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Found 6 results

  1. (at the end of this first post, is a list of mobs that do not respect and may pass through locked doors, building walls, or locked or unlocked fences underground) Ok, I put my dog inside a building (building name: South Three Interchange) underground on 12 Nov 2016, around 2am-ish EST on my deed Cornersville on Independence. The building has 3 locked doors and is a 2x2 underground. Once I released the dog (branded to my deed, Cornersville, Aged dog 'C0r f f2016111') I untamed it. I later found the dog wandering the mines outside that building. So I had to run go do other thing, when I came back, that same dog had wandered out of the area I had spotted it in and then thru another building I have underground (building name: Cornersville Long House, which has 4 doors on it, all locked), and it had wandered off deed. No way for it to get off deed underground, in that area, unless it passed thru a building with locked doors. THE PROBLEM: The problem is, my dog is walking out of a building underground. As far as I know in wurm, such an animal as a dog, should not be able to just walk out of a building that only has doors as access? right? Plus, the doors all have locks on them, with permissions set. Forums was down that day, so I submitted an in game ticket (#54917 12/Nov/2016 08:55). CM Moogien responded and stated that there may have been a forum post on this bug before, but wasn't certain. Dogs are not supposed to be able to just walk out of a building that only has doors on it for access. CM Moogian suggested that I submit a forum post, this topic, as soon as forums was back online. That is the reason for this post. Work around: My dog is not lost. I have my dog. I put it in a top side (above ground) fenced in area w/ gates. This dog appears to have no problems obeying the 'do not go thru gates game rule' above ground. Please fix this, so that I can release and rest assured my animals will not wander out of closed buildings underground. Thank you for your time :-) TeeeBOMB PS: I did look, but did not find any other post on this forum area 'Server Bugs'. So I am opening a new thread. If someone else finds such a post, sorry I missed it. LISTED: These animals will/may pass through locked doors, building walls, or locked/unlocked fence gates underground (pre Jun 1, 2017 testing): dogs, branded (Alectrys, Teeebomb) wolves, not branded (Teeebomb) champion wolf (JakeRivers) champion goblin, not branded (Teeebomb) champion wild cat (Uisge_Beatha) brown bear, not branded (Teeebomb) trolls, not branded (Zigozag) < my 2 test trolls in buildings, have not escaped in almost 2 weeks now escaping animals after June 1, 2017: Dogs & wolves & champion wolf escape from underground fences/gates brown bear escaped from underground fenced in area w/ a gate ven troll entered locked building door undergound, 18Jan2018
  2. Auction for a rare black wolf rug A thick black wolf rug. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a leather. Ql 52 Starting Bid: 3s Min. Increments: 50 copper Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper: 1 hour Buyer pay Cod or pickup it at TDM on Celebration Happy Bidding
  3. Hello! While I was imp some rugs I got a rare wolf rug. Nice decoration for any house. 30ql Starting Bid: 3s Min. Increments: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper: 2 hour Pickup Xanadu J-8/9 or its codable and buyer pay cod. Nice and shining.
  4. So basically once upon a time most people kept their furs in a alt because there was no good way of preventing massive decay on them (kinda like how pelts still work). Rolf decided to be magnanimous and allow that furs (and pelts for a short time) be stored in bsbs to halt their decay. But since at the time there was only one item that used fur (beds) and the type of fur was irrelevant, when storing them into bsbs they all get mixed and become just "fur". So far there has been no real reason to change this since rugs, the item that changed this, are mostly cosmetic, and seriously, for me at least, i wouldn't see myself needing a bunch of these. But with the new bear hats (and who knows what else the future holds) having furs stored by type became relevant. So the suggestion is that the system be changed so that furs can be stored like logs, differentiating from Brown Bear, Wolf and Black Bear furs. The current generic "fur" can be kept as is, and as a bit of a relic of the past, or changed to their original status (if there's data for that) or randomly split between the 3 types. Discuss.
  5. As the title says I have a few things I would like to get rid off. #1 Rare Unfinished Pillar Price: 15s - Includes free delivery to anywhere, but Chaos Note: This item cannot be loaded and thus an unfinished is the only way to obtain a new one for a deed other than getting lucky yourself. #2 Rare Black Wolf Rug Price - 7s #3 Rare Brass Oil Lamp Price - 8s #4 Rare Hanging Lamp, Gold - Includes free delivery to anywhere, but Chaos Price - 5s #5 Rare Needle Price - 4s #6 Rare Short Bow, Willow CoC 52 - Includes free delivery to anywhere, but Chaos Price - 7s Mailable items will be mailed CoD.
  6. COD (buyer pays for shipping) or pickup at Lothlorien Meadows, Independence (49x,14y) 50ql rare wolf rug - and it does in fact have the shiny effect. Great for decorating your house with. Starting bid: 3s Increments: 50c No buyout. 1h sniper protection.