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Found 13 results

  1. Memories of Wurm From the body of the fallen We shall craft an unholy grail From the skull of thy enemy To which We shall pour your blood into. Casting unto it With the will of fire And the force of sand We will make wine. With this we will raise the grail And toast to the legacy The legacy of Mol Rehan The legacy of Fire and Sand. From the unholy grail We pity the bones of our enemy And leave a reminder To the lands of Chaos, Enjoy your victories Drink to your success Relish your battles For like a shadow Looming forever large A memory remains Of lands of sand. Sleep well little ones In your makeshift kingdoms One day with no warning The fire may return. With it your walls will burn The lands left scorched The skies darken with ash. You see an end, Mol Rehan sees a beginning. if you enjoy this I’d be willing to post more poetry. I’ve been writing for the last 5 years and have amassed a rather lengthy portfolio of poems. Some good some just okay I suppose. Anyways I hope you enjoy this one.
  2. With the new addition of books and a new journal for archaeology, I feel like this open up a whole new world of fun for wurmians to explore and catalog findings, including those not related to archaeology (archaeology journal) or botany (almanac). The starting point of this suggestion is that books should not decay when placed into a bookshelf. If more books are to be added and used, there should be a safe place to store them. Suggestions to come if we can safely collect our books into a library: A Bestiary - a comprehensive collection of information about animals in wurm, ranging from the small wild cat to the massive forest giant. Knowledge may be gathered by examining an animal with the bestiary (with an empty page in it) activated while it is alive, going based off of animal husbandry (or taming?) skill. It can reveal various interesting facts anywhere from it's preferred spawn range, diet, and other interesting behaviours like the love of chasing innocent newbies around. A second round of information can be taken of the corpse of the animal, with the amount of information based off of fighting skill. This could include it's rough fighting abilities, butchered products, etc. Would be super happy if this bestiary can include pictures like the almanac has. An Atlas - simple as is, add notes to your ingame map and use a filled pen to make a copy of the map with said notes onto a piece of paper to share with others, or to keep multiple interesting maps bound in books together. Fish Physiology - a collection of information recorded from the catches made while fishing. Same as with archaeology, when you catch a fish and have an empty report, it will try to add information to it. Based on fishing skill, this will give a description of your catch, including the maximum caught weight, minimum caught weight, and server of catch. This could tie in nicely with some simple renaming to make certain new fishes only found on certain servers; salmon in the north on independence, to lionfish down south on celebration. If possible, have these behave like the archaeology reports to help find back certain special fish tiles. I see lots more room for report books like this, but these were sitting in the top of my head today.
  3. Granted this is greatly inspired by a similar system found in Black Desert Online, and such occurred to me after browsing another suggestion thread. Overall it involves gaining knowledge of how to better kill particular mobs. Implementation could involve a base anatomy knowledge broken down into specific creatures, monsters, and exotics. Knowledge could be transferred by the written word, and be capped at some point requiring actual hands on work. Knowledge lost overtime and/or have a soft cap working off mind stats? Have as various skills such as Forensics, Anantomy, and etc. OR as a completely separate new system: Knowledge. Kind of akin to recipes? Just a rough quickie blah of thoughts on the matter.
