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Found 5 results

  1. I have a single troll mask fragment in my inventory. Every now and then a flashing box appears around the weight (0.04kgs). I understand this is supposed to happen to the heaviest item in your inventory when you're carrying too much, but I'm not and it's certainly not the heaviest thing I'm carrying! Help suggested I post here.
  2. Hi, Found it rather strange to see that both the explorer and military tents are both shown as weighing 3.50 kg. The unfinished military tent I have made weighs 20.80 kg, with 1 peg (0.10 kg) to go. Thus, a correction on the weight of the military tent is needed. Thanks,
  3. So the problem I'm having is that when I make a sandwich I have 0.40 KG of cheese left, but when I put the cheese in the fsb. it disappears. and so, I have wasted quite a bit of cheese :\ Also, it would be nice if sandwiches weighed more, I mean, the bread weighs 0.70 and you use 0.10 KG of cheese, but it only weighs 0.18 So, please make the sandwich bigger.
  4. Hello, I propose the Idea that your worn equpiment Encumbers (counts against your weigt limit) you less than carried equpiment. (Distributed weight is actually easier to carry) When you wear items (armor, backpacks, etc) I bring to the table that they only count as weighing 75% of their weight when Calculating your carrying capacity and movment reduction steps. This would include Backpacks worn on your back. EG: a chain jacket in your inventory is 2.20kg. But if you put it on and wear it, it will count as weighing 1.65kg (75%). You will still receive the normal chain armor movement penalty. Another example A back pack weighing 50kg in inventory. Wear it on your back now it counts against your carried weight as 37.5kg So say you can carry 150kg total. if you wear your backpack you can now carry an additional 12.5kg then if you had it in your inventory.
  5. Welcome Wurmians, WurmHelper is a application that contains useful tools for new players and even old players to use to help them in the world of WurmOnline. I will be working on this project as much as I can and I'll be continuing to add new tools every week. I am open to suggestion, so if you think WurmHelper is missing something, then don't be shy and let me know, I don't bite WurmHelper Version 0.1.4 Sourceforge DropBox Other Info WurmHelper Sourceforge Homepage WurmHelper Change Logs Click Here for ScreenShots Found a bug? Link coming soon WurmOnline Twitter Feed Server status with player count. Weight / Max Carry / Max Drag Mind logic Body control for what you can mount Slope Priest Pray Timer Meditation Path levels + questions and answers Meditation Timer Sleep Bonus Calculator Curve Calculator Favor Calculator House design with skill requirement Seasons Settlement Calculator Skill Dump Follow me on Twitter: @MrCoo1boy