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Found 18 results

  1. My idea to help those crazy long travel times, sailing around Xanadu: Trade Winds. When you reach a decent distance from the shore, you enter into the Trade Winds, which blow 2-3x as strong as the normal winds. We don't want crazy fast sailing near land, because it would make cave canal navigation and docking quite the challenge. I would envision full implementation of this as a new water texture, for the outer 100-200 tiles, leading up to the server crossing border. Don't know how hard adding a choppy water texture would be, but this would be something that could be done down the road. I imagine the speed zone coding could be done quite easily. In addition, it would be fantastic if we could actually see the server border, with some clever little graphic additions. No visible walls or border lines, but some floating debris, like ship wreckage, or a batch of seagulls circling around. Seeing the border was close would be helpful in normal winds, but much more necesary with the Trade Winds, where you could easily shoot through a border crossing unintended. The orange text warning might not provide enough time to respond. Also, while I am at it, lets eliminate the "shark scouts you" message and kick off to water thing. Could we just have a "strong gust of wind" blow us away from those dead zones? Would help in afk sailing quite a bit. Could make it fun and do a pirate ships for the border graphics in those places and "Pirates chase you back into safer waters".
  2. Mod idea

    If possible (in-keeping with the medieval theme) to add some extra features to the game; Wind Mills could be used to grind wheat to flour faster, or grind down salt into 'fine salt' portions ( 1 salt in > 2 fine salt out type thing) to add seasoning (+difficulty) to meals), or just aesthetics (blade speed determined by wind), because Windmills, yes? Barn doors/walls would make a lovely addition to wurm. 2x1 animal fence-pen spam is hard on the eyes and I hate using it.
  3. Horse too slow? Land travel got you down? Put some pep in your horse's step! I sold the other sets and this is what I now have available: 6.25s for Set #1. 85QL horse shoes,iron with WOA 97-97-97-96 5.4s for Set #2. 85QL horse shoes, iron with WOA 96-95-95-94 These shoes are guaranteed to speed! Contact me in-game or PM me. Note: The sum of the qualities of the shoes has an effect on the speed.
  4. Starting Bid: 8s Min Increase: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: None Horse too slow? Land travel got you down? Put some pep in your horse's step! These shoes are guaranteed to speed! Get ready, set, place your bids!
  5. I uploaded a video to youtube and was flagged for copyrights violation. I didn't have any music playing but it flagged the wind sounds/noises that you get while in those rough terrains. These are the notifications I received and i was wondering if this is correct or a mistake by youtube. Do these wind sounds come from " When Nature Sings (Wind) - Darryl Holt"? " The claimant is allowing their content to be used in your YouTube video. However, ads might appear on it. " Content: When Nature Sings (Wind) - Darryl Holt Sound recording 12:40 - 13:55 Claimant: CD Baby On behalf of: Darryl Holt, LLC
  6. There is a bug with wind it says in the mouse over tooltip in the sound settings that wind is part of the weather sounds as shown in the screenshot below but if you turn it off the wind still makes noise. I don't mind the wind if there was a way to adjust its volume but there is no way to do that and with this bug it does not stop the wind when you turn the weather sounds off.
  7. Hello fellow Wurm enthusiasts! The group I play with have all expressed their frustration at the lack of WIND at certain periods of play. The wind always seems to be dead just when you want to use that boat for transport! Is there any chance the server can be modded to allow for persistent wind strengths? As I observed in the Season Mods, it seems you can set the range (or change/delta) for temperature fluctuations. I am assuming the same could be done for wind? For example, max wind gust is strong, min wind gust is moderate - so winds are always good for getting around on water. On top of that, it would be preferred that the wind direction was still kept variable. Thanks in advance, Thanatos Shield/Maul Proficient
  8. I was standing next to my forge and noticed the smoke was moving differently so I lined up my compass with the direction of the smoke, /weathered and then epicness ensued when I realised what was going on. Awesome mechanic, I think I'll ignore the weather command from now on
  9. Don't know about you, but I dig this one. Fo priest can cast a wind spell directly, or imbue/fill gems with the spell, for anyone to use. Power of spell x10 = duration the wind blows at gale force in whatever direction you are sailing. Localized to only the boat you are on. a QL 50 Gem filled with be 500 seconds. Maybe times should be longer? Not sure. But hey, need something new for gems and some faster sailing method. This helps economy, gives Fos more value and brings value back to higher QL gems.