  4. Literacy Idea- Literacy skill that allows you to write books for others to learn a skill Because 50 skill earns a title, that means the player had experience, not only read a book, so max possible skill gain from a book would be 40 skill. Writer’s skill in Literacy and the topic he writes about determines the maximum a reader can learn from it by the following formula: (Literacy+TopicSkill)/5 if and only if TopicSkill >= 70. Which means you can’t write a book about blacksmithing if your skill in it is 69. EX: 50 Literacy skill and 80 weaponsmithing → (50+80)/5 = 26. Writing speed would be determined by quality of the reed pen. Ql of the book would not matter (Book is made by 1 leather and 50 sheets). Writing only begins when the blank book is made. Takes 50 actions in order to finish completing a book, each taking about 5 minutes if the person is 0 in Literacy skill and 1ql pen (to give an idea of how difficult). With really high Woa +ql pens, and Literacy around 90+, people should be able to finish a page within 60 seconds Usage of the books would be a buff that increases the skill continuously. The increments would be lower the closer you make it to 40 (not the closer to the max of the book can possibly get, the book only limits how far it can go, not the speed of learning). This buff would be canceled if ANY action would take place. teleporting onto a crate or sitting on a chair should interrupt this. The book’s ql should also decay over the time is it read (not for logical reasons, only wogical. Keeping things non-op-ish) until the max use out of it is destroyed. How to grind Literacy? Another option to gain skill rather than writing terrible books to learn from is to write yourself. To prevent people from making books titled (asdf) and topics related to “ajsdon fgpaewufnasdpfnapsgdjap ksdanf” it can instead be a prompt that you must rewrite. Skill would be gained every time you finish a prompt and it would take the use of 1 page from a book. This, imo, would actually be one of the only skills that would depend on a skill the actual player has.. Typing speed :D. For fun purposes it could be Wurm lore, or fun little folk tales (wurm related) made by players submitted in forums. Just make sure we can’t copy and paste the prompt and any errors would be a slight penalty to our skill. Ex: starting off maybe .8 increase in literacy would occur if all the text is correct, but if you got 50% of the letters wrong trying to rush the grind then only .4 skill gain would be rewarded. Why would this Benefit wurm? The best part about wurm isn’t how you do this, its the result of it. Grinding blacksmithing isn’t fun, but getting the tools and using those tools to help out in the wurm universe is much more fun. This basically gives a boost to the people who are new and gives a nice jump start. They can venture along the roads that they live nearby as they read and not have to worry too much, or read a book while they go out for dinner. Note: If books are made too quickly, then have a cooldown for how many books made in a week. The only benefit in terms of speed would be less time spent making a(or several) book(s) each week Sorry if this is messy and out of order
  5. The Depths Carlisle was a young boy--no older than 10--when he first experienced the great depths of water. His father was his idol and a fisherman, a master angler, really, who worked for Griswold’s Hook, a sport fishing company. It was a summer morning, and Carlisle and his father had just cast-off the rickety wooden dock in the bay. A glowing ball of fire had just begun to crawl above the shimmering blue tide, sending streams of sparkling crystals dancing across the water’s surface. A breeze whispered to Carlisle, but did not yet sing. His father heaved oars--which seemed giant at the time--in and out of the crystal blue, dragging their small vessel through the tide and into open waters to embrace the steady winds. Carlisle leaned over the edge, peering into the unknown depths as crystal transitioned to obsidian. He wondered to himself if fish stared into the light above, curious about a world filled with strange creatures that traveled on land. His father called out to him, something inaudible, lost somewhere between the echo of splashing and his awe-stricken trance. His father spoke again, this time louder, he must have been yelling. Carlisle’s infinite gaze snapped, and he turned to acknowledge the shouts aimed at him. Before his eyes met his father’s he was struck in the temple by the low-hanging boom. The horizon spun rapidly as the waters tumbled upwards to greet him. Before he could gasp he was engulfed in the liquid shadows. The warmth of the water subsided as quickly as he sank, replaced with an icy chill that burned through him while the light above fled from the depths. He panicked, thrashing about heavily and sluggishly. He wanted to cry out for his father, but the oxygen in his lungs would surely be replaced with water. Why did he take off the life jacket his father handed to him on shore? Was it too itchy, too plastic-feeling? Why couldn’t he move faster? What is this disgusting salt in his mouth? Where was the surface again!? Why is it SO COLD!? Suddenly he was in the grasp of something larger than himself, shrouded by darkness. His heart skipped one of its remaining few beats, and he inhaled by mistake. He choked violently, squeezing his chest as the last breath he owned turned to bubbles and spirited away. The water grew warmer by the second, but all he felt was the chill of fear. Even with his eyes shut, he saw daylight as memories flashed against his eyelids. The bike his father got him for Christmas. The time he put hair in his sister’s spaghetti. His mommy cleaning up the blood on his knees, and kissing his bruises to make them all-better. Himself walking down the sidewalk at home, slowly fading off into the distance... The warmth of the sun crashed into his face like a freight train, welcoming him back to life. He gasped, inhaling air like it was his favorite food--pizza. And just like when pigging out on pizza, he choked and vomited, spewing water out of the depths of his soul. Carlisle clung tightly to the shrouded figure, now embroidered in light. It was father. Father hugged him tightly, patting his soaked hair, and whispering to God over and over again. He stared over his father’s shoulder, peering into the abyss that he so narrowly escaped. He thought of the fish, and how terrified they must be when stolen from the depths. How they must gasp so violently for water, as he had for air. Maybe he wouldn’t be a fisherman after-all...
