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Found 28 results

  1. You Press H for Wurmpedia window and have to click the input field again to start typing. I don't think anyone or at least not many people use the Wurmpedia page to browse around. Most of us want to search for something quickly. Have the input field active already when a player presses H / Wurmpedia window loads up so players can start typing their query right away.
  2. Sindusk has tested and verified his data updates to Wurmpedia. Can close this thread. I have noticed that Wurmpedia page for 'fuel' ( has been updated by an account named Sindusk on 3 Aug 2020 (thanks CA help remind me of Wurmpedia page update area). The values/amounts of fuel has been changed quite a bit. Sindusk did not provide any references for the changes. I suggest you guys would change it back the way it was, until some sort of verification for Sindusk's new information has been hammered out. Personally, Sindusk's version looks better, but still. Having random unsubstantiated changes to Wurmpedia should be limited, I think. Thanks for your time, TeeeBOMB
  3. Hey, can we get Wurmpedia page for long spear ( updated at the bottom right portion, where it says 'Skill and Improvement' updated? It presently says 'Uses weapons smithing skill'. Please add to that portion of that web page 'Improved using carpentry tools and materials'. Thanks, TeeeBOMB
  4. Hello, first post here, nice to meet and hi... Now to the point. According to Steam I'm 226 hours into WU. During that time I tried a number of servers and I can say there are certain oddities that strike a new player but the most important of them all, I think, is the inconsistency between facts provided by the built-in wiki browser and the game behavior. As a person documenting stuff on daily basis I want to suggest a solution - distributing a Wurmpedia instance with each Wurm Unlimited server and by default pointing the built-in browser to that copy. This way each GM/admin could keep local changes specific to their server and merge in global changes as updates come along. Mods, if any, could provide their own local changes during installation. This wouldn't be a difficult task to implement. Could even be separated from the server/client entirely by using any external versioning system for that matter. It would be trivial to keep wiki in the globally available repository and let the server admins create forks. That should be an extent of the work needed from the development team. It would be nice to have even more support, e.g. a variable in configs for a path to a local wiki copy or a localhost:port address, but even if there isn't one the community will probably figure this part out on their own, as well as how to pull updates and merge them in. It would also make it a very simple task for the modders to e.g. provide a git submodule for their wiki pages. It would even let admins install their own wiki themes and put all server relevant URLs and news in one place, have a separate wiki for a testing environment, go back and forth between whole wiki versions as needed, etc. Please consider the above, don't think about work too much though and have an awesome weekend. Cheers!
  5. Right-click menu for everything in Wurm show the option 'Find on Wurmpedia', but for most items it just return "not found" error. Please unify that so, that when using "Find on Wurmpedia" on e.g. log it will open the same page as doing "Wiki Search" for log.
  6. Hello all! I'm a new player and generally fairly active on wiki, so since I'm starting I figured I would make suggested edits as I go through the process of learning to play. However I noticed quite a few topics are not to be posted on the wiki (like recipes, meditation questions, etc) and I want to see if there is some guidance on what shouldn't be posted to protect the game play experience of everyone. Is that written down anywhere? Or just an unspoken rule of the land. Thanks!
  7. Sorry! This site is experiencing technical difficulties. been this way for a few hours now.
  8. Hello everyone! Bridges have been in quite some time now, however the information on the Wurmpedia is still very dry, so we're looking to populate the articles a little more and we're going to use this thread to do so. If you have any questions related to the mechanics behind bridges then drop them into here as a reply and we'll get testing. If someone knows the answer then of course, please reply also! We may even also get a developer popping their head in.... *looks for Tich*. I'll consolidate a list of all of the Q&A here, along with any relevant testing we've done. Cheers! Marni
  9. Dear Wurmians! The Wurmpedia team is looking for your opinions on the character and landscape of your chosen servers. What is it like to live and travel there? How has life changed since the hands of Rolf finished crafting the fjords and mountains? We are interested in what made you settle on that server and what keeps you there, not the general mechanics of Wurm. For those, you can always post in the Suggestions forum. Instead, talk about your server specifically. Is it the landscape? The people? Do you enjoy a large desert full of creatures to hunt, or majestic mountains? Remember to indicate what server you are describing and feel free to post! This is open to anyone, from any server.
  10. There are no photos of the full grown crops on the farming page here Replacements would be appreciated by myself and any other new farmers who don't know what to look for
  11. There's also titles gained after certain combinations of other titles. Mage to name one example. I believe Gary has a more complete list of such at the very least, EDIT: Also I believe there was an update where the sorcery items are divided up into separate items with single charges, instead of just one item with three charges.
