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Found 5 results

  2. I think it's time for me to sell some things I won't use anymore. I hope you'll find something interesting for you. Decent Tools: Awl 73ql, BotD78 - 1s Carving Knife 72ql, CoC77, WoA 77 - 1.5s Fruit Press, pinewood 76ql, CoC81, WoA80 - 1.5s Grooming Brush, oakenwood 36ql, CoC87 - 1.2s Grooming Brush, oakenwood 68ql, CoC88 - 1.4s Hammer 87ql, CoC64, WoA72 - 1.2s Hammer 91ql, CoC76 - 1.3s Hatchet 1ql, CoC80 - 80c Leather Knife 67ql, BotD76 - 1s Mallet, pinewood 67ql, CoC77, WoA62 - 1s Mallet, oakenwood 75ql, CoC59, WoA84 - 1.5s Meditation rug, cotton 57ql, CoC85 - 1.2s Needle 70ql, CoC81 - 1.2s Needle 76ql CoC66, WoA60 - 1s Pickaxe 83ql, CoC76, WoA80 - 1.5s Pickaxe 69ql, CoC87, WoA60 - 1.5s Rope tool, pinewood 75ql, CoC82 - 1s Rope tool, oakenwood 84ql, WoA54 - 50c Saw 79ql, WoA87 - 1.5s Saw 90ql, WoA85 - 1.5s Saw 86ql, CoC73, WoA78 -1.5s Shovel, steel 8ql, CoC84 - 1.2s Shovel 69ql CoC61, WoA61 - 1s Spindle, pinewood 45ql, CoC87 - 1.3s Stone Chisel 80ql, WoA86 - 1.3s Cheap Tools - 50c each Carving Knife 76ql, WoA74 - 50c Grindstone 47ql, CoC73 - 50c Hammer 56ql, WoA70 - 50c Hatchet 59ql, CoC69 - 50c Hatchet 77ql, WoA73 - 50c Large Anvil 50ql, WoA50 - 50c Pickaxe 1ql, CoC77 - 50c Rake 28ql, CoC70 - 50c Rope tool, oakenwood 84ql, WoA54 - 50c Scissors 78ql, CoC77 - 50c Scythe 4ql, CoC73 - 50c Sickle 33ql, CoC67 - 50c Spatula 70ql, CoC76 - 50c Stone Chisel 60ql, WoA75 - 50c Trowel 44ql, CoC34, WoA63 - 50c RARES: RARE fruit press, birchwood 81ql - 5s RARE butchering knife 25ql - 5s RARE exquisite meditation rug 75ql, CoC73 - 8s RARE needle 13ql - 3s RARE saddle 83ql, WoA70 - 7s RARE spatula, oakenwood 11ql - 3s RARE plate leggins, steel 49ql - 3s Tools with 90+ enchants: File 79ql, CoC95 - 2.5s Butchering Knife 56ql, CoC94 - 3s Cloth Meditation Rug, cotton 48ql, CoC90 - 1.5s Hammer 58ql, CoC95 - 2.5s Needle 70ql, Coc96, WoA87 - 3s Sickle 62ql, CoC57, WoA98 - 4s Whetstone 82ql, CoC94 1dmg - 2.2s Large Rat Pelt 100ql, CoC96 3.53dmg - 3.5s Stone Chisel 40ql, CoC100, Imb9 - 5s Saddle 82ql, WoA93 - 4s Uncommon things: 4xFireworks 80ql - 50c each Star emerald 1ql - 3s Oil of the armour smith 91ql, 81ql - 2.5s each Oil of the armour smith 54ql, 52ql - 2s each Oil of the armour smith 25ql - 1.5s Potion of Acid 68ql, 7ql - 50c each Soft Cap, cotton 99ql, 7dmg - 50c Easter Egg 99ql - 50c Small tortoise shield 69ql - 2s 2x Drake Hide 0.01kg 80ql, 89ql - 40c each Rare materials - 30c each: RARE stone brick 25ql, 42ql RARE ore, iron 56ql, 10dmg RARE log, firwood 62ql, 40ql RARE wool 48ql, 0.5kg RARE colossus brick 36ql RARE cordage rope 84ql RARE clay 35ql Supreme materials - 50c each: SUPREME dirt 39ql SUPREME square piece of cloth, cotton 27ql Seryll Chain: Chain gauntlet, seryll 90ql, 1.11dmg - 1s Chain sleeve, seryll 30ql - 2s Bulk tools: 27x Rope tool, oakenwood 87ql+ 20c each Specials: 4x Green Gnome 99ql - 10s each or 35s for all. Full Seryll Plate Armour - 60s moved to auction. Post here if you want to buy something. I will be sending items at least twice a day (morning and evening in UK time zone). Buyers pay CoD (from Xanadu). EDIT: I don't want to spam this thread too much, so new rule - if item is crossed from list it means it has been sent already and you can expect it in less than 10 minutes.