  6. Are you someone who enjoys reading lore? Do you appreciate the fictional history of video games, and have an interest in helping to build such history through story telling and gameplay? Hopefully someone out there has answered yes to at least one of those questions! Or am I all alone in this boat? Cutting to the point; I enjoy creative writing. I won't say I'm great at it or that it's my day job because it certainly isn't, HOWEVER, I do enjoy a bit of fiction and history. I've been tinkering around with writing some fictional lore for various Wurm Online related things, and I had a wonderful -hopefully- idea. Let me write lore for you about your village. It's as simple as it sounds. I'd like to write lore for your village/settlement. If you love your village and are interested in the idea of having written lore to accompany it, please do inquire here or by pm. I will charge you nothing for creating fictional lore for you, and if you don't like the lore provided I won't post it here either for others to read. If you do like the lore and you'd like to pay me for it, pay me with in-game currency in whatever amount you feel is deserved. Again, I repeat, there is no required cost, I'd just like to flesh out the fictional history of Wurm a bit and I might as well do it for other players who enjoy lore as well. Don't be shy, leave a comment or pm me and I'll get back to you quickly.
  7. Hey there fellow Wurmians! I am currently wurking on a Wurm Online Blog, I'm writing as my game character 'Aequalis'. I would really love to see some more readers and get some feedback on my writing! Here's the link >> Thanks!
  8. Gather around. I ask that you take a brief moment to hear my words. Young and old. Wise and Uneducated. It is time you learned of another. The lands of Wurm are ancient. This we know. They tumble and war. Shifting in shape and size as gods that are above in Valeria fight for power. --- Fo! His creation around you. To create. To love. All Stolen. Warped, the true purpose of which lost within the annuals of time. Vynora,many secrets has she gathered. Many secrets abused. What lies in the darkness of the void? Vynora knows well and she would fight to keep it hidden Magranon will stand at the top of the world one day. And weep. For the fighting he has spread and the chaos it has brought. Libila, her followers. Dark and full of deceit. They can be considered victims. Not victors as the world will decay if they are brought the power they so seek. The demigods. Pretenders. Usurpers. They have risen within the lands. Stealing shards of power that they believed would save them. Alas, soon to be to no avail. --- I beesech you to listen to the truth. For this I know. My words are as truth as the visions have came to me within my sleep. The great elder Wurm stirs. The lands have been under the command of the others for too long, and the great creator will return. And take back what is rightfully its. It was the beginning, and without rightful worship it shall be the end. Pay attention and believe as its word will follow soon. - First Prophet Rexxian. The laws of the Elder Wurm are few and far in between. What we instead receive are tales of his brilliance. Or indeed tales that will guide and assist in your travels through the land of Wurm. The Elder Wurm asks no tribute. No real worship. Only that you believe, for that belief is his power. Your actions are your own.
  9. So while I was playing today I got this idea of why don't we more forms of writing materials! My suggestions are to add in writing improvements such as books, pencils, signatures, and the ability to copy papers and books. This can add in a use for bookcases, gather paper, also more role-playing options. 1. Books(With Title and Author optional) - paper + leather **Also gives a purpose for bookcases 2. Pencils - charcoal + shaft **The ability to erase while the pen can not 3. The ability to make copies of paper/books so you can copy over the information (treaties and other important info). 4. The ability to add signatures, whether it is a custom signature(**deed signatures) or name signature. (Ability to trademark stuff. Ex: treaties, books, papers) **Number 4 would really add in the ability to make in game treaties possible and have physical proof.
  10. With the new furniture today in the update it got me thinking on something else i would like to see added to the game. A writing desk for the library area of your castles and used to keep our papyrus sheets and ink/pen for storage.
