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Found 7 results

  1. How about wood rings. I have recently started making the irl and realised it would (aaaaaaa) be a great addition to ingame crafting. Here's a pic
  2. I've asked around a bit, and I haven't spoken to many people who actually want to change the Epic skillgain system in the upcoming update. Most of the changes being implemented sound good, and I expect will bring some life to the server (already have, in fact!), but I don't recall anyone in the past requesting even quicker skillgain than we already have. And I definitely didn't hear anyone requesting this new system that completely changes how skills are gained; where actions give skill, rather than skill relying on timers. Remember, Epic already has increased skillgain (2x) and the curve to assist new players in starting the game. It has been demonstrated before that you can be completely PvP ready in under a month of gameplay! In my opinion it just makes a legitimate server cluster seem more gimmicky, like Challenge.
  3. theres been a lot of keybinds added in kinda recently for spells and catapults but for some reason no lock picking keybind. don't see any reason why there isn't one yet so yea put it in that would be cool.
  4. So right now I log in and walk around and there's 20 merchants on every deed because it's the inbred meta to store ###### on untouchable places, because who wouldn't do that over somewhere your things could get taken in a raid, everything on the server should be able to be looted with enough effort this isn't kingdom bias every kingdom does this take a seat with kvk ###### or you can build another friend with all the extra chromosomes you have
  5. [21:36:11] <Alexgopen> hots template pmks in the past have always been able to have libila followers and priests though [21:36:48] <Enki> thats what I thought, but I asked Rolf and htati s what he told me. apaprently PMKs were not intendd ot have Libila [21:37:06] <Enki> I explained the issue to him in several ways to make sure he understood that there were Libila players in PMKs Apparently HotS template PMKs are not supposed to be able to have libila, fo, vyn, or mag followers as per Enki who asked Rolf. This would mean that before the addition of player gods, hots template PMKs should not have been able to have ANY priests. This is obviously not the case. Converting to a libila follower as part of a HotS template PMK is currently not possible. The only religions available are Tosiek and Nathan. According to Enki this is intended behavior, but I suggest that this be changed, because it would make no sense to have denied any form of priesthood to HotS template PMKs in the past, and it makes no sense to deny libila religion to them now that player gods have been added. Allow Libila (black light) religion for black light pmks. Possible Religions BL PMK WL PMK Libila NO NO Fo NO YES Vynora NO YES Magranon NO YES Nahjo NO YES Tosiek YES YES Nathan YES YES How is this balance?
  6. Why is that?

    I was watching a fail video today on YouTube and it got me to thinking... why do we find other peoples misery so funny? In that video you can hear all the friends standing around laughing so hard when someone fails at a stunt or something and crashes...why is that? I asked myself that question and i could not come up with a good answer to it but we do it seems.
  7. I think the email registration system is broken. The link for registering wouldn't appear at all. You aren't blocked but I don't see it. By the way, there is still a link at the buttom of the page but it is irrelevant to the process of registering (I tried). How long do I have to wait for this to be corrected?