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Found 15 results

  1. Battle for the White Light Date: End of Beta Map 9 Location: The White Light Result: Stalemate, Altar of Three not destroyed. Kingdom: HOTS Jenn-Kellon Towns: VOCS Libilian Outlawz Libilaz Rebels ??? Strength: ?? Warriors Heavy Guards ?? Warriors (Outnumbering) Spawn Poi The White Light While the Archives lack any specific details of this battle. What is known is the Horde of the Summoned was led by Malvada, who supposedly was appointed to the post by none other than Libila herself. The objective was simple: Take the infamous Steel Sceptre of Ascension to the Altar of Three and destroy it. Rendering the forces of Jenn-Kellon effectively useless without their beloved White Light. Now the records do not say as to how or why the plan was discovered. But a defense force was quickly rallied up and camped a mere half-kilometer from the White Light. When the Horde discovered that the element of surprise was gone, they attacked with a fury not seen for many a starfall. The battle could be easily compared with the Battle of Armageddon that so many beliefs refer to in their texts. But for some reason unknown now, the Jenn-Kellon army was able to beat back the rampaging Hordes and claimed victory. However, it isn't known of what became of the Steel Sceptre of Ascension. Either it stills lies somewhere buried under the blood of many a fighter. Or worse, could've been spirited away to await perhaps the fabled Armageddon War that may be yet to come.... Review (WLers Point of View) The initial plan by the BLers was to take out the White Light by using a artifact (Steel Sceptre of Ascension). While this is risky, success would mean the storyline would move forward. Once Malvada advertised the attack, the WLers ran towards the WL. First they planted a Homestead about 500m from the White Light (a rule of Wurm is no deeds shall be planted on the Lights themselves), this did three things: One it shifted the focus of the battle to the deed, and it forced the BLers into having to attack the deed because it acted like a castle. It could not be ignored, and lastly, gave the WLers an unfair advantage as they already outnumbered the BLers, but now they could respawn when they died, as their towns were allied with this deed. Once the deed was there, it spawned guards which gave the WLers even more of an advantage and spawned fighters to annoy the attackers. After a while the BLers broke onto the deed, drained it, killed everyone and took the final lives from Champions, leaving the BLers to skip merrily back to their land, while being pursued by the last Champion, who wanted a 1 on 1 fight with Malvada. Malvada won, which finalised the victory for the BLers. Review (BLers Point of View) The majority of the warriors were from VCS, LO and FT and during this battle many champions fell, however more WLer than BLe The force met at VCS, and went through NT towards the Light. Once they got close many WLers appeared. The BLers noticed the newly planted deed and ran towards it, then followed the hunting down of many of the WLers that were not on the deed, Hyenas were used to kill WLers on the deed and they quickly fell. However, they soon respawned on the deed and collected new weapons. They continued to kill the WLers as they respawned and then procceeded to take there weapons until eventually they would not have any. The BLers then moved towards the Whitelight, easily getting past the incomplete walls surrounding it, any WLers that tryed to get closed were killed quickly. However, the destruction of the WL was not going well, descrating the Altar was not doing as much damage as everyone had hoped. The BLers moved back towards the deed and, although many WL champions had fallen they we still outnumbered, howver winning the battle. Once all the WL Champions were down, and they were running out of weapons, the BLers pressed onto the deed. The Spirit Templars were dealt with. The deed was looted and the BLers returned to there homes. The BLers had won, however they had not managed to destroy the WL as planned. They did however come out better off as the WLers had lost lots of items and champions.
