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Found 40 results

  1. looking at the individual ship pages they clearly need a big rework to remove and move things so the same info is on the same place on every page but before starting on that can we agree on a few things? all pages have the "Str need to drag and empty XXX" somewhere. and i remember that having to drag ships was something that happened all the time when i started in wurm, but its been so long since that was a thing that i dont even remember why, and nobody needs to drag a ships today when they get stuck so can we just remove this? is the old "Hold Capacity: >20,000 Volume (100 rafts)" needed for anything nowdays? or is it just useless now with loading? the Caravel page still has this on it wich i know its a big nono for the new policies "*Caravel can be started at 34 with a 35ql keel or better, 6% chance." BUT the knarr page has this instead "Knarrs show in the creation list when cogs are between 13% and 14%, and Corbitas are at 25%" if that second line acceptable for the anti info policies? should we reduce all of this "*Ships with a quality of less than 10 cannot be commanded. **This includes ships whose damage percentage would calculate to bring the quality below 10 (eg. a 12 quality ship with 17 damage calculates to a ship below 10 quality). **Repairing a ship can sometimes result in the ship retaining a quality above 10, thus being commandable once again." to just this "Ships with a quality of less than 10 cannot be commanded." the rest of that is just obvious. should depth requirement be removed since they are on the Ship page table? the sailboat page says this "Weight: 140kg (Everybody can drag)" but the rowboat page says this "*Unfinished, Missing One Peg - 855.40kg *Finished, Estimated - 855.50kg" the rowboat has to be wrong. arent both rowboats and sailboats the same capacity as a small cart? their pages have diferent useful quantities and loadable items lists. thats all for now.
  2. What's New: Added background image and tailored the history buttons to be more appealing. Description: I've been playing this game off and on for about a year to play with a friend of mine, and he was commenting to me how annoying it was to have to alt-tab to a browser to check the wiki for info and risk being exposed and vulnerable while the game was not the active window, and then the lag and reload when alt-tabbing back. He wanted an app to browse the wiki, so I took up the challenge. It took me a while to figure it out, but here it is. This app makes your wiki experience easier by taking it off the computer so you won't have to alt-tab every time you want to read a wiki page. All you have to do is look it up in the app and carry out the necessary action in the game without ever having to reallocate your computer's resources. I hope this app is found useful. Please download it and try it out. The only permission required is Full Internet Access in order to access the wurmwiki website. Screenshots!: The two logo images in this app are directly from the wurmwiki webpage, and thus are not mine. The history buttons and background I made by modifying screenshots I took ingame. Here's the original post: http://forum.wurmonl...-wurm-wiki-app/ I have been in communication with a GM about my app in regards to the closing of the original thread. I have resolved the major issues with this app that caused the original thread to be locked and the link removed, but it still is not on the Play Store because that costs money. This means you still have to enable unknown sources. To enable "Unknown Sources", goto... Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources or Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources To ease the concerns of the user Archaegeo from the original thread (and others who share a similar apprehension), there are no viruses, the app has no permissions to modify any files, and it is written to only access the wurmwiki page. Bugs: The only one that I know of is when you tap a link on a wiki page to load another wiki page, it momentarily shows a "page not found" page. This has something to do with the Asynctask process where the page is downloaded and processed in the background while the web browsing activity happens in the foreground. The page loads about a second or two later. File: If I haven't scared you away by saying the words Issues, Unknown, Viruses, Permissions, Modify, and The, then click on the link and check out my app and let me know if it helps you out! https://dl.dropbox.c...80/WurmWiki.apk If you are reading this in your browser on your computer, you can use a barcode scanner on this image to download to your phone!
  3. The Mask of the Ravager has no wiki entry as far as I can see. It would be good to have a description and picture like the other archaeology masks. Let me know if you need me to send a mask for the picture.
  4. Hello, first post here, nice to meet and hi... Now to the point. According to Steam I'm 226 hours into WU. During that time I tried a number of servers and I can say there are certain oddities that strike a new player but the most important of them all, I think, is the inconsistency between facts provided by the built-in wiki browser and the game behavior. As a person documenting stuff on daily basis I want to suggest a solution - distributing a Wurmpedia instance with each Wurm Unlimited server and by default pointing the built-in browser to that copy. This way each GM/admin could keep local changes specific to their server and merge in global changes as updates come along. Mods, if any, could provide their own local changes during installation. This wouldn't be a difficult task to implement. Could even be separated from the server/client entirely by using any external versioning system for that matter. It would be trivial to keep wiki in the globally available repository and let the server admins create forks. That should be an extent of the work needed from the development team. It would be nice to have even more support, e.g. a variable in configs for a path to a local wiki copy or a localhost:port address, but even if there isn't one the community will probably figure this part out on their own, as well as how to pull updates and merge them in. It would also make it a very simple task for the modders to e.g. provide a git submodule for their wiki pages. It would even let admins install their own wiki themes and put all server relevant URLs and news in one place, have a separate wiki for a testing environment, go back and forth between whole wiki versions as needed, etc. Please consider the above, don't think about work too much though and have an awesome weekend. Cheers!
  5. Hi all! A few of us are planning to get Wurm unlimited, but we are a bit confused about the differences between WU and WO. We know they are "mostly" similar, but we couldn't find a clear breakdown on what is different from online and unlimited. I know the wiki is designated specifically to WO, which is great, but I'm not aware of anything that can help us see what is actually in WU. Does that resource exist? We're primarily concerned about their being different items or skills or something like that that's a staple of the wiki.
