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Found 31 results

  1. This is for sharing screenshots from Wurm Unlimited, specifically heavily modded content such as textures and models that would vary from vanilla Wurm. Show off your mods, designs, and artistic flair! To add an image, click insert other media > insert image URL. If uploading multiple pictures, try to place them inside spoiler tags to keep it tidy.
  2. [11:45:47] The bent blade of a butchering knife. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a lump. DYI Supreme butchering knife! Just add water [1 handle, cut from a shaft, cut from a log, cut from a felled tree, firstly cut from a living tree!] Unfinished, so it can TRULY be yours! [Signature achieved upon completion w/ your name!] Supreme Benefits to consider!!! Increased meat count upon butchering by +2! Increase to the quality of produced items upon butchering, by up to 2QL!! Enchant decay upon use/repair is reduced by 1/300 as opposed to a rare at 1/150[5x] Start Bid: 40s Minimum Increment: 1s Sniper Protect: 2h **Please don't shoot the auctioneer! If you have a question/concern/comment about the item please feel free to pm me here on the forums, or in game as Sugarfoxx.** **All friendly bumps and bids welcome!** **Comments that are unrelated/rude/considered hostile will be reported to mods ** P.s. This is SFI auction, NFI please no bids, ty
  3. Mod which allows server admins to remove the 50 ore cap on glimmersteel and adamantite veins, and also adds an option to give random moon metal drops like gems. Also allows server admins to remove the quality cap for all veins on home servers. Note: The ore caps changed in this mod only apply to glimmersteel and adamantite, not the general caps on veins and if you set a vein to 65355 it will still reroll with a max of 10000 even if it is adamantite or glimmer. Github release(v0.3): Uses ago's modloader(v0.6+) Credit to AbsolutelyNobody for the random drops idea and his original mod. Credit also to Drpox for suggestion to remove vein cap. Credit to Ikeprof for suggestion to remove home server quality cap.
  4. As some of you know, there has been a Wurm Online skill gain/skill check simulator available online for a while now, albeit not in a form that is easily shared. This tool allows you to simulate various skill-related statistics, such as your chance to gain skill by mining a certain ore with a certain skill and pickaxe, QL of ore, how likely you are to be able to tame a certain creature, and so forth. Given how useful it is, and since people have been talking lately about wanting something like this, I've decided to host it on my own server in order to make it available to everyone. You can find it here: Note: I did not create this tool, and may not be able to implement new features or updates, depending on my own poor knowledge of JavaScript. @asdfdeveloped the tool, and consented to me making it more widely available to the public; all credit for its existence should be directed toward him. If anyone has questions on how to use it, or what something means, feel free to ask in this thread! And if it goes down for some reason, please PM me or let me know however you can, because that means something is definitely wrong. This is not an official tool. It was created by a player, for other players, and is not affiliated with or officially endorsed by Wurm Online, Code Club AB, or related parties. I am sharing it because I find it useful as a player, but I can in no way vouch for it being 100% accurate, or supported in any official capacity. Basic usage notes: Simulation kind selects the type of action you are simulating. Fixed bonus (channeling) is the most generic type of simulation, simulating a basic skill roll with a given Difficulty, Skill, Bonus, and Tool QL (see below), so it can be useful as a sort of generic skill roll simulation. Pretty much every skill check involves these numbers, but the other simulation types calculate them for you. Iteration count for the simulation selects how many times the code will simulate the task, in order to generate statistics. The default is 25,000, which should generally be more than enough to create a good sample. Rounding changes rounding behavior, either of the simulation or the displayed numbers. I'm not really sure what the implications of this are, so I suggest leaving it at the default, which is "Nearest". Difficulty is the difficulty of the action, which is necessary to input for some simulation types. For the purpose of Channeling, this is the difficulty of the spell. For Fileting, this is the damage the meat item has. Bonus is the bonus applied to the skill check. Often you won't need this, or won't know it. 70 is the maximum value; any larger bonus is capped at this number. For Channeling, if your alignment is maxed out and you're in your god's domain, your bonus is likely at or near 70. In the results window: Range is the range of results. For example, "-40 - 98" means that the simulator's lowest result was -40, and the highest was 98. All skill checks in Wurm have a result between -100 and 100. Anything below 0 is a failure, and anything above 0 is a success. Successes below 40 (i.e. 0-40) give skill. The exact value of negative results usually doesn't matter much, but for Channeling, this is important as it relates to your chance to shatter or damage the item when enchanting. Skillgain is the percentage of results that gave skill. For example, "28.07%" means that roughly 28.07% of actions would give you skill in the skill being simulated (note: parent skills and characteristics might not have the same chance). 0+ is the percentage of results with a value of 0 or greater; for skill rolls, this equates to a successful skill check. 90+ is the percentage of results with a value of 90 or greater. Mean is the mean (i.e. average) of all results.For example, with a mean of 57.09, you would expect your average in-game result to be 57.09. The best skillgain percentage possible is somewhere around 52.5%, with a mean of 20.