  11. Books: It would be nice if there were books in wurm. A book should either have it's own AI when opened or be managed by chat commands. A new AI would be the best. You can write in books. When done you can give it a title and sign it. When managed by chat you can read it by examining, if by own AI just right click the book and click read. A book could be made by making paper out of wood scraps and leather. You need 3 items. A needle, 1 x leather, 5 x paper. First you use your carving knife on the wood scraps to make wood pulp. This will turn the wood scraps into soaked wood pulp. Then you make a page mold out of a log (with a saw or carving knife). Select the soaked wood pulp and put it in the page mold. This will create paper. Repeat 5 times. Make some leather. Use the needle on the pages. This will make an unfinished book. Add the leather to the unfinished book. Your book is finished. There could also be bookcases that can hold up to 15 books. These should be attached to walls. Books would be nice because you would be able to make a guide or write a story. It would make the game at least a little more fun . Any suggestions? I also found two other threads about books: and
  12. Fanart Roundup #1

    It's time for our first ever fanart roundup! We've collected some of the best art & written stuff from this month to showcase here and across our social media. Artists/writers are listed alphabetically. We ended up with a lot of written stuff for #1, with a lot of it being of a really impressive quality. ************************************************************* Corvan Although this wasn't published this month, I really enjoyed the story from start to finish and felt that it was worth making a tribute to on roundups. I'd like to search out and post more old work every now and again like this. I'll start off by just posting an introduction to the story. I'm going to formally gather everything up into one story and do some very basic editing, currently the story is spread out across 3 topics. Watch out for it in #2 - it deserves the attention! One Man Outpost Introduction In the middle of the lands, by the Whitelight and the Altar of the Three, stood an outpost. It wasn't always an outpost though. It was once a village but the name of the village was lost long ago, in the early years of the first people of the Jenn Kellon lands. It was once a ruin, of falling tall stone walls, broken houses and infestations of various creatures most of which were dogs and black wolves. But one day centuries after its fall a single man walked into the ruined settlement and began to rebuild it by himself. The walls were repaired and improved beyond what they once were, houses built, forges and ovens made, paths paved. The one who rebuilt this place was a man named Corvan. Corvan was a man who prefered the peacefulness of being alone. For many annoyed him and he was doing no good with where he was. So he set out on his own with a cart and what ever he could stock it with. For many years now Corvan has lived in this outpost all by himself maintaining it and keeping the general area clear of almost everything but a few creatures. In all the years he has lived in this area, various people have walked unknowingly to their deaths. Corvan told them to leave and they did not, so they were killed, their heads cut from the bodies and put on stakes near a road as a sign not to leave the road. Corvan also did not care for the war that was going on, but he still prayed to Magranon every day, and yet even with his sinful deeds, Magranon accepted his prayers and sacrifices. Why the god accepted them, Corvan may never know and honestly liked it that way. His reputation has grown to be a ruthless social outcast. Which is probably true, or is just misunderstood. But this is his story and his life. ************************************************************* Docterchese A little bit of siege-inspired non-rhyming poetry. I couldn't resist the temptation to get involved The Prison Locked: by day, by night, Smashing at the doors. "Food, money, your wife, your life. There is no rest for the wicked." Days upon days of Fear, frightfulness, Cowering as they come Frantic as they leave. You could call them bullies. Pinning down a small town Looting whatever they can Things they don't require But instead, we call them Enemies. ************************************************************* Gumbo The latest article from Gumbo's brilliant Wunion newspaper. The Wunion Famous Freedom Farmer Found Fraudulent It's never a good thing when someone that everybody knows, gets caught using a device that isn't permitted by law. Today unfortunately, is that day for Blahsonson. The spooky rumours and speculations have always existed ever since the Weeping Angels deed first showed up in the Crystal Lake area. Stories like statues mysteriously moving around doing the farming of the crops in the middle of the night, or the genetically modified three legged chickens spotted dashing about the local countryside. For many months the Wunion has secretly been spying on the now infamous farmer in an effort to put an end to the scuttlebutt. On the cusp of a huge announcement from the deeds mayor, we've found out how Blahsonson was really able to tend so many crops, with seemingly so little effort. You'll be shocked by what we discovered. A call was placed for a rather large amount of his goods to be delivered to a distant deed. Knowing the farmhouse