  12. I've tested the second point under creation about the clay blob size. It is deffinitely no longer true, I've used large combined clay blobs to start five ovens rather recently without the whole blob being used up. There is also a small discrepancy/clarity issue between the fighting skill guide page and the Scythe page: Fighting skill guide page: "40 skill in parryable weapons/shields: Until you hit 40 skill in a parryable weapon/shield, you cannot parry while you move. This makes you vulnerable when moving and as such you can suffer greatly while retreating from a fight. The scythe is the only Non-parryable weapon." Scythe page: "Parry Rate: Rate uncertain, but capable of parrying." Or does non-parryable here mean it can't be parried?
  13. Did a major edit to Main Menu It now lists the various interface windows that can be opened. I created a few articles that were missing with a short description and image of the window. I've done smaller edits and will continue to make edits to help group interface articles under the Interface Category I came across this when I was working on testing information in the Basic Knowledge page, and I found that the interface had a few pages, many missing, and many not grouped or easy to find. I plan to fletch out the pages I've created and perhaps add more to explain the features and functions of these windows. I've also kept my screenshots in the Ironwood skin for consistency, as that is the default for the client now.
  14. Hey everyone, I've started this thread to gather some general feedback on the content of the Wurmpedia. My intention is not to start huge debates in this thread, just to gather some feedback only. If you feel your comment or suggestion would end up in a large discussion, please post a new thread to avoid cluttering. Cheers!
  15. Data Mining Data

    TL;DR If you don't care about skill gain/hr, stop reading now. If you want to maximize mining skill gain per hour, keep reading! Executive Summary: Things tend to be poorly tested in wurm. I recently returned with a new character and wanted to skill my mining. I found the wiki's advice and the advice in freedom chat to be very lacking. I decided I would try to determine how exactly mining skill gain works in wurm. A little story: Many moons ago in wurm (gold 1 & early gold 2) priests routinely 'blessed' items. Why? because the conventional wisdom was that bless 'reduced damage and decay.' I made a priest early in gold 2 and wondered how much damage reduction bless really offered. I asked in chat and no one seemed to have an answer. Finally my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to test it. I made two very low, same quality pickaxes and blessed one. I mined the same number of actions with each pick on the same wall tile. At the end of the test both had exactly the same damage. Again I asked in freedom chat about it and didn't receive a satisfactory answer. I asked Rolf on IRC what effect bless has on items and he responded something like "Bless only works on altars." Since then I've been very skeptical with common knowledge in Wurm as it's often untested and little more than rumor. Basic Info: There are ten mine able resource types in wurm: Rock, Iron, zine, tin, lead, copper, slate, silver, marble, and gold. Each resource type has a hidden 'difficulty' attribute. For a given mining skill and pickaxe quality higher difficulty resources produce fewer units at your maximum mining skill and more units at quality 1.00. I mined all 10 resource types with the same mining skill and pickaxe of 100 units each then looking at the average quality of the piles it appears the ore difficulties appear to rank as follows: rock < iron/zinc < tin < lead/copper < slate < silver < gold/marble admittedly though my sample size for the piles was very low and the order of difficulties could be wrong. Another player's testing gave this order: rock < iron < copper < tin = zinc < lead = slate < silver < gold = marble To get a better understanding I would really need to mine probably 300-500 of each resource type with the same pick and mining skill to clearly see how they rank. That's another 3-5k worth of mining though at this point I would really like to mine for skill. Thus rock will produce the highest average quality with the most units at your mining skill and the fewest units at quality 1.00. Conversely gold/marble will produce the fewest units at your mining skill and the most units at quality 1.00. Mining increases a total of 7 attributes and 3 skills. Body Body Strength Body Stamina Mind Mind Logic Soul Soul Strength Mining Miscellaneous pickaxe I mainly focused on the Mining skill and ways to maximize it in my tests. I didn't look at how to maximize the other skills. I spent considerable time mining all 10 resource types with a large number of unenchanted, coc, coc+woa, and woa, and rare pickaxes trying to figure out how exactly the skillgain for mining works. I was confused for a good while until I noted a number of things happening: You only gain mining skill if the ore/shard produced is greater than quality 1.00 and less than quality 40.00 In other words the unit must be from quality 1.01 to quality 39.99 inclusive. If the unit is quality 1.00 or 40.00+ you will never gain a mining tick from