  5. Make reasonable offers, have a good day.
  6. Erupting a rock tile can raise a corner of that tile a bit, which is intentional. However, if that eruption causes one corner of a mine entrance slope to rise, this causes the entrance to NOT be level as it normally is, and the tile inside the mine does not adjust itself to compensate. This leads to a discontinuity in the terrain across the transition between inside and outside. Outside: Inside: Note that inside the cave, the entry is still level, but outside the cave, the entry is 4 dirts higher on the corner affected by lava. As a result, I need to turn climb on to get out of the cave, and can see through bits of the terrain since it doesn't match up. Not sure what ideal behavior would be here. Maybe it should do a sanity check to not raise the corner if it's at a cave entrance, since those are never supposed to be non-level? By fixing this bug, Rolf "Lonestar" Persson and KodeKlubFree International Ltd. hereby agree to remove the Magranon domain restriction on the Erupt/Freeze Path of Power meditation ability, as it serves no purpose but to make me openly weep into my full-size anime body pillow at night, and curse the stars every time I want to get rid of a problematic ore vein or off-deed reinforcement.
  7. Who knew 6 years ago when I started this game and I said I wanted to be a farmer, I would actually get to live this day (yeah I know, in 6 years it should have already happened, but I am lazy so get over it! ) It took a tremendously long time and I ragequit several times in the process - but the end result is something...well...more than legendary. So let me get to it: Yesterday 21st April 2018 in the morning quite to my surprise I got this message -- [09:22:34] You have just received the title 'Pumpkin King'! Then as I was happily going about my business, cooking a few thousand meals for the fun of it, in the evening of the same fateful day, this happened -- [21:10:49] You have just received the title 'Legendary Chef'! Yes, you read that right, 11 hours 48 minutes 15 seconds after receiving the first legendary title -- I received a second one as well! Obvisouly the double legendary titles were planned... so well planned it took 3 years and...btw...the plan did not work... and now you know the reason behind the post Thorakkanath made last night! Naturally this wouldn't have been possible without the support and knowledge gained from a lot of people in the past few years while preparing for this day. Hoping I will not forget someone and in random order : So this is what I wanted to share with everyone and I will leave you with the immortal words of Jantheconqueror: <Janubis> [15:23:56] Inspira drinks some moonshine. <Janubis> what could possibly go wrong? -Inspira [insert legendary titles here]
  8. Heya, I have a massive skiller sale. All of the tools will be the low ql shown on the picture. All of them have coc which behind their name. The products will be according to price range and under the spoilers for the price range you will find the exact qualities and enchants. But thats not all. With every item you purchase you will be put on a raffle list (i think the right word) and one lucky person will in 10 days get a draw on 6 items showns as awards. So every item is 1 ticket and in 10 days i will do a random for the amount of tickets and that one person can roll the dice and see what he won for free. Rewards: So here are the tools 4s each - 100+ casts 1,5s each - 95+ casts 1s each 90-95 casts 70c each - 80-90 casts 50c each - 70-80 casts 30c each - 60-70 casts Happy shopping. Raffle list: All items will be cod from Exodus and buyer pays the cod.