  6. They can't be cut down with a saw like regular trees.
  7. The :Category:Light sources display for Light Sources could use information relating to the types of Lights available, the ingame wiki search doesn't present extra information to allow a person to obtain useful information. The same is true for the other Categories, but light is such an important aspect to the game, it should have information. Suggestion: There are many different types of lights within Wurm which preform different tasks. Street Head Lamps are placed on wooden Logs and are used to light the world around you, perhaps on town Deeds. "Personal Lights" you carry include: Candle, Carved Pumpkin, Torch, Metal Torch. The "Lantern" is the standard personal light source while a "Brass oil lamp" provides the best efficiency and durability if you have it available.
  8. There's a persistent idea that rug type (regular, fine, exquisite, etc.) has an effect on the difficulty of getting a path advancement question. This idea seems to come from wiki edits made by the user Robert in 2010(!), along with some other erroneous information around the same time, such as removing a reference to rug QL. Since path questions are so infrequent and there are random skill rolls involved, thorough testing of this would be very difficult, and would have been at least as difficult in 2010. Given the dubious nature of the information, its age, and the fact that there is no known mechanism for this, I'm considering removing this information from articles in which it appears. I feel we should be critical of existing/old content on the wiki, not just new additions, and this doesn't seem to pass muster.
  9. How about a mechanism that allows us to bind a "study" action on a bookshelf to a short list of wiki links. Examining the bookshelf would tell you something like "the books in this shelf cover the subjects of Fine Carpentry, Fletching, and War Machines." The study action could present a menu of those topics; choosing the topic would open the wiki page. We would need "add book" and "remove book" functions for editing the lists. High bookshelf would hold more "books" (twice as many?) than the low bookshelf. And maybe quality should matter for capacity too?
  10. Trying to access via min WO page: " This version of the ParserFunctions extension requires MediaWiki 1.25+ " Trying to access a page via bookmark: " This version of the WikiEditor extension requires MediaWiki 1.25+ " What's going on?
  11. I would like to add some images of the different HoTA statues to the wiki-- if you have any images, please post them with the name of which one it is. Once I have all or most images, I'd like to combine them to add to the wiki page: Hopefully we can get an image of each one Thanks--Images uploaded
  12. In this page of the wiki it's stated that Huge Tub can contain up to 28 logs, therefore I crafted one for my forgery. However, empirical experience suggest that this is a lie! "The log will not fit in the huge tub". It may be a plugin that's messing up, anybody else (possibly playing without plug ins) that can confirm this issue (or prove otherwise)? EDIT: My tub is completely empty.
  13. Hello everyone! Bridges have been in quite some time now, however the information on the Wurmpedia is still very dry, so we're looking to populate the articles a little more and we're going to use this thread to do so. If you have any questions related to the mechanics behind bridges then drop them into here as a reply and we'll get testing. If someone knows the answer then of course, please reply also! We may even also get a developer popping their head in.... *looks for Tich*. I'll consolidate a list of all of the Q&A here, along with any relevant testing we've done. Cheers! Marni
  14. Dear Wurmians! The Wurmpedia team is looking for your opinions on the character and landscape of your chosen servers. What is it like to live and travel there? How has life changed since the hands of Rolf finished crafting the fjords and mountains? We are interested in what made you settle on that server and what keeps you there, not the general mechanics of Wurm. For those, you can always post in the Suggestions forum. Instead, talk about your server specifically. Is it the landscape? The people? Do you enjoy a large desert full of creatures to hunt, or majestic mountains? Remember to indicate what server you are describing and feel free to post! This is open to anyone, from any server.
  15. hey so i think its time to update this picture with the new models if someone can provide clean pictures of the each of the new towers i can edit them together couldnt update it directly with a jpg file so so this is the new one in use on the guard tower page
  16. Please update the Dioptra to state it's material type. I have only seen Bronze, Dioptra.
  17. There's also titles gained after certain combinations of other titles. Mage to name one example. I believe Gary has a more complete list of such at the very least, EDIT: Also I believe there was an update where the sorcery items are divided up into separate items with single charges, instead of just one item with three charges.
  18. Avast is throwing a warning when going on the wiki There is likely a java bug on the wiki, it triggers ingame as well, it might be an attempt to attack wurm passwords or other things. Thought I would share this.
  19. Did a major edit to Main Menu It now lists the various interface windows that can be opened. I created a few articles that were missing with a short description and image of the window. I've done smaller edits and will continue to make edits to help group interface articles under the Interface Category I came across this when I was working on testing information in the Basic Knowledge page, and I found that the interface had a few pages, many missing, and many not grouped or easy to find. I plan to fletch out the pages I've created and perhaps add more to explain the features and functions of these windows. I've also kept my screenshots in the Ironwood skin for consistency, as that is the default for the client now.
  20. now that there is people officially regulating the wiki,something that bothered me for a long time its when i see people sending new players to the beginer tutorials section knowing that most tutorials there were made betwen 2010 and 2012. in my opinion what the wiki needs most its some kind of removal process for outdated and obsolete content.
  21. Hey everyone, I've started this thread to gather some general feedback on the content of the Wurmpedia. My intention is not to start huge debates in this thread, just to gather some feedback only. If you feel your comment or suggestion would end up in a large discussion, please post a new thread to avoid cluttering. Cheers!
  22. Hi, The improvement made to toolbelt profiles has made them much easier to use than shown in Wurmpedia: What could be put in is something along the lines of: - Equip toolbelt - Right click on the number between the arrows and save it, then scroll and set up the next arrangement, save it and so on. It could be useful perhaps to have the link to profiles on the entry for toolbelt: Thanks,
  23. All these years and i have no idea on how to leave a team so can someone let em know please and maybe add it to the wiki team page.
  24. When you do a 'what is' in game the large chest will not find a related artical. However an artical exist for "Large chest". The difference here is case sensitivity.
  25. The creation requirements for the fishing line (regular) does not include the required weight for the string of cloth (0.2kg I've been told).