  3. Roseguard: The Village of the Winds Roseguard is a village that sits nestled by the gentle warm winds of the ocean and the Highfrost winds of the mountain. Overlooked by a reconstruction of Rosehall, the village of Roseguard itself is a haven built in tiers. Wherein each tier represents one of the winds and walks of life. We built our life on the progression of passion. Your place among us can vary greatly by your passion to live and strive within the realm of Wurm. Introduction to our village will have you placed as a Dock Worker, and living on the scenic townhouses placed on our lowest tier, where you will enjoy the sounds of the waves nestling and crashing on our shoreline. From this point, your chosen career will move you to different places in the village infrastructure. [ Unfortunately due to the recent attack on Wurm I have not been able to garner photos on the reconstruction of our village. ] ​Shipwrights will find better accommodations on the raised platform behind the townhouses, remaining close to their work and the waves they so love to venture over. Two such residences will be provided, and built as someone rises to fulfill said position. [ Unfortunately due to the recent attack on Wurm I have not been able to garner photos on the reconstruction of our village. ] Those who look to join us as general residents, who tend to their own and just wish to play leisurely, with no primary focus will take residence on our lovely Oleander Square, located two tiers over the Docks District and just below the Guild Court. Sharing in Oleander Square is our primary Animal Care Facilitating to Bison and other Bovine Species. However, worry not, as Oleander's communities are gated off from any potential Bull Goring and from prying eyes. [ Unfortunately due to the recent attack on Wurm I have not been able to garner photos on the reconstruction of our village. ] ​Smiths and Tailors will find willful accommodations on the Tier encircling our Guild Court, with ample reach to our village's primary Mine, located behind the Seven Saints Cellar Inn and Tavern. Directly across from the 'Cellar' are two specialty shops, Chevasto's Loom and Jiorto's Silver Helm, dedicated to the crafts, and future home to our town's best artisans in said fields. [ Unfortunately due to the recent attack on Wurm I have not been able to garner photos on the reconstruction of our village. ] Above the Guild Court Circle is 'The Valley' currently home to our advanced housing project, the Cliffside Heights Commons. Future plans for the Heights are in hold, but they promise to be a beautiful vista overlooking the southern horizon, the Western Forested Ravine, and the Village as a Whole. Our village hosts facilities for the working man, as well as testbeds to increase the skill you currently have. Our Crafstman Hall is soon to host 4 Forges, Four Looms, and Four Ovens. Future items will be built in as necessary.
  4. Hey, this is no big deal, but I thought you should know: When you log in on Pristine, you get the following welcome message: "[20:48:23] Welcome back, xxxxxxxx! Release has been awaiting you." Cheers Yaga
  5. Hello fellow Wurmians! We are a new, small and evolving village, on Independence. Our village is recruiting, and we are accepting new aswell as experienced players, and give them a warm welcome! The settlement is purely based on labor, and taking orders from other people(which includes alot of crafting) We LOVE to hunt, and there is a steppe nearby. We encounter alot of spiders, but no worries, if you are new, we can train you The citizens don't need to be premium, but because we do alot of orders, we can get you premium if you can prove you are worthy You can PM Aziandood or Neoking if you would like to join. If you'd like, we can pick you up at Freedom Market(FM) The settlement is marked as 44x26y on the map, as shown here: Currently, our village has: BUILDINGS - A farm - An animal pen - A workshop - A food storage - Housing district RESOURCES -Access to Iron ore