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Found 17 results

  1. Market of Asgarnia - City of Falador

    Welcome to the market of our settlement Kingdom of Asgarnia - City of Falador! we are mostly a farmland but we carry many other items and are located on the coast of deliverance. we offer free shipping to any coast and will also take in orders for wanted items. Item / Current Stock / Prices Small Barrel of Milk / RESTOCKING / 25c wool / 1k / 85c meats / 1k / 75c rock shards / RESTOCKING / 85c stone bricks / RESTOCKING / 1.85s cotton / 1k / 80c small barrel of honey / 2 / ? horses (all kinds) / place order / order dependent cows / place order / order dependent sheep / place order / order dependent bison / place order / order dependent pigs / RESTOCKING / order dependent
  2. Direct link to page: Since wool now drops into your inventory after shearing sheep/rams, the part on the Animal Husbandry page (Shearing) where it says: "Wool bundles drop to ground, not to your inventory" can be updated. Maybe to read: "Wool bundles drop to your inventory." Or, "Wool gathers in your inventory." Or, "OMG! Where the heck is my Wool!" Anyways, After all this time since the update, I just recently stopped looking on the ground for newly sheared wool bundles. So.. I guess it's about time the Animal Husbandry page can be finally updated. Thanks :-)
  3. Suppensusis Tailoring

    Tailor on New Spring Island selling now: CLOTH - Small Square Sails, QL 40+ --> 4C - Triangular Sails, QL 40+ --> 5C - Small Colourful Carpets QL 27+ --> 2C - Cloth Hood QL 40+ --> 1C - Cloth Pants QL 40+ --> 1C - Cloth Jacket QL 40+ --> 1C MED RUGS (can be imped up to 40QL) - Fine Meditation Rug, QL 10+ COC57 --> 20C - Fine Meditation Rug, QL 12+ COC39 --> 20C - Fine Meditation Rug, QL 11+ COC38 --> 20C LEATHER - Leather Adventurer Hat, QL 18-19 --> 2C - Leather Cap, QL 18-19 --> 2C - Leather Tool Belt, QL 15+ --> 2C - Water Skin, QL 17+ --> 2C WOOL coming soon DYES - -
  4. Wemp Lot 1 - Wemp Fibre x4.2k 94ql - 3.5s Lot 2 - Wemp Fibre x3k 66ql - 80c Lot 3 - Wemp Plants x7.4k 85ql - 4.5s Lot 4 - Wemp Plants 1k 96ql - 90c Dirt - 5k - 4.5s Wools - 1k 16.89ql - 1s Garlics - 96ql - 90c per 1k Cooked Meat - 2k 50ql - 1s Silver - 1k 16ql - 1s Bsbs - to many to count - 15 for 1s Pickup SE Deliverance - Any delivery 1s Forum PM prefered
  5. I'm breeding black sheep and was disappointed to see that when shearing them, the wool they produce is white, not black. This doesn't make much sense, and black wool would be awesome. Could we change this, please?
  6. Black Wool

    Unsure if black sheep already give black-dyed wool; however, if not, then this would be a nice aesthetic. RGB of the resulting sheared wool could be based off of the quality.
  7. Wool Blanket

    So we have wool. We have beds. But beds need furs. Let's have a choice for what we put on a bed. Wool blankets or furs. It's about time for wool blankets to be introduced into the game so sheep are more useful.
  8. With the implementation of wool and yarn, I can't help but hope that we will have some new clothing options. I know I'm not alone with our female Wurmians when I say, I'd love to have some clothes that are aimed toward the female gender! A dress may be too much to ask for, but something that wont make me look like every male in Wurm. And....can I wear a hat WITH my hair please?
  9. Sheep Wool bug

    The sheep wool always drops on the tile borders because that is the place the sheep always stop moving. This at times makes it impossible to pick up the wool, it will not highlight at all no matter what part of the edge you try to make it highlight. That requires a GM to get it.
  10. Rare scissors 90.81ql w83

    Starting bid: 5s Min, Increase: 50c Buyout: none Private bids: no Winner pays CoD Will accept euros also at 1s:1e ratio.
  11. I have made several common wool hats and some did not have the option to improve at all, with yarn activated. Some could be improved with yarn and then the option ceased. The 6 hats now range from 6.76 to 22.56 ql Is this a bug or intended limitation to imp'ing?
  12. Rare Common Wool Hat

    Want to sell my rare common wool hat. The hat has no dye on it and is at 13.33ql and can be improved with yarn. Can COD or it can be picked up from Summerholt on Xanadu. PM me with any questions. Starting bid: 1s Increase min: 1s Buyout bid: 10s Sniper protection: 1 hour Highest bit at the moment: 2s
  13. spinning wheel QL40

    From today's patch. For any tailor who didn't train fine carpentry (u need 30) At the being moment almost don't take dmg using it. Deliver taxation: Celebration: free Exodus: 10c Deliverance: 20c Indepencence: 30c Xanadu: 50c Release: 50c Pristine: 60c Starting bid: 1s Intervals 5c
  14. Edit for sheep

    Hello, my idea is that we have the male sheep named Ram. The graphics for the Ram would have horns. I took some photos of the sheep in the field behind my house that show the male sheep with horns and the females without. I just feel it would make it look more authentic. This would help determine the sheep gender easier whilst looking rather than having to walk up to them and examine to find out. Does anyone rate this idea? Many thanks
  15. Hi, I need some more space, so I decided to try to sell some of my rare materials: Prices: Stone bricks - 50c / each Supreme dirt - 50c Logs - 62ql for 50c, 40ql for 30c Plank - 40c Wool - 1s (it's 5 units) Floor Board - 30c Items are sent from Xanadu on buyer expense. They are located at Sarmatian Island (S19). You can contact me ingame (nick: Ghab), by forum PM or just leave comment here.
  16. In preperation for Sheeps and Wools, I've made some 80ql Tailoring tools for sale. Not sure if its needed for wooly crafting, just sounds wogic. Scissor is used to Shear Sheep. Selling sets 80ql Iron Needle and 80ql Iron Scissor Price: 50c for both or 30c for one tool only Mailing COD from Xanadu 10 left 8 left 7 left 5 left
  17. Drying Rack

    With more uses for fish like feeding seals i suggest a new tool to be made craftable the drying rack. This can be used to hang fish on to dry them creating a fish meat that can be stored in a fsb. This drying rack can also server for more things as time goes on like maybe with the new sheep it can be incorporated to be used with the wool somehow. Maybe wool+dye dried on a rack creates a colored wool for making clothes or something..idk Anyway i would like to see it added and give us a way to keep fish and store them in a fsb.