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Found 5 results

  1. Rancid Acres Farm Is up for sale. There are tons of stuff from carts to wagons to a corbita. I have about 15 5 speed horses, about 50 horses in total, 30 sheep, 40 cows, about a dozen bison with traits starting to pop out. The Farm is 46 by 119, its 11s 92i per month I currently have 36 days of upkeep I am going to add more. I have no pics as my old pc crashed an this is a new one. But I will show you around if interested. there are about 30 bsbs full of everything I have 4 fsbs full Plenty of stuff to keep a few people busy for a long time. If you are interested in looking at the farm message me an I will show you around. There is also a good iron mine an a good gold mine with many viens left to grind with. Thanks for reading Oh the cords are H 20/21 on the ingame map. Its a decent water front.
  2. Up for sale is a deed with a trader on it. Times being what they are, I only played Wurm because I could pay for my prem account by farming my trader. Now that tons of people left Pristine, farming a Trader is pointless unless you are one of the few who want to own multiple traders ... Deed is Black Lake Village located at roughly P-10, just take Hell's Highway from the coast and you cannot miss it. This was one of the founding villages in this area, and I (Zakias) and a few others founded the Wardens of the West Alliance in this area. Deed has roughly 2 months left on the deed upkeep. Deed has a lvl 50 Guard tower, hand made by my lovely wife. Deed has an underground secret city lair ... (a mine by any other name). with two iron veins underneath, possibly more, I am not much of a miner... and a decent forge setup down there. And here is a view of the village from the SW Gate. As you can see the whole area is pretty much flat, there is a strip that I was working on to flatten out that is left, but I have stopped work on it for now. Large main house to the left, on the other side of the large farm and stables. Then there are a few apartments right up front for any of your villagers to use. There was a church, but I just dismantled it. And lastly, a view of the trader. So that's it. I am asking 75 Silver (OBO) for the whole thing. It has been fun playing wurm, but, well... its time to move on, and I would hate to see this deed and trader go to waste... So yea, PM me in game Zakias, feel free to ping me up here, but I rarely check the forums, and even more rarely make posts, and yea, ... Let's Make a Deal!
  3. I have been spreading myself thin across a few deeds. I had hoped this would be my man-cave retreat yet i saw more shinnies along the way. located at 4.5x, 13y, deliverance The size of Oak Grove is 43 by 31. The perimeter is 5 The settlement has 10 silver, 6 copper and 81 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 2 silver, 66 copper and 60 iron. -It has spirit castle, -guard tower, -deep harbor ports -shallow lagoon for reeds or on deed small boats. -Mine has several iron deposits and about 7 gold deposits. -a rare forge -Love tile -lots of oak trees -enchanted grass 4 tiers of gently sculpted terrain plateaus great hunting grounds and privacy for those that like it quite. easy access to chaos for the pvp player in mind. perfect for a nice farm, horses, ship building.. big enough for a village or a large estate. no rush to sell, yet find i don' t use it as much as i'd first envisioned. 43s - still cheaper than if you bought settlement form n deeded this size land. very pretty setting shrouded n natural fauna
  4. I have a deed that i started about a year ago and i dont play anymore it is located at 59x 6y and the name is black bear island. the deed only has 22 days left right now depending on if it sells for a good price i might just pay the upkeep. I am open to any offers