  9. Hello, For sale: A Nahjo priest - Argustin the sicko, no prem atm. Pm me offers
  10. As some know (and have been asking!) the goblin leader on deliverance have been found and penned. By common decision from the team, the fight will be open to anyone wishing to get some free blood for mining potions. You can stand nearby, or join the fight if you are able to follow the directives (and not rush in) and have proper gear and skill (two handed weapon, 70FS, plate armor or better) Location - Time - Sunday, 28th May 2017, 20:00 UTC (22:00 CEST) Nota: Forgot to announce it, but of course the loot will be reserved for the Deliverance Hunting Group.
  11. Heya, Prices: Additionally selling a black drake set with rare chest piece 95€ - 95S (80 ql and aosp enchants on it) will include a great helm as there is no cap! SOLD 3x rare forges 6s Rare oven 6s Rare oaken loom 7s SOLD Rare wooden shield, rare bow rack - 3s each. Macedonian wagon Cant be produced anymore as the PMK does not exist. BL wagon Cant be created anymore cause the PMK does not exist anymore. Rare sailboat: SOLD I accept S and € with the rate 1:1. Also everything will be cod from Exodus on the buyers cost. Additionally what cannot be cod will be pickup from N exodus (Magic City area). Good luck shopping.
  12. Rare Firwood Rope Tool (61 QL) ☞ ☜ Starting Bid: 4.50s Increment: 0.50s Buyout Price: 10.00s Auction Ends: Friday, November 13 2015, approx. 2:15AM EST (see timer below) Snipe Protection: 1h Reserve: None! ~~ (click for full glorious rope tool action shot!) You like ropes. You love ropes. You need ropes. We've all been there. Your village priest is drunk, complaining about bringing faith back up after converting to Nahjo, not doing his job, and so on and so on. With the high QL cordage you'll be producing with this thing, he won't have an excuse anymore! Pretty soon you'll be cranking out life-stealing WoA frying pans or whatever it is you weirdos do and making enough money to complete your supreme silverware collection! Bonus rope quality! It's a thing, and you want it! This is the item you want! You don't have a choice in the matter! Shipping COD at buyer's expense, or if you're feeling crazy you can come pick it up in SW Xanadu. PM Ostentatio or Circe with any questions. All bids should be posted in this thread!
  13. I have the following items available for sale Items will be mailed to the buyer, CoD paid by you, OR picked up from Exodus (Annex) Co-Ordinates: X11 Willing to negotiate on price, make me an offer PICKAXE 1a) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 58) QL 85.77 PRICE:50 Copper 1b) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 71) QL 70.58 PRICE:70 Copper 1c) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 67) QL 89.52 PRICE 70 Copper 1d) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 72 CoC 48) QL 26.29 PRICE:1 Silver TROWELS 2a) Trowel, Iron (CoC 66) QL 19.62 PRICE:50 Copper 2b) Trowel, Iron (CoC 62) QL 20.24 PRICE:50 Copper 2c) Trowel, Iron (CoC 66) QL 21.36 PRICE:50 Copper 2d) Trowel, Iron (WoA 59) QL 76.50 PRICE:50 Copper SAWS 3a) Saw, Iron (WoA 58) QL 69.29 PRICE:50 Copper HATCHETS 4a) Hatchet, Iron (WoA 50 CoC 80) QL 59.79 PRICE:1.2 Silver 4b) Hatchet, Iron (CoC 63) QL 70.25 PRICE:60 Copper 4c) Hatchet, Iron (CoC 69) QL 47.86 PRICE:60 Copper 4d) Hatchet, Iron (WoA 73) QL 76.29 PRICE:70 Copper WHETSTONES 5a) Whetstone (CoC 70) QL 91.01 DM 0.00 PRICE: 80 Copper 5b) Whetstone (CoC 75) QL 79.65 DM 1.50 PRICE: 70 Copper 5c) Whetstone (WoA 52 CoC 39) QL 84.03 DM 3.94 PRICE: 60 Copper SPINDLES 6a) Spindle, Pinewood (WoA 66 CoC 75) QL 76.79 PRICE: 1 Silver 6b) Spindle, Oakenwood (WoA 82) QL 72.14 