  2. Siege of Merkamanost Date: January 28th, 2007 Location: Merkamanost (Wild Server) Result: Jenn-Kellon Victory, Successful defense Kingdom: HOTS Jenn-Kellon Towns: Libilian Outlaws Plaguewind Spire Kyara Silron Valley Strength: 12 Warriors Heavy Guards 8-10 Warriors Spawn Poin The Blacklighter attackers began their assault on Merkamanost by first establishing an altar to their god Libila, southwest of the fort Merkamanost. Once complete they marched to a beach just east of the homestead of Rolling Hills (the front gate of Merkamanost), assembled a catapult in record-time, and launched their assault on Rolling Hills. As rocks started pounding on Rolling Hills gates, the defenders skirmished the attackers but took heavy loses due to having little armor. They attempted to delay the inevitable collapse of the gates by repairing them, but the gate soon fell. The attackers killed the remaining deed guards and proceeded to loot the homestead, but found little other than empty chests. The defenders retreated into their tunnels which led to Merkamanost, with the invaders close behind them. The attackers faced a counter-attack from the defenders, who had equipped the armour from fallen attackers. Although the defenders suffered large casualties, they managed to hold off the attackers. During this battle the spirit templars of the homestead started to respawn at Rolling Hills cutting off the rear path of the attackers. They decided to tactically retreat to prevent being trapped in between the two heavily guarded deeds. The blacklighter attackers went back to the beach to start the attack again from a different approach; They attempt to mine to the inside of the cave complex to avoid the homestead guards. This attempt failed as the cave complex had been reinforced by support beams. The miners were harassed by whitelight warriors as they were cornered in this new cave. When their guard was down, the HOTS warriors rushed out of the cave. One was caught and killed, but most escaped and began the journey back to Libilian Outlaws. Two Jenn-Kellon warriors that chased after them were cut down unmercifully. During the raid, a citizen of Merkamanost revealed themselves as a spy by converting to the evil goddess Libila. The traitor was quickly slain by a village member.
  3. Battle of the Finger of Fo Date: December 14th, 2007 Location: Dark Citadel Result: Jenn-Kellon Victory(Captured the artifact) Kingdom: HOTS Jenn-Kellon Towns: Dark Citadel Whosville Kyara Fort Mole Others Strength: 7? warriors 8+ warriors Pet Bears Pet c Leading up to the battle A week before the battle, Vynoran Champion Chumpy went by himself to Dark Citadel Island, to try and get casts to locate the finger. Using gems donated by Fort Mole, Blackhorse Bay, Whosville, and Kyara, and casting during hours of low population, he was able to narrow it down to the hill just east of Dark Citadel. In hopes of getting one last close-in cast, he logged into an alt to see if the coast was clear, but it was not - Seth, a champion of Libila, was in the area of the finger, and had a lot of tiles dug up. Clearly, Chumpy knew, he was no longer the only one after the Finger. The race was on... Having used Wwiiol to ferry gems down to Chumpy earlier, Wwiiol logged in to try to take a shot at the Libilan champion. Seth also logged in as Sunn to fight and withdrew Seth to a safer location. Wwiiol and Sunn fought alone (watched by some not so innocent bystanders) atop the Finger hill, with Sunn coming out victorious. Both sides now knew, if they hadn't already, that time was short to get the Finger. That a battle lay brewing was evident to both sides, and the White Light assembled those willing to make the trek to Dark Citadel, for what was expected to be a very difficult mission... Story The leaders of the armies of the White Light, after finding out the Finger's final location, led their troops in towards the sullen fortress of Dark Citadel. The army soon arrived at the dig site and immediately began excavations. The warriors of Dark Citadel sallied forth one by one to fend off the White Light force. The White Lighters stopped digging and prepared to give battle. A raging melee developed, deaths on both sides and casualties everywhere. Some Black Lighters were courageous enough to show their dedication to Libila; they ran head on into the White Light forces to try and hinder their progress. They failed. Unable to locate the finger, Chumpy was brought into the midst of the fray, and after hours of fighting and digging the Silver Finger of Fo was finally revealed, and the White Light forces disengaged from combat and headed home for a well deserved rest.
