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Found 5 results

  1. Sindusk has tested and verified his data updates to Wurmpedia. Can close this thread. I have noticed that Wurmpedia page for 'fuel' ( has been updated by an account named Sindusk on 3 Aug 2020 (thanks CA help remind me of Wurmpedia page update area). The values/amounts of fuel has been changed quite a bit. Sindusk did not provide any references for the changes. I suggest you guys would change it back the way it was, until some sort of verification for Sindusk's new information has been hammered out. Personally, Sindusk's version looks better, but still. Having random unsubstantiated changes to Wurmpedia should be limited, I think. Thanks for your time, TeeeBOMB
  2. So basically this suggestion is to create a team dedicated to advertising wurm online through various platforms on the internet : e.g. youtube, FB and so on. Why? Because Wurm needs new players and a lot of us actually would love to see new blood in it. So how would this work? We'll form a team , let's say through discord and start outlining a basic plan to advertise and create ad content we could share on free to use sites. Someone could help by making or creating a compilation of youtube tutorials. Another could find or create stunning pvp encounters and battles. One could help by writing content for various interesting stories that happened/could happen in wurm or even create machinima videos using Wurm Unlimited or WO. Other people make artwork stories or comics about WO stories, servers, events, etc. The team will be community driven, with the sole purpose of generating visibility for Wurm Online. So what do you guys think?
  3. One year ago today, on 26 Dec 2016, I installed and logged-in to Wurm Online for the first time. I lasted maybe 30-45 minutes before I logged off and said "no thanks". But something made me log back in a little later, and it stuck. Over the past twelve months, I have enjoyed the company of new friends, both on my home server of Independence. and elsewhere. The WO community is strikingly friendly, helpful, resourceful, and skews much older and more mature than other MMORPGs I've played in my lifetime. I have encountered players who play 12 accounts simultaneously and power game to its fullest, and I have encountered folks who spend so much of their time just helping others to achieve their goals. I think this is a very giving community, and for the newbie who sticks it out, there are a lot of great things to be had in Wurm Online. Special thanks to all the people who answer questions all day. Whether they're staff or not, a lot of folks have spent time to help me along the way, patiently answering question after question, explaining concepts, and sometimes re-explaining concepts When I was starting out, people like Archaed and Hannaliese and Mitzie were so generous with their time with me, and I thank them. And for fun, an excerpt from my very first /tell conversation in WO, with @VirusMD: Logging started 2016-12-27 [04:45:57] <Virusmd> i take it your new, what server are you on? [04:46:38] <Finndar> Been playing 6 hours, yes. Independence. [04:46:51] <Virusmd> you got friends there? [04:47:47] <Finndar> New to the game. I don't know anyone. [04:48:32] <Virusmd> you try asking around for someone who operates a deed for newer players? [04:50:26] <Finndar> Dude, I barely know what I'm doing here. There is SO MUCH to learn. Just taking it one step a time right now. [04:51:30] <Virusmd> ok well indy is the oldest server, its the most used/populated generally so there should be alot of ppl there willing to help you out, a good step at this point is a safe place to base from [04:51:41] <Virusmd> use your freedom channel, thats server specific. I offer space to new players, but im on Pristine, its not hard to switch servers thoe [04:51:52] <Virusmd> im sure you noticed how easy is it to die early on [04:52:30] <Virusmd> it is alot to learn, its fairly intuitive once you get the basics down [04:53:33] <Finndar> Death and I - we are well acquainted today *laugh* [04:53:35] <Finndar> THanks.
  4. Why every time when i have problem with this GM ( enki ) i waiting 3+ days for answer ?? everytime easy conversation take weeks :/ . He total ignore players and dont take responsybility for this . Someone have same problem with this ? I spend money for this game and pay for customer services . in WURM this is no exist :/
  5. I made sure to delete java 32 bit, and manually updated java 64. My client still constantly freezes up. This is what I get when I try to close it out. Description: A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: AppHangB1 Application Name: WurmLauncher.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 564da338 Hang Signature: e69e Hang Type: 0 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Hang Signature 1: e69eeacdcbd020add91c8f0403804605 Additional Hang Signature 2: f7bd Additional Hang Signature 3: f7bd0ac41d7d5dc515c28924273641df Additional Hang Signature 4: e69e Additional Hang Signature 5: e69eeacdcbd020add91c8f0403804605 Additional Hang Signature 6: f7bd Additional Hang Signature 7: f7bd0ac41d7d5dc515c28924273641df