PRICE: 1 Silver STONE CHISELS 7a) Stone Chisel, Iron (WoA 71) QL 77.56 PRICE: 70 Copper 7b) Stone Chisel, Iron (WoA 87) QL 68.67 PRICE: 1 Silver 7c) Stone Chisel, Iron (CoC 67) QL 21.65 PRICE: 60 Copper 7d) Stone Chisel, Iron (CoC 66) QL 19.88 PRICE: 60 Copper LONG SWORDS 8a) Longsword, Iron (Nim 43 FB 65 CoC 62) QL 80.26 PRICE: 2 Silver 8b) Longsword, Iron (Nim 49 FB 47 CoC 42) QL 70.47 PRICE: 2 Silver 8c) Longsword, Iron (LT 81 WoA 65 AD) QL 53.27 PRICE: 3.5 Silver RAKES 9a) Rake, Iron (WoA 57 CoC 60) QL 79.27 PRICE: 1.1 Silver SERYLL 10a) Lump, Seryll QL 90.00 PRICE: 2 Silver (Full Lump) 10b) Lump, Seryll QL 80.00 PRICE: 1 Silver (Full Lump) 10c) Lump, Seryll QL 80.00 PRICE: 1 Silver (Full Lump) SOFT CAPS 11a) Soft Cap, Cotton PRICE: 50 Copper OTHER ITEMS a) Fruit Press, Cherrywood (CoC 74) QL 49.30 PRICE: 70 Copper b ) Short Bow, Willow RARE QL 60.51 PRICE: 3.50 Silver c) Pendulum, Silver (LitD 57) QL 43.78 PRICE: 50 Copper d) Pendulum, Iron (LitD 78) QL 71.95 PRICE: 1 Silver e) Scythe (WoA 69) QL 42.05 PRICE: 60 Copper f) Rare Hanging Lamp, Brass QL 49.49 PRICE: 2 Silver g) Rare Chain Gauntlet, Iron (AoSP 67) QL 79.41 PRICE: 2 Silver h) Rare Chain Gauntlet, Iron (AoSP 61) QL 79.40 PRICE: 2 Silver i) Sickle, Iron (CoC 72) QL 20.23 PRICE: 80 Copper j) Rope Tool, Pinewood (CoC 81) QL 75.72 PRICE: 1 Silver k) Carving Knife, Iron (CoC 55 WoA 57) QL 67.13 PRICE: 80 Copper l) Carving Knife, Iron (CoC 75) QL 35.21 PRICE: 80 Copper m) Scissors, Iron (CoC 84) QL 78.78 PRICE: 1.1 Silver n) Butchering Knife (CoC 69) QL 16.61 PRICE: 70 Copper o) Leather Knife (CoC 82) QL 16.68 PRICE: 80 Copper Ship One - Cherrywood Knarr & 100 Rafts - 12 Silver [11:53:14] It has a clinker-built hull assembled with iron rivets and one mast with a square yard sail. At insufficient wind it is rown with oars. The side rudder is on the starboard side. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from cherrywood. You must use a file to smooth out the "Princess Sparkle" in order to improve it. Ql: 40.84511, Dam: 18.623547. The name of the owner, Maizie, has been etched in the stern. Items will be mailed to the buyer, CoD paid by you, OR picked up from Exodus (Annex) Co-Ordinates: X11 Y29. Thanks all
  14. What's big, red and full of firemen? If you said a firetruck you were wrong! It was jimmy the red dragon! (he ate them, hence why he's fat). Jimmy enjoys long walks on the beach, running up mountains and eating everything with a green outline in local, including but not limited to my previous horse. RIP you brave steed. Thus it was decided that Jimmy simply must go. Jimmy is currently imprisoned in Dragonsreach mine and he is not happy about it in the least. In order to come and slay Jimmy, I ask that you post your name and FS here so you can be added to the mine door. Only people with 70+ fs will be allowed into dragonsreach cave. (Jenn-Kellon lemming tactics do not work on dragons) Hunt time: 25th March 2015 at 08:00 UTC (Will wait up to 1 hour extra if needed) Meetup point at N-19 Xanadu on a small jetty island thing. (red circle marker on the map) Bystanders are welcome! Stand near the mine entrance and listen to the screams of your friends and family and receive delicious dragon blood and scales. Also if you cut down olive trees in the area I will personally love you forever. (Olive trees are a plague on this land and must be destroyed with great fire and vengeance)
  15. Looking to sell some of the excess items that have been overfilling my merchant. Items will be sent COD from Deliverance or can be picked up at Funndy Docks at roughly I8 on the in-game map. Feel free to send me a PM here or in-game (Drsatan) to negotiate prices.