  4. Battle of Tiergarden Date: July 12th, 2006 Location: Tiergarden Result: Jenn-Kellon Victory Kingdom: HOTS Jenn-Kellon Towns: Syphilis Tiergarden Greater Havens Strength: 5 warriors 8 warriors Town Guards The stage was set as the sun began to fall the valiant scourge of Syphilis marched northward supported with TDekker. Purging the WL defenses infiltrating deep into WL territory the scourge struck. After quickly disposing of the light guards the Gate was plowed over with tremendous force and the town was quickly pillaged. One Noble member of the Tiergarden quickly gathered the towns valuables not locked in chests and ran to the homestead mine under the protection of its Spirit Avengers. After securing his position he waited patiently for the invasion to subside. The scourge's persistence however forced them to fight thru 3 respawns of guards before moving to the homestead. Charging thru the homestead gates they became locked in combat with vicious Spirit Avengers. Yet this foe was still no match for the forces that had risen from the BL. The team quickly dispatched the Avengers and moved on Eddy. Eddy was then relieved by the coalition of WL soldiers. This band supported by Garretwademan and Wintersolstice among others took up a flanking position at the destroyed town of Tiergarden. As the guards respawned the scourge once again moved on Tiergarden. A skirmish erupted to little results for a brief time while the scourge found a strategy to once again quickly dispatch the deed guards. Rushing into the town the 4 remaining members of the party advanced on the now 7+ strong members of the WL coalition. The scourge slaughtered them however the addition of a few key wounds greatly weakened the scourge. The WL alliance then acted bravely in spawning back on the deed of Teirgarden and attacked again where some of them received their second deaths. Finally they managed to slay the invaders sans one and recaptured the land for which they had just fought. The one remaining invader Serph then began a long distance chase spanning many kilos. Finally just south of the town of Independent settlers Serph fell as well. This marks the first major battle of Gold v.1 laying the battle lines between good an evil.
  5. Note: Due to Seedling's recent upcoming spring-cleaning (fall-cleaning?) of the Wikipedia, I am dumping some of the more complete battle records here. Unfortunately, some wiki pages referenced information that's no longer accessible, old forums, and etc. Attempting to dump the content as complete as possible from the wiki; though, issues may arise. Most of these are from older maps that no longer exist. EDIT: In fact this one and another are the only ones that happened on an existing map: Chaos, the Map Formerly Known As Wildv2. Siege of Libilian Outlawz Date: August 5th, 2007 Location: Libilian Outlaws Result: HOTS Victory, Successful Defence Kingdom: HOTS Jenn-Kellon Towns: Libilian Outlaws Hammerfell Kyara Independent Settlers Fort Mole Whosville Strength: 15-18 warriors Zombie Trolls Town Guards 29 warriors Pet Crocs and Bears The Jenn-Kellon army entered the dark, stinking northwestern troll lands, with the intent to destroy the new Libilian menace that inhabited these lands. A fortress under construction by Libilian Outlaws had been sighted by several scouts deep within the forests. Any BlackLight stronghold so close to WhiteLight lands could not be allowed. As the army marched approached, they were soon seen by a lone scout. The WL army, realizing the time and place of the attack had been revealed, decided to began preparing siege equipment immediately. There were far more defenders present then was expected, apparently they had been preparing even before sighting the attacking army, and had raised numerous Zombies to assist them. The determined attack force set up camp near the deed, right outside a large earthwork wall. It was soon realized by the attackers that the rear was much less fortified, but it was decided to continue attacking from the original position. An encampment and mine were quickly set up as the forces of LO came out with many zombie trolls to meet the attackers. Constant clashes occured around the area of the siege encampment. The defenders, while taking some losses, were unable to prevent the breaching attempts on the town's incomplete outer defenses. A section of the earthworks was breached in approximately an hour, and catapult strikes were being directed at the inner stone walls. A pathway to the town center was cleared so the attackers started to directly engage the town guards; however, constant pressure from defenders in the breach - despite heavy losses - forced the attacks back. The