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Found 14 results

  1. Recently I had to add a lot of names to a house writ. However, after a certain amount of names were added, I kept getting the error message "Name too short". Initially we thought is was because the person had never visited the server, however, even adding names of people currently (and mostly living) on server, gave same error. The only way to add these people was to /addfriend each individual, then go to friends list, find the person, move name to Friends column, go back to manage buildings, open Friends, and then give the new person permission that way. I am assuming there is a limit to the amount of data we can enter in the "Add person" section. Please fix this as it is near impossible to quickly add new names if you have to go through closing friends and building manage pages, add new friends, open friends, look for them, move to different section, back to open building manage.... Edit: I forgot to mention that if you add people to your Friends list it gives the permissions you allowed for Friends on other areas like other houses you own, so after you finished you actually have to go back to your friends list and manually remove all of said previously added people off again...this has cross implications for permissions if we don't just allow more names to be added to a writ in the first place. Also, this is not a bug but a suggestion, please allow Friends in Friends list to be sorted alphabetically for the whole group, as an alternative to current sorting in different levels of friends (Trusted, Friends, other). Thanks.
  2. Right here is the story: A returning player, whom I will call 'P' bought a small deed from me, on condition he would sell it back to me if he left. Well, P abandoned the game 157 days ago, with no explanation and his alt has not been seen for 72 days. So a week or so ago, the deed disbanded and the buildings started to decay - Thursday night the worst dmg to P's house walls was 68. However, yesterday we (my neighbours and I) discovered that the writ had been changed and the valuable items, i.e. Lady of the Lake hota statue and rare large anvil, had been taken. Since the writ of the house was with P or P's alt, something very strange happened here. Any explanations for this would be welcome.... Another problem I have is that P bought a deed on Exodus and made me co mayor, however he still had the deed papers and writs for some of the buildings. He is obviously not coming back to the game but I am hampered in dealing with issues on the deed, without the papers. Again, any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks, in advance.
  3. Scenario: I invite someone to join my village. They plan a house, that extends into a big castle. Everyone in the village helps to build it and gets private chambers. The owner of the writ (Not the Mayor) does not agree with private chambers. Unlocks all doors on the writ. The Mayor is unable to do anything about it. Scenario end. Could we do it so Mayors have the last call when it concerns buildings and permissions on their deed?
  4. Currently for shared buildings on a deed you have to either have one person handle adding and removing people from writs OR you have to share the password of a writ holder with multiple people, neither of which is practical. Logging characters in and out in order to access the one who holds the writs is bothersome and if only one person has access to them people may become locked out of something they need if that person is away. Handing your password to others also exposes you to the possibility of account theft and vandalism for which you're held personally responsible in accordance with the game rules. The suggestion: Create a "Writ binder" that is a permissions group tied to the settlement token. How it works: - When a writ is part of the deed an entry of it is spawned in the writ binder -- The entries in the writ binder have the same functionality as you would have when holding the writ, including the ability to be able to attach a lock to the door - A permission check for handling the binder is included (which could be included either in the roles themselves OR at a management page of the binder only accessible to the mayor) - Different binder groups can be created, ex. "Resources", "Bedding" and different roles may have access to all, parts or none of the binder groups How to use it: - The mayor decides which roles should be allowed to handle the different binder groups -- Writs are placed in a standard binder group and may then be moved into a player created group -- Roles with access to the binder may also be given the ability to hand others binder access or to create binder groups, for example - To add or remove someone to a writ (or any of the other writ functions) you visit the token and choose the "Writ binder" option -- The binder then presents you with a window that displays the binder groups that you have access to and the writs that belong to them. The writs in each group are listed in alphabetical order and you choose which one you want to manage, which opens up a regular writ management window