it. Please note that you can gain any of the 9 other attributes/skills from the other quality units, but not the mining skill itself. I also noticed that the size of the mining tick is exactly the same regardless of the resource type you are mining holding everything else constant. Rock shards give exactly the same size tick as gold for a given pickaxe, mining skill, and mining timer. I then tested mining a capped quality 30 gold vein to see if it would produce mining ticks when the ores came out at quality 30 since a great number of them would. It appears the server calculates what quality the ore "would have been" had the vein not been capped when determining whether you get a mining tick. There's no advantage or disadvantage to mining capped or uncapped veins. I also noticed that if you start a mining action with zero stamina the skillgain for that action is reduced by approximately 90%. This is probably to prevent someone from setting a heavy object on their mining key bind and going to bed to mine all night with zero stamina. Please note as long as you have some stamina when you start the mining action you will get full skill gain even if you end the action with zero stamina. I also noticed that the 'size' of the mining tick is directly proportional to the length of the mining timer. Longer timers produced larger ticks. Putting all this together I was able to reverse engineer the probable formula for mining skillgain. If(quality > 1.00 && quality < 40.00 && startingStamina > 0) then skill gain = =0.001+t/10000-w/100000+c/100000 where t is the mining timer in seconds w is the wind of ages (WoA) cast c is the circle of cunning (CoC) cast As you can see the WoA cast actually retards the skill gain. This is to counteract the bonus you get from it lowering the mining timer. The net effect is zero. Circle of cunning adds to the skill gain. Longer mining timers also increase the skillgain. CoC increases skill gain. If we disregard the effects of WoA for a moment the most optimal mining timer would actually be 0 seconds. This is because you get 0.001 mining skill tick regardless of the timer length. The effect of this 'bonus' is less pronounced the longer the mining timer (and thus the size of the mining tick) is. At first glance having a pickaxe enchanted with WoA would seem to help as it reduces the mining timer and thus increases the effective skillgain per hour. Unfortunately the formula subtracts some of the potential skill proportional to the size of the WoA cast. After testing 2x QL 74 picks one with woa and one without then calculating the skillgain per hour after accounting for the size of the mining ticks and the length of the timer WoA neither helps nor hurts the overall skillgain. It does, however, allow you to get in more mining actions per hour. So how do we maximize skill gain? There's no magic formula for this because there are multiple variables and only one equation. In theory it doesn't matter what resource you mine (vein quality also doesn't matter) since they all give the same skillgain holding all other things constant. The key to maximizing the skill gain is to get as many of the ores/shards to come out at 1.01 to 39.99 quality while at the same time maintaining the fastest possible mining timer. If you are producing too many units at quality 1.00 then move to a lower difficulty resource and/or use a higher quality pickaxe. Conversely if you are producing too many ores at your max mining skill and not enough in the optimal range then you can move to a more difficult resource type and/or use a lower quality pickaxe to increase the number of optimal units produced. Again please note that using a lower quality pickaxe will increase the length of the mining timers which can at times adversely impact your overall skill gain. Of course the answers to the above questions change as your mining skill increases. The best combination of resource type and pickaxe quality at 30 mining will obviously be different than at 50 mining skill. As you skill continues to improve you will need to reassess your ore type and pickaxe quality. The best way to accomplish this is why looking at your ore piles to see what percentage of ore is being produced in the optimal quality range. For example I was able to produce a full 60% of my Marble shards at optimal quality using a QL51 pickaxe (steel with coc 86) with 58 mining. I was mining at a rate of 0.57 skill points per hour without using sleep bonus. This is an excellent rate of skillgain. ~AspergersSyndrome, Mayor Grindewald, H9, Xanadu link to very messy google docs
  16. Hello Wurmians, With the following I inform you that we recently activated the mobile frontend of Wurmpedia, that means you'll have a user-friendly view of the Wurmpedia page when you access it from your mobile device. It was tried with an Android device with default browser and with a Chrome browser. I ask you to test it and report here possible issues. How to test it? from your mobile device or use the QR Code Note: In some devices it seems that you need to actually press the "Go" button in the search bar for it to work.
  17. When you do a 'what is' in game the large chest will not find a related artical. However an artical exist for "Large chest". The difference here is case sensitivity.
