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Found 6 results

  1. Situation: Riding an aged bull (no visible traits at 36 Animal Husbandry) while carrying 263.116kg total weight, mostly dirt. Expected behavior: Bull moves slowly due to weight, or possibly not at all. Actual behavior: Sometimes bull doesn't move at all, but sometimes he seems to move with negative velocity. For example, pressing 'w' (move forward) causes it to walk backward at 0.71 km/h, and pressing 's' (move backward) causes it to move forward at 0.17 km/h. Steps to reproduce: Carry a lot of weight and ride an aged bull. Not sure what weight ranges exactly cause this, or which animals it may apply to.
  2. I can't even read them anymore. I give up. I'll check back periodically for the Wurm Unlimited section, but damn... You guys have done it again. These updates are awful. There was no preparation, clearly no testing. There are no ###### consistent links from the old site. The only way to get to IRC now is to un-bury the abandoned page on the Wiki. You guys gutted it, slapped in a fresh install and have been piecing it together... just shooting from the hip as always. I'll be honest. I'm a very difficult person to annoy or offend... but these forum changes are the epitome of CodeClub operation (from my perspective). Rolf, you need what the business industry calls a "Project Manager". A person skilled and trained in PMBOK. Someone who can look at a goal, and plan/execute the most desirable path for that goal. Throwing someone a notebook of scribbled notes and leaving them to their own devices --- is why so many of these tasks end up being botched. I just hope the recent changes have good reason (security flaws, they refused to sell us another years license) - because, I've lost most interest in participating here. ...Unless of course someone knows how I can go clicky-clicky and get the old theme, navigation, setup, layout back. In which case, sorry for the outburst, carry on.
  3. ​Hello everyone, time for me to auction off my prize possession to some one who will enjoy this rare set of armor. As some may not know, Seryll has a 80% damage reduction at 100QL, Steel plate on he other hand only has 70% at 100QL. Just to let people know, I do not recommend this set to be used while grinding fighting skill, as seryll can be costly to re-improve. This set is great for Dragon fights (etc.) and traveling in style. This set took me months to complete and it is hard for me to sell it but i am offering it for auctioning. What your buying, Open helm, Seryll-90Ql Lump of Seryll(0.49)-80Ql Great helm, Seryll-29.64Ql Breast plate, Seryll-72.27 Plate leggings, Seryll-70.48 Plate Vambrace, Seryll 73.30Ql 77.78 Plate gauntlet, Seryll 74.96 73.39 Plate sabots, Seryll 70.83 73.61 Both silver and euro transactions are now avalible Starting bid: 65s Lowest Increments: 2s (I suggest 5s per bid) Buyout: 1G Hidden Reserve: Yes Sniper protection: 1 hour Good luck all
  4. wth? look closely in the middle.
  5. I think the email registration system is broken. The link for registering wouldn't appear at all. You aren't blocked but I don't see it. By the way, there is still a link at the buttom of the page but it is irrelevant to the process of registering (I tried). How long do I have to wait for this to be corrected?
  6. Not sure if this is properly located, feel free to move appropriately. Just visit the >>wiki<<