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Found 3 results

  1. Hi... I have been working on this monster highway in Southern Xanadu for over a month now to link to Lormere and I finally finished it last night, it was an insane amount of work but also a lot of fun. It opens up a whole lot of wilderness and is most likely the longest continuous highway built in one go, it's also for certain the longest highway entirely paved in sandstone bricks and slabs, obviously seeing those are new. After 1\3 was done, I decided to border the road with moss instead of sand, I just thought it cool cooler for the forest parts. It's a cool ride, many cool scenic spots, places to hunt and a lot of new places to start new deeds. I plan on building a public Inn behind where the fountain is and also a short secondary road to a nearby desert, for hunting, if someone wants too cook at inn I decided to build this thing because we almost never get new players where we are here down south, it's pure luck when someone gets lost and ends up here, so trying to bring some life to our area. The tunnel part which is 207 tiles long is only 1 tile wide at the moment but I'll be completing it in the coming 2 weeks or so, but one can ride through the mountain as is. I've attached a few screenshots and a map showing where the highway is. I did a large part of the work on my own but I did get some precious help from a few players and i wish to thank them. Crysariana for cutting an insane amount of trees, without whom I'd still be at it Baloo for the help in the tunnel, mining (she hates mining ), strongwall where the tunnel opened up into an old mine and 8 hours of digging in the wilderness. Korsarul for donating 24 crates of dirt. Nacciwa for donating 29 crates of dirt. Snowtech for analyzing and some mining in tunnel. Popy for imping my tools which took some serious beating. And all of them who at times were most likely getting a bit fedup of hearing of my crazy highway over a month + period of time. Hopefully, I didn't forget anyone, let me know if I did.
  2. I made this server for the people like me who would like to build and enjoy a server that doesn't have the confining feeling of a high population server. This server features random spawn points, 7.5x skill gain and 5x action speed. No deed cost either. The aim of this server is to create a world made by the players for the players. PvP is something I would like to add but is not the main objective of this server in anyway. It still may be something that will be included if it becomes something the players want. Maybe once a hierarchy has been formed. Server name is : Tonozia Wilderness (7.5x Skill Gain, 5x speed)
  3. I've played Wurm some time and really enjoy it however there are two things that are strongly connected and imho are bad for gameplay: Over the time the game world becomes one big construction site, there is literally 10 times as much buildings as people in game. Slowly the game become less enjoyable beacuse all wild land is taken and there is not so much place on "pioneering" - which imho is the most attractive part of Wurm - harnessing the game evironment, etc. The worst part of it is fact that large part of builded structures cluttering the world is abandoned.the player population is dispersed all over the server, sometimes it feels like single player game rather than mmo. From what i know the current solution to this problem is to add new clean servers - i think it's not enough. I would like to propose mechanism which will represent the "Force of Nature" acting against man, something that would allow the "nature" to reclaim the places that belong to her. Some means to fight with excessive player settlement. It could something like traveling bands of trolls or wild animals that seek to destroy player structures and also a process of reverting tiles slowly to "natural" ones. The probability of spawning such band in in the vicinity of human settlements would be proportional to the amount of space taken by settlement and inversly proprtional to the amount of active players inhabiting this settlement. I think that this mechanism or any other similar would solve problem of abandoned buldings. What's more it would force players to form more effective and better organized communites beacuse the weak and sparsely inhabited settlements would fall prey to the goblins/trolls/animals other hazards. I think that such mechanism could bring the player-player interaction to totally new level. It would also bring some thirll and sense of danger into game and it would be realistic and well founded. Regards, Peter