would be unguarded, it was the perfect opportunity to investigate. Inside the barn we found nothing out of the ordinary until I accidentally stepped on the head of a rake that was propped up against the back of a large cart. The odd thing was that this rake didn't flip up and hit me in the face... like they normally do when I step on rakes. This rake, and a few others were bound to the back of the cart with wires. There were also a couple of springs jammed in between the rakes' shaft and the cart. Apparently Blahsonson had invented some sort of self farming cart. All he need do is hitch a couple of horses, ride up and down his fields, and the attached rakes would groom all the fields automatically. Well I say we form a mob, go back to his home and burn it down to the ground for practicing witchcraft! (or we could politely ask him to help us all make one of these carts, either way is fine by me). ************************************************************* Rosedragon 3 pictures and a sculpture: pictures created mainly with Adobe Photoshop for drawing & colouring. Sculpture was (I assume!) made from sculpting clay. The Weaponsmith's Wagon "Gather around on Freedom Market, ladies and gentlemen, because Gumbo is here with his exquisite high-end weapons!" Lau's Smokey Invention "As thick black smoke cover the entire village, one would wonder if it is new weapon deployed by the enemies. The culprit though, is Lau the engineer. Excited with his new ballista invention, he doesn't realize that his fried fish overcooked on his always-hot-oven9000." Happy Wurm Halloween A special festive commission! Lava Fiend Sculpture Playing around with sculpting different objects, and this Lava Fiend turned out the best. ************************************************************* Zwei Zwei has been working on a currently untitled story. We've been given the first chapter to read! "A follower of Libila was subsequently chosen as a demi-god, instead of creating a double image, this new being is allowed to roam freely upon the very planet that she was chosen to be upon. As the darkness unfolds around her, she learns that she is not only a simple demi-god, nor a pawn to Libila's blacklight cause, but rather the split-manifesto of Libila herself. Little does she know of who she'll encounter, legendary beasts, whitelighters, and even the chosen emperor await her as she roams the stretch of land. Searching for a purpose that does not outweigh her." Prologue Soft Hands, Rough Start The gentle hands of Libila that caressed around me upon joining the blacklight was a feeling no other deity could provide. I felt at home in the loving embrace of the dark goddess herself. I was all but tempted to leave, and held only close. I closed my eyes, kept silent, listening only to the sound of the earth whizzing by me: the sounds of deer being startled, spiders hissing, and trolls growling were all a thing of the past. I opened my eyes to the view of night. Valrei was high above me in the sky, and Jackal to my left. I looked down at my hands, my hands were scarred with black ink, or was it truly ink? I couldn't decide, but it did not matter. I was an incarnate of the blacklight, birthed by Libila. Chapter 1 The first impression I stepped forward, I felt my feet hit hard rock, and in reaction I looked down. My eyes widened momentarily as I noticed my position. At the peak of a mountain. No wonder the land that laid before me was so easy to view. I continued my steps.The crumble of the gravel at the peak underneath my feet made a distinct sound, telling me blindly where I was. I turned, and noticed far in my vision was a black light, a different hue from the darkness of the sky. “Home,†I smiled. I twisted my head, the noticeable light to the far north, the white light shown high into the sky. I thought for a moment too long, and all I could feel was my fist burning. I shook my head, and continued to move. I came to an edge, I could not simply walk down this slope. I readied my feet, and did something unusual, a jump. I stood back, and launched myself forward. Flailing as I did so, I landed a few meters down. A rough landing as my knee took the most impact. The pain was severe to me, and all I could do was attempt to stand, dusting off the rocks that made an imprint in my skin. I groaned, and continued to move. I paced my movement to avoid misstepping as the pain was stinging me harshly, almost forcing me to my knee in the process. I stepped slowly, and silently down the mountain. I had nothing of use to help me climb, and for the life of me If I had them I probably could not use such tools to help me either way. I finally came to a cliff edge, this was the end of a small rock like road I had followed halfway down the mountain, far beneath me was water. A sudden drop off. I stepped back some, and looked around. Was there anyway else? I couldn't believe it, I began to run forward. My feet shaking furiously from the pain that came sneaking into my circuits from my bloodied knee. As I came to the edge, I launched myself forward. My body gave out, and instead an imperfect backflip was created that sent me flailing and flipping to my possible death in the water below. Time seemed to move slowly during these few moments. I could see a small trail of blood follow after me as I went almost head-first into the lake below. I hit the water with a loud thud, my body numbing instantly due to the shockwave of pain that quickly overcame me as I