attackers at this point were weakened from many injuries caused by the enemies Zombies, while the defenders kept returning to fight again after their deaths. Constant counter-attacks and word of fresh reinforcements from other BlackLight towns, convinced the attackers to get ready to withdraw. However, a deep shaft was opened by the mining team, and several attackers and their rescuers became stuck. A significant chunk of the attackers force became busy with rescue, and they found themselves outnumbered on the surface. When the BL executed a savage attack, the WLers went on the defensive and they were pushed into their seige encampment, as stragglers from the mine trickled in. The camp was surrounded and the BL used zombie trolls and mauls to break in. The WL army panicked, grabbed what loot was at hand and fled towards the safety of a nearby outpost. The majority of the raidforce was able to make it to the outpost; however, several warriors fell behind and were slaughtered with no attempt made to aid them... Since that fateful day, the northwestern lands have fallen more and more under the taint of the Goddess Libila. EDIT: Almost too easy... -.-
  6. Many new players wanna join chaos but dont have proper information. Thus the aim of this post is to provide links which can be helpful to them. Also all info can be gathered at a single page. All kingdoms can keep their recruitment thread here so any new player just has to see this page to get all the info. Active Kingdoms: Horde of the summoned Ebonaura Jenn-Kellon Empire of Mol rehan General FAQ- Area Control- PVP video Example- Now we just have to provide this single post to any new player and save hours of explanation lol.
  7. I made this server for the people like me who would like to build and enjoy a server that doesn't have the confining feeling of a high population server. This server features random spawn points, 7.5x skill gain and 5x action speed. No deed cost either. The aim of this server is to create a world made by the players for the players. PvP is something I would like to add but is not the main objective of this server in anyway. It still may be something that will be included if it becomes something the players want. Maybe once a hierarchy has been formed. Server name is : Tonozia Wilderness (7.5x Skill Gain, 5x speed)
  8. I found a gold colored wild horse tonight on Xanadu is this a new change or is it just rare that they are any color other then gray? (i have never seen any color other than gray on wild horses)
  9. Valley Cove is looking for new recruits who are interested in experiencing life on a Wurm PvP server. Players of all skill and experience levels are welcome! About Us: Valley Cove is located on the southeast coast of Chaos, less than 5 minutes from the Deliverance border, even in bad wind. We are not a frontline deed. Valley Cove was founded with the intention of being a medium between Freedom and Chaos, where our villagers can sail back and forth without horrible travel times. Our village also acts as a main harbor for "Coast Guarding". The village itself is has recently come out of the construction stages and is fully defendable, with several different defensive techniques coming into play, aside from your standard dirtwalls and longhouses. Our citizens can feel safe and at home within our walls. As a village we stick as a team and do whatever necessary to overcome. Mol-Rehan itself is known and feared for our ability to adapt quickly and turn the tables with brute force and coordination. Cooperation between members is key on a PVP server and we strive to make sure that everyone here feels included and is treated like family. More info on the kingdom as a whole, can be found here; What we can offer you: Within our village, we can provide any of our members with the following: 90+QL Blacksmithing 85+QL Leatherworking 80+QL Carpentry/Fletching 80+QL Weaponsmithing 75+QL Shieldsmithing 70+QL Plate Armor Smithing 70+QL Jewelrysmithing Free food! High QL Iron, Copper, Marble, and Zinc on deed. (90+ QL Silver, Gold, and Slate imported from Deliverance.) Extensive assistance with Archery and Fighting training to get you started on the path to being PVP ready. Helpful and friendly assistance, tips / tricks, and village-goals to help you get started. Basic Vynora, Magranon, Fo, and Libila priest services and enchantments either within village or nearby. And even more! I'm sure theres other things we can provide or help with, just drop me a PM and ask if you have questions. What we require from you: There is absolutely no skill or experience related requirements to join us. Premium is greatly preferred, though not necessary for