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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Wurmians, lets share some progress! So far this week, the notification system is being tested and iterated. Our notifications are meant to be subtle and to the point, hints triggered in the game when you are performing/ trying to perform actions for the first time. Also when certain requirements are met like you become hungry or wounded. They will all be available from a notifications library in game for later reference. Decisions for the maps functionality. To begin with, we are setting the limitation of the number of different map annotations you can have to 50 of each type. And lastly some changes to skills and game fixes. The weaponless fighting/ unarmed skill will now be set to 20 by default for all new characters. A new fix for friends and support tabs so there is only one. It moves to/from event chat to its own window. This means that less memory is used. As there was a rush of new players, we found some previously unknown limitations on the server side which we could then address. Thats all for now!
  2. Welcome Wurmians to this News Update of Week 38 Some words from the Developers After we announced our focus there has been much charing and debating in several forum threads. An especially reoccurring topic is the maps and the way people feel it affects gameplay. There has been much speculation and suggestions as to how it should (or not!) be implemented. Our favorite reason so far for not wanting the maps, is the passion for being lost in the woods. Something we want to reassure you, will still be possible. Though on the other hand, some are worried we wont go all the way implementing it to the extent of deeds showing and global positioning dot, making it "useless" in comparison to the community maps. We are not competing with or replacing the community maps. Currently our map is realized as a useful and available tool, not taking away the survival and exploration aspects of the game. It will not be implemented as a crafted item as we want it to be available for everyone from the very start. Maps and Recruitment Board. Maps are nearing completion and an example of work in progress is available for viewing here: The maps has so far been implemented and tested on the test server, functionality for annotations has been added. The annotations work like this: You have some for personal use, some are shared and available for people of the same village. Also, some are shared over the entire alliance. Placing them is as easy as clicking your map, but you have a set amount and restrictions to who can place them on village and alliance level. Village recruitment board is coming along nicely. Functionality is being tested for both putting up recruitment ads and requesting membership forms. In collaboration between the map and recruitment board, a player is able to join a village from, for example, a starter zone. This gives you access to the village shared map annotations and with that, the location of the village if it has been specified. Using the map and compass you are able to start navigating and plotting a course by aiming at landmarks. With some skill and effort, getting to your destination is now a bit easier. Money Distribution There are possibilities to improve how money is distributed in the game, there are some changes being tested. You will find information about Rolf's latest endeavor in this thread: Newbie Buff. There has been some changes and additions to the Newbie buff: *You wont get hungry or thirsty as quickly. *Less aggro from mobs with a decreased aggro range. *Better health regeneration. Highlighted Bug Fixes. Mycelium can now spread to bush tiles and the infected bush tiles can spread the Mycelium further. The conditions of meditation tiles for Path of Hate has been fixed, and should now be working as intended. That is all for now! /The DevTeam
  3. Ok i make that topic to inform all mayors of deeds near new planed highways. We make them for long time now... so here i will inform everyone about projects we make and new highways done.. Goblin HIGHWAY FINISHED from x24 y46 to x14 y42 in week 3 of the starfall of the Saw in the year of 1028. Cedar Highway FINISHED from x27 y44 to x31 y44 in week 4 of the starfall of Dancers in the year of 1027. SOUTH Highway FINISHED from x21 y25 to x25 y49 in the year of 1027. Gold Highway Work in progress, road need inprove... Example how is looks when is done Sure like always u can feel free to comment, if u have some problems with that plans and roads just PM here or ingame... we found way to fix everything