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Found 7 results

  1. Tich's posts regarding changes to the permission system(s) got me to wondering if the new "ownership papers" could be player-crafted from papyrus, ink, and reed pens. Not to mention a new full blown Scribe skill. Unsure of Scribe as a skill name: scrivener, calligraphy, etc? One possible means could be similar to house building: filled pen activated with papyrus in inventory. This does not need to be limited to mere writing up of ownership papers. Bills of lading, receipts, invoices, etc. Nothing fleshed out; though, one possibility that comes mind are "Letters of Mark". Documents that basically made the usual acts of piracy legitimate when conducted against someone's enemies. In Wurm these could be used a single usage permission to allow a skilled third party to lockpick chests with missing keys on pve servers. Though some of Tich's remarks might render this a void concern anyways. Another possibility for "Letters of Mark" could be allowing an individual from an unconcerned kingdom to participate for either side in a war between two other kingdoms.
  2. I've been toying with the idea of using writs to make bulk sales safer for both parties and here is my suggestions. Give writs a makers mark and unique number much like the guard towers have so they can still be renamed but on examine of the writ or the actual walls you get a message saying makers name and this unique number. This would allow you to give a writ to players to fill with goods Make writs tranferrable to merchants and perhaps even mailable. Make writs able to be priced on merchants. The reason for the writ makers mark and number is quite simple say you wish to have bulk mats delivered you build a little shed to have the goods delivered to on your perimeter you mail the writ to the player delivering the goods or if your going to be online simply transfer it through the trading window, the seller fills the writ with the goods and allows kingdom to enter so you can see the goods are actually within the building but cant take (due to writ permissions) then you trade the writ back for the amount agreed on and the both parties are protected from being scammed. Now atm without the makers mark this wont work as theres nothing stopping a sneeky player creating a writ of their own and renaming it the same as the one you give them and you end up with nothing,but a makers mark and unique number on examine would prevent this. If the writs are transferable to merchants then horse seller could use them (now that grass is plantable in writs) to sell their horses, ship builders could make a transporter with a ship/boat etc with 1 piece left to allow offline sales (adding the last piece makes you owner) and making them mailable would allow for players to return the writs to the maker. And bulk sales could be done and the buyer would be able to be sure the goods are there before purchasing from merchants and players and be able to collect the goods at their convenience. Lastly placing these sheds on perimeter would safe guard buyers from mayors bashing the walls to access them before they can.
  3. Activate Merchant contract on any item (including writs, crates, carts and ships). NPC is spawned and a pop-up requests a few key data points: Price for the item. Who can purchase the item (all, friends, village, specific player by name) At sale, the merchant departs, takes 10% of the sale price with the remainder is deposited in the seller's bank. Vehicles and Writs change ownership to the buyer and have all permissions reset to default. Until the item is sold, the seller can remove it at will but it is otherwise unmovable and non-interactive to other players on PvE servers. PvP servers might include an option to steal (?). If the item is not bought within 21 days the merchant mails the seller a warning that they will depart soon. If the item is left for a full 28 (or 30?) days, the merchant departs and the item behaves as normal. Of all possible solutions I have read, this one seems to be the simplest algorithm. It still requires delivery or pick-up. It allows bulk sales in more than one way (a single crate, a whole shipload, or even a shack constructed around multiple bsbs). It does not require players meet up in person to make an exchange. Similar suggestions:
  4. It would be nice to be able to combine preexisting writs into one larger one. The motivation behind this is lets say you have a bunch of three story longhouses that you made when you had little carpentry skill. Then several months later you now have enough skill to combine some of them into a larger one. Although currently the only way to do this is to destroy one of the long houses (leaving the deed open to attack) and extend it out. I have a feeling this would not take too much to implement due to the "Add to building" feature that is already in the game.
  5. With The addition of capability to build multi story buildings, arches and internal walls, and the recent bug with holes in the middle of buildings, I thought that it would be very useful to to have the capability to extend building ground plans, so can make buildings larger or smaller without having to demolish the whole thing and rebuild from scratch. extending should require the same skill as to build a plan of the same shape and size. could be done by adding an option to extend in addition to the current plan option that requires you to hold the writ for the building in question an additional option could be the option to merge two, or more, existing writs that are next to each other if you extend onto a tile that borders two or more buildings/plans, this would require possession of all writs for the merged buildings.
  6. I was thinking how handy a keyring might be for the different keys. Quality would affect the amount of keys you can attach. I was also thinking of a leather binder for building writs and the settlement deed.
  7. For all the contracts and writs.. I know some ppl that have up to 40 between all the contracts and writs, that's a lot of inventory slots taken up so they have to put them in a flask or backpack etc, it would be neat and organized, IMO, to have them all in a notebook you make out of several papyrus sheets some nails or maybe even animal fat as glue even tho its really boiling of animal connective tissues to make glue in olden days if I'm not too far mistaken. And have the notebook non drop on death