  5. Given the recent events I was wondering if it would be possible to give a writ or mine door permission option for all forges and ovens? The reason is simple: A lot of people store items inside their forges, for example frying pans, armour they are imping, weapons, magical chests, and so forth. These items can be taken if anyone enters the house, say, by bashing a wall down. There is no way to secure these items in any other way except by physically moving them to a chest (which you cannot do if said items are too hot to fit into the container). If the forge has a writ/mine door permission, it would be peace of mind to log out knowing the stuff inside it is safe. Secondly, this will give us an option to use the forge or oven as a safe inside our houses. We can build forges and store valuables inside it locked away, not having to worry that it will be gone when we log in. Thirdly, inside mines, where we mine together in teams but sometimes with other people there too, it would be great to only allow people mining with you, to access your forges. The writ/permission should include the permission to load the forge as well, or alternatively, no forge should be able to be loaded while there is anything inside it. EDIT: Please look at cart and wagon permissions also. I would like to specify who I want to give access to my cart by name, not a blanket "all friends" or "all allies". I want to tick a specific name. This can be taken a step further then: Add a box for who you want to give permission to be able to drag or push or pull your cart/wagon. Then we can use locked carts and wagons inside our houses as storage for valuables, and as long as we did not give someone permission to drag/push/pull it , it will be safe inside the house, without the need of animals hitched to it (which is really not viable unless you drop grass for them all the time, or have a doughnut with enchanted grass).
  6. So after talking with some of the other players here’s a suggestion to the permissions system Groups: Anyone can create personal groups. You will be able to add anyone of the same and enemy kingdom to the group. You will be able to give the group access to writs, boats, mine doors, etc. You will be able to type /managegroups which will bring up a window where he can see all the groups he own. If you click manage on a group you get a new window where you can change different settings and add new members: If wurm can handle the massive amount of data it would to pull, those two windows could easily go into one: Here you can just select the group you want to change and it will show up on the right. The usability of the interface would be much better, but it will require wurm to pull a lot more of data The whole point of this group system is so that you no longer need to add different people to your friends list to give them access to different things and you won’t need different alt’s to own your stuff to have different permission settings. In the way I see it this would enable you to make let’s say Group1(G1) with all your alts in it, add G1 to your writ and all your alts now have access, then you can make G2 with all your close friends who should also have access and add them. This would enable you too quickly and pain free add and remove multiple people from write, boats etc. If a writ or boat is given to a new person the writ/boat should be stripped of all players/groups and it’s up to the new owner to add people/groups. This suggestion will require some of the current permission system to change so it would not be a thing that’s doable right now but should be done with the much needed rewrite some of the other permissions systems like the writs.
  7. So i was skimming around the forum and didnt really see this suggestion. I did see some sorta liek this but not exzactly. Here is my idea. I think we should get door management perms for house doors, very similiar to mine doors. I know of a few people who are working on specail projects like INNs and community town hallls. But cant really manage it as they would like. As it stands right now the only think people can do is be added to a Writ of a building. Which gives them access. My idea would be to make them not be able to enter cetin rooms of that building unless they have their name added to the door. Very similar to the mine door. This could help people make single writ buildings and still be able to assign players parts of that building. In fact take this as an example. My current deed has a town hall. In fron of my town hall there is a 2x3 area of nothing but arches. and inside those arches are fences. I use this area for community storage. The only roblem wit this is i have to add them access to my writ to use the items in the arch section of the building. Doing this allows them access to the inside of the house as well, (even if locked) and this i do not want. I could see giving access tio a door by using keys like a gate. But i feel that could get a tad annoying with people losing their keys. So id suggest using thee same System as the Mine door, where u can actually assign a name. Also perhaps adjust the current Writ system so insead of needing them on your friends list. You could just add their name to the writ, like the mine door. In conclusion I feel this would open so many more possibilities for players to customize their deeds more freely and create more creative builds. Maybe even possibilities for like Player owned Rooms of an INN, or whatever. I can see how making it so they control a room can be difficult to adjust. seeing as the writ gives currently access to whole house and not sub sections of it. But allowing door management liek mine doors, You could give as many people access to your writ as you want. BUt certin rooms still wont be able to enter because of the Door lock. I havent played on any PVP server to know how this would affect Lock picking and stuff. But im sure it could be adjusted to allow lock picking to bypass the doors or something. So what are your opinions on this? Give a +1 If you agree. Maybe Devs and GMs will read this and add it soon. Please keep this post flame free.