your first month or two. All we ask is that applicants be friendly/social, willing to learn and participate, and have a sense of humor. You don't even need to participate in PvP! There are plenty of people on Chaos who simply enjoy the tight-knitted communities and different atmosphere the game has here. Crafting / Support roles are always welcome! Activities: We almost always have smaller village-projects going on around our island. From building towers to digging/mining trenches. There is loads of mining, digging, woodcutting, and general dirty work to be done. That means you'll have plenty of opportunities to grind vital skills for those hard-earned body stats. There is also a ton of open land for hunting, farming, deforestation, you name it. As a village, we tend to engage in PVP and HOTA's whenever available, and because of our location we are a major contributor to the Mol-Rehan Coast Guard. Action is always a possibility, even though our deed is still far from the front lines. Many of our members spend time on the front lines as well, making frequent trips back and forth so there is always the opportunity to get involved with something greater. Pictures The Elitist Entrance The Outside Hail the Empire! Demons abound... A Quiet Street An Overview How to apply: Register an account here, on our main MR Forums: Once registered, proceed to the Introductions and Applications board and fill out the form. It's very simple and relatively painless. I promise! The forum registration password is MolRehanRecruit Getting in contact: If you are considering joining, or if you have any questions, feel free to PM me here on the Wurm forums directly, or PM me in-game as Felinas or Epicphail. If, for whatever reason you cannot reach me, you can also PM Pingvinen or Mika with any general questions you may have.
  10. "Hidden behind shadows, the Templars liberate some loots from theirs neighboring kingdom Mol Rehan. One soldier is unfortunate enough to hear the infamous word 'U MAD?' before assassinated by the templars' chancellor. And oh, probably there is a gm disguised as a corn there." A commission for Norad, one thing that annoys me is I can't find a fitting music that is royalty free ... The 3d models shown at beginning is rigged by me, I use 3d model since I still can't draw human anatomy right .. Timelapse: [media] Time used: 7 hours Tool used: - wacom bamboo fun small - adobe photoshop - DAZ 3d Studio - coffee - musicsssss - slate texture by Akinuri - wood texture by ncrow - rock texture by Ryan Ellis My other wurm artworks: The fall of RoseDragon Slime-y Chainsmith Spiderdeer Orpington Zoo Riders Of The White Dragon The Undead Fo Priest Imbalance ------------------------------ I am currently accepting commissions. PM me on forum or in game for details. Current queue: none. ------------------------------
  11. "The intruders were full of confidence when they thought there was only one person in local, but it didn't last long as fevfev skillfully used the terrain he knew so well to his advantage." A drawing commission I did for sharkin (FevFev), initially requested to draw him on his chaos deed-- which then we agree it is not a good idea. After some minutes of talk we decides to go with this one. I have fun with the new toy I use to create the poses although I were worrying too much of the art quality. In the end, after I finished, step back (mmm soda coffee!), and take a look at it again I feel like this one have it's own charm; it is not as detailed as 'Riders of the White Dragon' but I think the vibrant coloring is something that I usually don't dare to do. Also I have been watching foundation of light by Sycra to get the lighting on this . Overall it is a surprisingly challenging piece but I enjoy it neverthless. Click below for process breakdown: Testing my new toy Daz3d, I slap three models on the scene and put a pose on them. Here is the render I got. Placing them on photoshop and add a terrain. Doing lineart on the FevFev character and I feels something not right .. I decided to go drop random photos on the image and figure out the whole value and angle.. Also detailed the whole armor. Yep, something not right there.. the whole poses is just too neutral.. no one know who is winning in this picture.. no expression, too much initial combat pose, seems like they have been waiting for each others move.. so... I would have to tackle this problem but let's look on another possible problem.. Here I'm looking forward on the value composition.. light and dark stuffs.. getting where the people focus should be.. Then I decide I should fix that neutral pose and tip the balance. Here, FevFev is doing an attack to one of the