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Found 3 results

  1. As the title says : pc on the main No need to PM me, just checking the value with the current market, no plan on selling it right now. Always open on advises on skills to bump. Nota: 15 Hierophant of the path of knowledge Green tome / Black Tome / Blood of Angels / Scrolls of binding / Giant walnut used on him.
  2. Let us, please? Only on PvE servers, of course.
  3. Even if you're the pilot. Is it realistic? Go take a look at the dragons and get back to me on that. Would it be a big gamebreaking change? No. How would it work, fishing is tile based? To fish from a boat right click the boat with a rod and select fish, the tile used is simply the tile the boat occupies when the timer runs out. Why do we need this? Something to do while sailing, something productive and useful. Anything else? Casting while a pilot would be nice.