  10. I think the last several continuous resets borked the wind switching code again. Happened when Xanadu opened, seemed fixed up until a couple of days ago, we haven't had anything faster than breeze for the past 3 days now. Someone poke the wind kami please? *Edit: come to think of it, last time i saw that problem was when Xanadu opened, and now it started again after those resets where Xanadu was down a bit longer than the rest of the servers... could be something, could be nothing, just a thought.
  11. The wind sounds are not being controlled by the weather settings in sound. I live on a mountain and when i shut off the weather sounds in the settings it does not stop the wind noise and the wind never stops blowing on a mountain top so i just have to shut sounds off completely. I really like the ambient sounds but just can not take the constant wind noise that should have been shut off when i opted out of hearing the weather.
  12. Title says it all. I have seen threads and game chat stating winds are regional/server-wide. I crossed 4 servers today, and caught the same wind throughout. A quick GL check yielded a gale across all the servers, tho many were apprehensive to agree this was more than a fluke. Any opinions on this?
  13. I've noticed that since Xanadu launched, and have been keeping track for a while now, wind speed seems to be predominantly on the "breeze" side, with a heavy tendency toward light breeze. The amount of people on Xanadu is incidentally decreasing. Going out to hunt, for example (mob dispersal has been discussed ad nauseum), can mean 1.5 hours looking at the same island. Easily 3/4 of the time is breeze. Yesterday I caught 3 hours of gale, made it from Release to the center of Inde. Granted, that shouldn't be permanent but.... Logged off, got up about 8 hours later, wind was expectedly down to breeze, strong breeze specifically. On the road it went up to strong wind after about 3 hours, that lasted one hour, back to strong breeze a couple, light breeze now 1.5 hours, reached Release at time of this post so about 2 more hours to go. Was tolerable on the smaller servers, light breeze was also way less frequent that I can remember...... but with Xanadu in the middle of everything, it adds annoyance instead of "scale" to the game. Also, the RNG itself is clearly out of whack if winds are so slow all the time. Hurts the hell out of trade, isolating pockets of the community ultimately, and simply negates the possibility of sailing to anyone who doesn't have a cool 8 hours to burn on half a trip. I for one would vote to do away with light breeze and "breeze" altogether, so start "strong breeze" upward, that in itself may be alone to overcome the borked RNG, then again may need some tweaking too. Anyone else have a better idea? Sailing skill and ship speed according to QL, don't think that'll solve it unless the increments were massive to counter slow winds, same as enchanting them. Could be part of the solution but not the solution altogether imho. But supreme rowboat being the fastest vessel in the game most of the time... something's definitely wrong. (Edit, figured I'd post here since this server is one hit hardest by it. On the older servers the land path is generally still an option while with Xan's topography... gonna be ages before it's a reality, gonna most likely need bridges anyways, and gonna take even longer if the server doesn't appeal to people due to distances in the first place).
  14. 85QL Steel Pickaxes - Highly Enchanted Speeds+Skillers 1. 85.58QL Steel Pickaxe - w93 c84 => 3s 2. 85.42QL Steel Pickaxe - w92 c84 => 3s 1-5QL Steel Pickaxes - Highly Enchanted Skillers 1. 5.09QL Steel Pickaxe - c94 => 3.1s 2. 5.08QL Steel Pickaxe - c86 => 2.2s 3. 1.50QL Steel Pickaxe - c84 => 2s 4. 5.08QL Steel Pickaxe - c81 => 2s 5. 5.08QL Steel Pickaxe - c80 => 2s 6. 5.08QL Steel Pickaxe - c75 => 1.2s 7. 5.08QL Steel Pickaxe - c73 => 1s 8. 3.25QL Steel Pickaxe - c72 => 1s 9. 5.08QL Steel Pickaxe - c70 => 70c 10. 5.07QL Steel Pickaxe - c69 => 40c Steel tools are renowned for their ruggedness, having a 20% damage reduction compared to their inferior iron counterparts. This will ensure you can enjoy one of these pickaxes for much longer than a standard iron one! All pickaxes will be COD'ed from either Independence or Chaos. Happy shopping!
  15. Well now that i have my ambient sounds back i have turned on my sounds again (had them all off before the fire change) Now that i have sounds again i have noticed that i can still hear wind even though i have weather sounds turned off.
  16. Pristine Wind

    Is it just me or has the wind speed been at Light breeze to strong breeze for at least 2 weeks if not longer? Has anyone else experienced the same thing?
  17. All of the items below are for sale. Post which items you want (Item Name and Cast), and we'll mail it to you! A simple and straight forward sale. Buy fast, because it may be gone the next time you look! All items will be mailed COD to their buyer(s). Note that Bows and Shovels will not mail, so we'll discuss a pickup/delivery option. Please post what name you'd like the items shipped to.
  18. [13:36:50] A leather saddle complete with a girth and stirrups. It could be improved with a leather. [13:36:50] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [98] What could I sell this for? I suppose I could imp this to 92-95QL if it helps sell for more. Thanks.