  18. I have taken it upon myself to try and fix up some of the wiki, I looked into the stubs and by going into adamantine I found that there is a lack of information. Digging deeper I realised that on the plate is recognised only as being made out of steel. There were more problems in there that I have fixed up already but I am lacking information and pictures. Info Required: Pictures of Glimmersteel and Adamant lumps (if they have textures) Can steel be enchanted with WoA and CoC and have the same properties as iron (enchant ql decreases over time) Information on Seryll like bonuses and the like (seryll has no articles at all on the wiki) Articles Fixed/Improved: Open Helm Great Helm Basinet Helm Breast Plate Plate Vambrace Plate Gauntlet Plate Leggings Plate Sabatons Steel Lump Iron Lump Glimmersteel (Still requesting picture) Adamantine Lump (Still requesting picture) May have been more but I can't remember, been fixing it up for 6 hours. I will update what I need when I have need of information. Thanks in advance! /\/- Ronanxx
  19. According to Wurmpedia in the tundra there are not spawn of animals. (also for mobs?) But I remember that I found some spawn in tundra (troll, wolf, scorpion,...), at the moment I have a spawn of wild cat in tundra but near a grass tile. Someone had the same things? or animals mean only horses, cows, ... ? in this case should explain better that doesn't spawn aggressive mobs. Thanks, Giuseppe
  20. The description of the level 11 bonus on the Path of Love says: I'm on level 12 at the moment and I tried to test this several times. Activating one of my hands gives no menu option to heal wounds, neither in the wound's context menu nor in the hands'. So "use your hands" is incorrect. However, using cotton for healing really seems to have a better effect than before - not quite sure though. If you are really supposed to use your hands instead of cotton, we have a bug here. Maybe one of the devs can clarify?
  21. Im a Wurmpedia editor but I am too lowly to upload pictures. As of the graphics update recently I've captured a couple of pictures to update to the wiki.
  22. Please if someone could put new data to Pylon Chronology. here is a proof of new pylon builded and datas to put. Builded 19/07/2013 Location: Freedom, Exodus, near Sarmatian Stronghold. Name: Slithering Memento Builders Cyklista: (0.62512565%) Sarmatian Stronghold, Exodus Krivak: (0.118257955%) Kaer Morhen, Deliverance Leju: (0.008710218%) Kaer Morhen, Deliverance Leelord: (0.050586265%) Kaer Morhen, Deliverance Mawej: (0.089782245%) IronMongers`s Rest, Exodus Mrjoint: (0.0023450586%) Kaer Morhen, Deliverance Smokus: (0.10050251%) Kaer Morhen, Deliverance Wiluss: (0.0009001674%) Varsovia, Exodus Zabaq: (0.0040201005%) Sarmatian Stronghold, Exodus Thank You
  23. So, the wiki is a little short on information about how traders actually work and my understanding of the topic is a bit fuzzy. So I decided to start this thread to collect the infoation, this is what I heard sofar: Traders deal with two groups of items: player made and special items. When a trader is created the creator can set a tax rate of up to 40%. He starts out with only 1 Silver and several special items. Player made items The game uses a list of base prices defined by type of item and quality. You can querry that value with the "get price" option. A trader uses this base price and modifies it by some supply and demand values. When he sells an item, he tajes this modified price plus a little gain(?) plus taxes. When he buys something he subtracts gain and taxes. In both cases taxes go to the deed. Once in a while an invisible Kingdom trader comes along to take some items and bring money. This trade isn't necessarily equal though and depends on the success of the trader. Apparently a very successful trader can receive good items in addition to the money as well. Special items Those are not affected by tax. They are never bought back. When the trader sells one of these items he keeps some money and sends some money to the king. The ratio is different from item to item. Transmutation wand: 50S Cost, 38S go to the King, 12S remain with the trader. Settlement form, Merchant and Trader contract: Everyone claims all money goes to the King and the stuff is not affected by tax, so why do trade owners sell these contracts for less? So that's all i found out so far, can anyone add more information or correct mistakes if there are any?
  24. Someone has undoubtedly realized this or will in time, but I'll mention it, anyhow, just in case. The "Wiki" link under "Community" from the main Wurm site to Wurmpedia does not act as a link... Instead it downloads a file titled "download" with no extension and an unknown filetype. Is this only my experience? The Wurmpedia its self seems to be in working order or I would not have mentioned this here.
  25. I want to eventually create pages for all the kinds of trees (and bushes) with their own pictures. Right now it's a bit of a mess, especially with fruits and their trees in the same page. I want to update this article to link to all of the different pages for them (once they are done): These pages need to be renamed as <WoodType>_tree with <WoodType> being redirected to their _tree page. Same applies for Bush, but with _bush instead of _tree. Pictures of each tree need to be added. Pictures of the wood when on a barrel can be added here too. These pages need re-writing. Each of the fruits/flowers should have separate pages from their tree/bush. Pictures of the fruit/flower should be uploaded here. These pages need creating. Pictures of each tree need to be added. These should have a link to the fruit or flower they produce. Pictures of the wood when on a barrel can be added here too. (Non-Harvestable) I'd appreciate if someone can take pictures of each kind of tree and fruit and post them below. I'll upload each of the files in relation to their name (Birch_tree.jpg, or Apple.jpg). Red signifies not done. Green signifies done. I'll get to work on the pages as soon as the Wurmpedia stops crashing.