  8. THis has likely been discussed before, but I would love to allow my settlement forms and writs transfer between servers. I once lost a deed on another server, because I forgot how much time I had in upkeep and returned just a little too late to feed the meter. It is also a huge pain to have to travel multiple hours, just to reach a server, to enable permissions, etc, then head home to your main server. The current model almost makes it a requirement to just leave a deed holder on each server, rather than having a single character with deeds on different servers. I have no issues putting my papers in separate satchels to keep them sorted.
  9. I've thought this many times before but you just adapt don't you.. However, after 6 months i'm now making a shoreside hacienda with an arched wall border around it, the intention is to allow ships to dismount onto the graveled border... but because it's technically inside the building this will not be possible and you'll have to climb up a 60 slope to get to the building's border ground. Due to frequent stamina loss at sea, this may prove to be ridiculous. Just one example amongst many. i've redesigned to compromise but as usual it's `less than what it could have been` and has totally screwed up the 2nd floor. I still figured it might be a good time to make this suggestion. My suggestion is to enable dismounting within a building, the writ would require an option to allow it. cheers
  10. As the game mechanics go, you can only plan 1 house writ at a time until you finish building said house, before you can plan another writ. This rule is completely understandable in most of the lands, with the exception of deeded villages. A deeded village needs to be able to bypass this rule. A perfect example of this bypass is the sign planting rule. You can only plant 1 sign every 24 hours outside of deeded land, however inside a deeded village there is no limit to how many signs you can plant per 24 hours. Some people have multiple projects going on at one time, or multiple villagers who may need houses planned for them to work on, so this rule tends to cause frustration and get in the way of progress in such cases. EDIT: A few people have stated that they are able to plan more than 1 writ per 24 hours. If these changes have already been made please lock this thread. It has been confirmed that you can plan more than 1 writ per day, as long as you finish building each house before planning another one. However, the question still remains on whether deeded villages should be able to bypass this rule altogether.
  11. Simply put (idk if its considered a bug or intended to be this way not a lot of people have any info on the issue) I started a house for someone who i thought was going to be an avid Wurmian as my neighbour to help them get carpentry skill and build a house so they weren't just stuck in the woods. I traded them my writ to said house before it was completed (over a week ago now) and i thought it would transfer ownership etc but i have not seen the person on and there are only 2 walls on the house plan and I can't build/plan anymore and people say its probably because i started the other and still counts as mine even though the writ passed hands. Also I'm not a guest on the writ either so i can't finish nor destroy it, so im stuck unable to plan buildings now. :/ So heads up for any people who wanted to help someone out too >.<
  12. Hi it would be great to manage who can go into a fenced area instead of shuffling with keys. It would help with personal areas and villaages both. Anyone agree?
  13. I got this idea while reading this thread: /> The idea is basically that in addition to the structure itself a writ could control an attached yard as well. It's basically a mechanic similar to the enclosure rule, just that it is enforced automatically by the game. That would give free players, new players and other hermit types actual security instead of the fake security of the enclosure rule, without reducing the need for premium or deeds. It would work by having a "plan yard" option next to the "plan building" that gives sufficient room of freedom. It could be limited by saying the yard can't be larger then twice(?) the building, otherwise you can't finish the plan. It could also be extended for deed owners to be able to plan yards on their deeds without any buildings to give to a citizen. This would both improve the Mayor ability to restrict the citizen and give the citizen more freedom of action in their area. So what do you think?
  14. I'm seeing this warning on all of my Writs when managing them. WARNING! This structure is not fully secure when locked due to arched walls being used. The message is showing up even when the structure has no archways. Update : The only structure I have used arches does not have that warning ... the test seems to be backwards