JK, the JK parry but lose/almost lose his balance. Now that is some action . Also figure out how to assign muscles and expression on the 3d program so yay! Let's get back to black and white, lighting composition then! Now this looks like a better action! Coloring the background, giving it the basic mood. Mol Rehan is related with the color red and yellow so I'm thinking why not the fabulous red sunset? Linearting the new characters, so the details can be put in. Coloring behind the lineart. The whole lighting still difficult even with the black and white version earlier. I eliminate the lineart and then start working out details on the foreground (rocks and stuffs). Polished a bit of the sky and ocean here and there. Detailed the landmass on the background too. Added JK logo on the tabard, put on the soft-cotton texture on the tabards and scales texture on the armors. A feedback point out that the black drake guy looks off.. so I realize the angle doesn't feels right because the lighting is wrong...Decided to fiddle with daz3d again.. gave the models some lighting.. still confused on how to use this lighting thing so I just get one that I like and use it... this one looks solid!From there it just a bit changing of the light and dark part of the characters. Also found out that the output I produce is not looking the same like what I draw in photoshop, until I figure out I have to convert to sRGB. Also my +50 gamma monitor also probably make things looks brighter to me than others. So this part mostly (frustatingly) fiddling with settings and image-wide brightness adjustment. My other wurm artworks:The fall of RoseDragonSlime-y ChainsmithSpiderdeerOrpington ZooRiders Of The White Dragon The Undead Fo Priest ------------------------------ I am currently accepting commissions. PM me on forum or in game for details. Current queue: none. ------------------------------
  12. Please, Rolf, rename Chaos back to Wild. Also, if we could get Gold Coast converted to the MR PMK, and The Landing to the JK one, that would be awesome.
  13. Been thinking about moving over to pvp servers but not interetsed in Epic yet. how does one get started on wild? is there a portal to take? what can you take with you? how do you get affiliated with a faction?
  14. This poll is specifically to gauge the interest there is for a functional Wild server, nothing else. It may give Rolf a general parameter as to what a "fixed" Wild/Chaos server may reap player/deed-wise. At least for the players that use the forum. The term "fixed" is relative as there are many points of view. And is not intended to be a "how to fix" thread. Only intended as a Wild/Chaos interest thread. I used "Wild" instead of Chaos because Wild is more apt to what it should be, Chaos is pretty accurate to how the rules feel at this time though, irrrrroooony Please mention this thread to anybody you think may be interested in the subject so it gets a more accurate yes/no range. I'm personally voting yes, for I want to play Wild. Also, historically there have always been more non-pvp players (since it's been an option), so I don't expect the yes to outnumber the no. But if enough people show interest into a functional Wild, perhaps something will be done. Vote!
  15. Eden . Welcome to Eden. We live on the far west of the Chaos server and have resided there for almost two years now. Some of the most down to earth, friendly, insane and awesome people live here and we are opening our doors once again to players of all shapes and sizes, new players and old players alike. Do you enjoy hunting? The amount of mobs here will make you cry for joy. Do you enjoy crafting? We have the finest facilities and tools at your disposal. Do you like to sit in a cave and mine all day? We have every resource and TONS of rock for you to pick your way through. Do you like to PVP? We can help get you PVP ready in record time! (0-70 fight skill in a weeks time... been there.... done that!) Do you like to farm or breed animals? Tons of horses and wide open fields are available. Do you like to do a little bit of everything? Join the club! Eden has literally every resource anyone would ever need and our members have the skills to create any item at any quality (Yes, over 90 even). We are pretty laid back and we don't require anybody to fit into 'roles'. People come and go and help out with town projects as they see fit. Our only requirement is to treat everyone with respect and just chill out and have fun. Here are a few pictures that don't even begin to give this deed the justice it deserves: If you are interested in joining, post a reply here or give me a PM. Thanks for reading. Rolf wants YOU to join Eden.