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Found 17 results

  1. White Drake Set (without the cap) Starting Bid: 125s Minimum Increments: 1s Buyout: 200s Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  2. I have the following Drake sets for sale. All sets are blank, currently on Xanadu. I am the original owner of these sets, they came from the original white drake on Deliverance which we killed. Sets are 85 EUR/100 USD each. I am not interested in silver/gold or other in-game items. Verified Paypal only.
  3. This Drake Set is up for sale as a whole. Starting Bid: 165s Increment: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  4. No enchants, and no signature so you can add your own when you examine it All pieces 90+ql Euros only please! Starting bid: 75e Buyout: Open to offers 1hr sniper protection Happy Bidding!
  5. The Summerholt Community Alliance Presents upon all whom are willing White fat Dragon Hatchling Slaying Excluding Our alliance here is the public Twitter Feed List I will Roll out 10 Rare Items And List Numbers And Items Mailed. Thank you all for attending. [20:37:14] Vortexxx rolls 2/37. Rare File [20:37:15] Vortexxx rolls 4/37. Rare Clay Shaper Oak [20:37:16] Vortexxx rolls 18/37. Rare Leather Adventurer's Hat [20:37:17] Vortexxx rolls 33/37. Rare Fo Puppet [20:37:18] Vortexxx rolls 3/37. Rare WhetStone [20:37:19] Vortexxx rolls 23/37. Rare Spatula Oakenwood [20:37:21] Vortexxx rolls 37/37. Rare Mag Puppet [20:37:22] Vortexxx rolls 28/37. Rare Lib Puppet [20:37:23] Vortexxx rolls 24/37. Rare Awl [20:37:24] Vortexxx rolls 26/37. Rare Rake expect COD SOON and TYVM for all whom attended. ( LOCATION ) SMALL EDIT The Boxed Staging area on this map is now the alts fenced in area ) staging area will between dragon and there via posted signs etc cant miss it ) Main Tank / Puller: Vortexxx Secondary: Tank / Puller : Mistvengery Main Healer: Valadrim Meeting Spot / Location : Summerholt Market / Summerholt Updated Time: 7pm CST Friday May, 27th Finder- Jive Trapper: BigBuoy, Greensteel, Egbert and there alts ( good job you guys ) Founder has Decided to keep the loot Private... However Blood and Hide For all whom Attend... Location to be posted shortly before fight Timer Subject to chance plus or minus a few hours depending on weather and alliance schedules -Rules & Requirements- All Fighters: 70+ Fight skill Required and at least 40 in your weapon skill and a 70+ QL weapon in required in order to land a hit. ( 2 hander's seem best ) however you do not need to land a hit or get on the twitter feed as this is private loot. but if you want credit for the kill please have the requirements. back up once you land a hit. you will be warned during the fight to back up. please refer to fight rules. Fo priests who can cast Light of Fo are welcome to sign up as well. Bystanders: Everyone is welcome to show up for Blood and Hides. If you want to swing at the dragon then make sure you read the rules below. there shall be a designated spot for alts to be parked near by for safety ! Fight Rules: to allow as many people as possible to get credit for the kill, Fighters must back up once landing a single hit. ( please watch your combat logs ) no more than 3 hits Failure to do so will be black listed from all future Summerholt Community Alliance and there affiliates future public events. ( excludes Main Tank and Secondary Tank ) AT EVENT RULES: SHALL BE POSTED BY MAIN TANK / PULLER AND HIS SECONDARY TANK / PULLER AS /ME in Local future rules to be added at event extra note- 60+ fighters may be allowed to join the fight but if your unable to make a hit within the 1st quarter of the fight please back out. and stay out until we call for the final push. this will also be based on attendace if there is room for everyone this will be fine. I may have extra rares to roll out so please make the twitter feed or combat logs.
  6. Buying a white drake set no enchants (or with) any ql with or without cap for 70s Please PM me on the forums or in-game if you have one and want to sell it PS. this is a WTB thread, not a discussion one - so please, keep it clean
  7. WTS white drake armor set: Price: 95s (I can only take silver, not euro/usd) Send me a PM here or in game.
  8. Auctioning White Drake Set w/ Rare Glove Everything is Enchanted with AoSP. Starting bid for drake set: 100s Minimum increment: 1s Buyout: PM offer Snipe Protection: 2 Hours Reserve: None
  9. White Drake Fight

    Release White Drake Fight *** Below borrowed from Lisabets post *** Fighters: 70FS, 70ql weapon, 40 in the appropriate weaponskill, wearing armour during fight. Bystanders: All welcome to come watch the fights and get free blood/Drake Hide! Loot: [Loot will be rolled off between release players only, this was decided after some discussion amongst other players.] We will do a number of /random rolls equal to the number of items butchered. Each winner gets to choose 1 item. Limit 1 item per fight per person.Valrei items are considered to be 1 item per charge (three raffle draws instead of one, more loot to share!). Meat/eye/teeth are rolled also rolled as 1 item.Everyone is welcome to attend to get blood from the unique.(You need to be in local range, and be a premium player) Be sure to post on this thread to get your name added as a fighter. --- Meet at F21 Release (on the ingame map), its a small walk from there.
  10. 140s Firm for drake set Also selling below SOLD [00:34:49] It is enchanted with Animal's demise, and has an aggressive aura towards animals. [00:34:49] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [94] [00:34:49] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [98] [00:34:49] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [98] [00:34:49] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [102]
  11. i unequipped my scale and in my character window it is showing me as wearing white drake and a freedom tabard when i possess neither of those things. EDIT: it also shows when i look down at my avatar's feet. to other players my character is wearing nothing.
  12. I just traded this from a black set, and now after getting a set i love i need to sell it for money to buy dirt... i know right lol the set is roughly 90ql no enchants, so very easy to get some decent casts with a good caster. starting bid: 85s buyout: 110s no private bids, private buyout accepted. 1h snipe protection Auction will last till Sunday night at midnight Eastern time. sold for buyout CLOSE PLZ
  13. Greetings all, I'm interested in buying a white drake cap. QL is not a concern, AoSP would be a bonus. My asking price is around 9s. Xilus~ ----- Cap has been purchased.
  14. White Drake Glove 77.46QL White Drake Glove 77.35QL White Drake Boot 75.80QL White Drake Boot 75.49QL White Drake Sleeve 77.00QL White Drake sleeve 79.80QL White Drake Jacket 72.71QL White Drake Pants 75,27QL White Drake Cap 75.83QL Ends 5 Days after Posting. Start Bid : 70s Buyout: 1.25G Minimum Bid: 5s No reserve Private bids are an option Product Can be Picked up, or delivered (within reasonable distance)
  15. Hi there, It just happens that i have some drake sets lying around at base ql, I am currently selling 1 of these sets. The sets include a cap and will be imped to 90QL unless stated otherwise (imping is free) How this auction will work: You bid above the previous person, then state what colour set you would like. Starting bid: 50s Buy out: 1g Location: Valley of the Gods - Independence server (Can mail to other servers, and i might even deliever if you live on Inde but no promises there! ) Choice of: Green - White or Black! I do have an annoying hidden reserve should the auction not spark any life, but it's not too much higher. Auction will end at some random time on Monday evening London time (i think this will be 6pm), 1 hour sniper protection.
  16. WTB White Drake Cap. Please PM me price.
  17. Auctioning white drake jacket and pants and are 76ql and 80ql. Will not sell separately. White drake pieces: Starting bid: 10e Reserve: Hidden Duration: 1 week from first bid. Sniper protection: 2 hours Contact me for buyout. Happy bidding Edit: Minimum bid 5e. Winner must pick up