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Found 1 result

  1. So I've been talking to a friend about the declining playerbase and general issues with wurm online based on how player and customers in the video game/mmo market place act and want. Wurm Online is a niche game, I doubt anyone can dispute that. But often times even on high end computers it runs sluggish and that's an experience people who have been gaming for a while don't want in 2018. Gamers expectations have changed, and if they have a good PC and see a promising game, they'd like to run it at their fullest potential and have fun. To that end, why not port over wurm online to a new game engine. I know this has been suggested hundreds of times, but hear me out and let me tell Code Club why they have nothing to lose by trying . Here's the steps , simplified form: 1) Find a new game engine with decent 3rd graphics, collision and the ability to change the landscape, terraforming etc. 2) Create a trailer for Wurm Online in that game engine . 3) Put up the trailer and project on kickstarter, indiegogo, or w/e crowdfunding campaign site you want. Showcase how Wurm Online can be made better not just from a graphical stand point, but from new mechanics, functionalities and overall modernising WO. 4) Figure out how much money you'd need to hire devs to start coding WO in that. 5.) Figure out how expensive the game engine would be to create WO in that engine, whether it's about renting or writing code over time, renting servers, etc. 6) Based on those estimates, set a target point for your campaign. 7) Showcase in the trailer what made WO great and what can make it even more legendary in a new modern engine. 8) Based on how much money you manage to bring in, see how feasible it is to do step 4 and 5 to recreate WO in that new engine. 9) Do you have anything to lose by trying? Depending on how well the trailer is made, you could raise some funding for it. 10) Profit. An important note here is that the idea is not to copy paste maps and villages, and everything in WO to a new engine. I imagine that would take way longer to do than to rebuild WO in the new engine. It's easier to build from the ground up knowing what you need, than to actually build a scaffoling to transport a cathedral 1000 miles to another city, and specialized personnel , vehicles and permits do to so. One of the key things is the ability to transfer over what you have in WO to that new game engine, some items and some skills mostly. Donators on the crowdfunding page can get various boosts and rewards based on donation size. Well, how about it code club? Wanna save wurm? Think big.