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Found 17 results

  1. Delivery to shore on ship available! Pickup at Melody T15 N/E. Contact [ /tell GamerrZero ] ingame for deals and questions or reply to this tread if im offline. Current stock: Mortar 14,84QL : 2k - price 4s/1k Stone Bricks 17,85QL : 2k - price 2s/1k Small Nails 27,47QL : 1k - price 3.3s/1k Small Crates : 85 - price 13c/each
  2. Looking for a trade, willing to barter/spice up the deal. PST this name in game or reply here.
  3. Hi all, I have been "blessed" with 2 1 white tomes. And I would like to trade them it for a tomes I don't have: Smoke from Sol Red cherry Blood of the angels(m) Blood of the angels(f) Green cherry Giant walnut Green Tome of Magic Black tome Blue tome Scroll of binding Slime of Uttacha Tome of incineration Feel free to contact me.
  4. Currently looking to purchase silver. Not sure what the going rate is but I am looking to get around 10silver, maybe more. I have verified PayPal.
  5. Welcome to the Grimstone Merchant List, Located at M20 on Pristine. If you find something you like, please contact the Merchant selling the Specific Item you are looking for. Each Merchant Linked here has their OWN Merchant Post on this Forum but is part of the Grimstone Village on Pristine. The Code for Your Merchant AD
  6. Looking to trade white rare jacket for non rare piece of any color and for silver. Offer a price. [21:26:02] A jacket made from finest drake hide with brass husks. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Colors: R=255, G=255, B=255. The white drake hide jacket has some holes and must be tailored with an iron needle to improve.
  7. Welcome to Led Inc. We ship all over freedom servers, bulk items are delivered for free! Discord: Led#4576 or join Led Inc. server: Ingame PM: Led Want To Sell Bulk construction materials: With free sea delivery to Freedom servers. Can exchange crates or can sell crates with bulk wares (additional 10c per crate). Iron Locks and Lockpicks Iron weapons, tools, horseshoes, shields all types = 50c/piece for 91ql plus 1c per power for WOA cast on them, fast mailbox! Random rares for sale. Improving Service Blacksmithing items improving service up to 91ql - 1c per ql Shieldsmithing items improving service up to 91ql - 1c per ql Weaponsmithing items improving service up to 91 ql - 1c per ql Platesmithing items improving service up to 80ql - 1c per ql Send items to Deleo or Led with your name and ql you want it to be improved to (Example - "Somenick to 91ql") i will send back items once improved with cod to person on item label, depending on work load it takes up from some minutes to a day. Want to Trade Want to trade bricks and mortar from my stock for: - rock shards - slate shards - marble shards - sandsatone shards In ratio 1:3 quantity wise. example: 1000 bricks/mortar for 3000 shards. All items from lists above can be purchased with both silver coins or euro (via Paypal) in ratio 1:1 In case of questions send me a PM on forum or contact Deleo or Led in game or via Discord (info on top). Thanks for past, current and future deals.
  8. I have several thousand ql worth of gems and would like to acquire a lot of dirt and/or sand (10k, possibly much, much more). Smaller amounts are also welcome. PM me and let's work out a trade.
  9. WTB or WTT Affordable good ql,enchanted or not Compass and high ql, possible rare or enchanted Fishing rod! Please do not post your offers here, PM me on forum or in game ( Rheascope ) if you have it. It is for gifts for my friends Budjet - 3s for both or trade ( have a lot to offer: spyglass, good ql tortoise shields, epic banners, rare whiskey low ql 4.40 kg, bulk - crops,sprouts,mortar, bricks etc )!
  10. Hi, I was collecting source for a very long time now and after a while i collected this amazing amount I would like to trade it for a drake hide set or sell it all for 90s so i can buy one :). Delivery will be done by me ofc. If i don't find buyer for the whole amount after some time i will start selling smaller chunks at 1s per 1k rate or trade them for: gems sleep powders rares hota statues favour in codrages seryl lumps So feel free to message me with offers either via pm here or ingame(same name) Cheers!
  11. If anyone is interested in trading a rare small metal shield (iron) for a rare large one, PM me. (I have the small, want a large just to make it clear). I'll be willing to negotiate if you find the trade to be unfavorable to you (i mean large one took up more iron xp). QL isn't fixed yet, since i made it while grinding Shield smithing, so i'll imp it to as high as i can go before trade.
  12. [Picture coming soon] Located on Release at WinterSping Y37/38, X46 [East Coast] Located on Release at Bulkshop Release Y26, X48 [East Coast] Bulk Store Status: Available Prices: Raw supplies 1000 Dirt - 1s 1000 Sand - 1s 1000 Sand - 1s 1000 Clay - 1s 1000 Rock Shard - 1s 100 Log (20ql) - 75c 100 Log (30ql) - 1s Building Materials 1000 Stone Brick - 2s 1000 Colussus Brick - 3s 1000 Mortar - 3s 1000 Plank - 1s Smithing Materials 1000 Nails (Large/Small) - 1s 1000 Rivets - 1.5s 1000 Ribbon - 3s 1000 Fence Bars - 5s 100kg iron lump (20ql) - 75c 100kg iron lump (30ql) - 1s 100kg iron lump (40ql) - 1.5s Misc, Items 1000 Shaft - 1s 1000 Kindling - 1s 1000 Arrowshaft - 1s 1 Small Crate (Can be loaded for you) - 10c BsB/FsB (includes padlock + key) - 15c Bundles 1. 5000 Mortar + 5000 Stone Brick (Includes small/large crates and delivery) - 20s 2. 5000 Planks + 5000 Nails (Small/Large) (Includes small/large crates and delivery) - 10s *If a order is below 10s and it needs to be delivered it will cost 1s (Release/Pristine/East Xanadu) *A order of above 10s is needed for free delivery Interested in anything? Paste your message/order here! You wanna have more information? Just PM Stonecutter1995 on forums or Stonecutter ingame If you wanna have it delivered for cheap, go for more information to this thread: Highly Preffered by us. Completed Orders: 500 Clay + 500 Tar - Simju
  13. As the title says I am looking to buy Seryll Armour pieces. I need the following pieces to complete my sets: 1x Seryll Chain Jacket (Any Quality) 1x Seryll Plate Vambrace (Any Quality) 1x Seryll Plate Sabaton (Any Quality) I also have a Seryll Chain Sleeve @ 20.89QL which I am more than happy to trade for another piece of Armour. So if anybody has any of the above please leave a comment here or send me a PM in-game or here on forums with the Item , Quality and Price. -Thanks Everyone -=Jakeii=-
  14. Gems range from 1 - 60~ QL Prices are based on cash rate (1,5c, 2,5c respectively), if your offer is an item or items (materials such as rocks, planks, etc included), the rate is a little higher (2c, 3c respectively). All gems sold for now, please do not close as I will update this thread every time I get more. Please check back soon for next load!
  15. As title says; I'm selling Corbita incl. 10 rafts for 4s Also willing to trade for bulk materials; either 3k clay, 1k clay & 1k bricks or 1.5k bricks. It's currently parked at AP/Nova Port and would need pickup from there. (Delivery on Celebration can possibly be arranged)
  16. Have to try....... Looking to trade my gems for supremes of any sort, even if its 'junk' barley, rockshards ect ect. Will have to come up with an agreed value exchange per item since this is unconventional I am sure. If anyone is interested at all let me know. I have plenty of gems. Another choice is an 80ql tool of your choosing for exchange for random supreme items.