  16. Ahoy Freedom, 48 hour auction for a 70ql Rare Oakenwood Spindle enchanted with win of ages to power 95 and circle of cunning to power 87. Start Bid : 5s Min increment : 50c No Reserve Buyout : 12s No private bidding but if you wish to buy out feel free to PM me on the forum or announce your intention in this thread. Item is on Xanadu and will be COD to auction winner. Good luck and happy bidding.
  17. Rare Steel Pick 6ql Start Bid: 5s Minimum Increments: 1s Reserve: 15s Buyout: PM Offer Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Rare Steel Pick 90ql w94 Start Bid: 10s Minimum Increments: 1s Reserve: Yes Buyout: PM Offer Snipe Protection: 1 Hour
  18. I've just started this game and was set back right away by it's cumbersome UI. I haven't seen anyone else on the forums complain so I figured everyone just went on with getting used to it. Anyway, I'll put a list of what I thought would be improvements. 1) A radial menu. I have seen a few mods in Minecraft that implement those in one form or another, but you'll probably best remember this from Crysis. Having to click, move the mouse and make that a few more times to get to a command/stat you're searching for is a daunting process. Add a customizable radial menu. Click, drag your mouse in a direction of the command you want to execute and release the mouse. Done. Also, one could adjust the radius of the menu, number of "slices" and maybe even set it up to execute different commands depending on how far have you pulled the mouse. Crysis had 5 slices and the menu was very narrow. Here it could be made to look like the target in the game of Darts if you wanted to. 2) Toggle "L-click to look". This one I've felt in the X3 game. When moving around, I very much like to be able to turn without the need to hold down a button. So I'd like a toggle button that inverses that and would rebind L-click to Space or Ctrl to temporarily get my cursor back in order to click something. Of-course, toggling it back when there's a lot to do with a cursor should remain. 3) Custom commands on a hotbar. WoW is a perfect example of a good UI. You have buttons on your UI that can be called by any key combination, do any (!single!) command in the game, and can show the text and a number of your choice on it. Executing one command for one hardware input action is permitted. Why not make it available in-game? I don't like taking my cursor for a stroll each time I want to see another stat. I want to see that stat/skill/ability/item on my UI without the whole window obstructing my view. Compass, as it is now, is a great example. But it's only one element. Any square on a hotbar like that should be configurable to show the state of a compass. Another could show my right hand. Yet a few others could imitate the toolbelt. Heck! Remake the toolbelt to be this hotbar! In WoW, I could make one button show the number of Iron Ores I had, show the cooldown of one ability, mouseover tooltip of another, icon of my equipped helmet, custom name on the button and it could use one of my trinkets if I activated it. Edit: I know that this game is based around gameplay depth much more than being fancy, but so is Dwarf Fortress! Considering depth and what you can do, it's the best game out there. And it's free to play, mod, automate, etc. But it's not fancy at all. And that's why it has few players playing it.
  19. White Drake Hide Cap - 88.09QL Starting Bid: 5s Buyout: 15s Increments: 1s No Reserve. 1 hour Snipe Protection. Duration: ENDED
  20. Auctioning off this awesome rare large anvil Start Bid: 5s Minimum Increments: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: Offer Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Duration: 2 days, 5 hours.
  21. Auctioning off this rare pickaxe. 89woa 74coc Start Bid: 10s Minimum Increments: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: Offer Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Duration: 2 days, 5 hours.
  22. Auctioning off this rare small maul. Nimbleness: 69 Rotting Touch: 69 Circle of Cunning: 68 Start Bid: 10s Minimum Increments: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: Offer Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Duration: 2 days, 5 hours.
  23. buying rare bones from the new unique's pm