felt water surround me. I couldn’t breathe, my air was knocked out upon impact, and I slowly floated down towards the lake-bed. Bubbles and blood trailing slowly after me. As I reached the lake-bed, I tried to straighten out, forcing myself to the surface by floating. Moving through the blood cloud left a sizzling sensation against my eyes, and took much longer than I expected, but alas' I had Finally felt the cold wind beat against my figure as I reached the top of the lake again. I laid floating silently for what could be deemed minutes. I was still numb, my knee stinging with enough pain to bring down an elephant. How long was it going to take for me to finally move? Slowly my body came to its senses and fulfilled its duties of actually moving. My muscles tensed gently, and my feet slowly pulled under me in the water, up-righting myself. I looked around in the water, watching silently in the lake. Finally I made my move. I swung my arms forwards as I began to paddle my way to the shore. My feet touched the sand, I then skittered up the shore, and fell into the grass that awaited me. What a comfortable feeling, maybe I could have just slept here if it wasn't for the severe pain that has been enveloping my leg since the start of my rebirth. I took the time to finally examine this damaged muscle, my eyes silently observing the scab that already began to cover the wound. It was a devastating rash, something you’d get from getting dragged by a horse for torture. I knew the water of the lake did very little in cleaning the wound, if anything I was more likely to be infected, but with my own perks as a child of Libila, I knew this would not hurt me in the end. The Path of Insanity… I stood up, looking around for some grass, and possibly something to adhere the objects I needed in question together. It would be kind to have this healed anyways. There were sounds all around me, as if the night-life was awaiting my entry. Croaks from frogs, and crickets. Squawks from crows and birds that found the night as comfortable as I did. I could even hear a deer in the distance. Why were they awake? I shook off the last of my numbness, and began to walk. Every step was filled with hellish like pain that kept me from moving at the best of my ability. I finally came to a tree that seemed different from the others. An odd one out of the birch forest I walked in, a willow. I stayed there, watching the darkness of the night creep around me. I looked closely at the willow for a while, seeing if there was any uniqueness apart from the fact it was located in a colossal birchwood forest. To my surprise there were notches in the wood as if someone were ready to cut down this lovely pinnacle of wood-groove beauty. I let my nail dig into a notch, pulling the bark clean off, and then looking for sap of some sort. I was keen to remember my need to prepare a healing cover, as if I let this problem go without the attention it needed, it would cause my travels to become all the more unbearable. If left unattended I would probably be bent over like a hunchback with my left hand pressed against the wound like I was attempting to hide a bad vampire’s bite. With this in mind I continued my small quest to pull grasses, and weeds from all around me. After a while I had a nice stockpile of grass and an assortment of goodies that were needed to address my ever present wound. I examined the willow once more, and took it upon myself to stab my nails into the bark, pulling a fair amount off the side. A jackpot was struck, and the gold was called sap. I pulled the substance from the tree, and wiped it against the grass I had previously harvested, holding the strands together. I sat down cautiously, and took two pieces of bark that could hold sturdy, and placed them on either side of my knee. Turning my leg towards the ground I pulled the grass strands around the bark splint, and used the sap as the glue to adhere the splint all together. Finally my knee was tended to, but I couldn’t move. The sap was not yet hard enough to be able to hold everything together if I thought to move around. I think it was about time I had some shut eye. Afterall, it was certainly a painful experience. ************************************************************* So... that concludes the first roundup. I'd love to see more people making more art - don't be afraid! Get out your pens or paintbrushes or maybe even sing a song (if you feel brave!) I'll be posting the next one on the first weekend in December, with promises of more art and stories as well as Corvan's One Man Outpost story fully collected up and posted. What do you think to the monthly format? And what do you think to maybe including some mini-competitions? Honourable mention: Jberg's Wraith Gif If I've missed anything, please say so below and I'll put it in the main topic. Specifically, Boombza told me he had something in the works but I couldn't find it/am not sure if it was posted.
  13. here's how it works..and it can be very fun n simple add a line or a few to the existing sentences. what results is a story that is composed of by many many wurmians with seperate individual flair and imaginations to how the story Unfolds. The woods were thick with the scent of fear, the mycelium was crackling as it stretched n grew along the rock face. a faint flicker could be seen in the recesses of the cave near water's edge and wisps of smoke danced and swirled their way into the midnight air........