system a little less broken but without changing the mechanic. Just remove the King's envoy message so you actually have to go and check to see if any coin has been distributed.
  12. 6300 dirt to sell. 6s if picked up on Pristine, at x7, y22. 7s if delivered anywhere on coastal Pristine, Release or Xanadu. BSB's or crates to hold the dirt can be thrown in free of charge. Post here or PM me in forums or ingame (IGN is the same)