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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, i turn to you with another problem: I have enabled the new highway system on my server and wanted to place a waystone. Now it says [00:16:46] Can only plant if the waystone has been blessed. I dont recall needing to bless my waystones before, is this normal? or is it a mod? i cant think of any mod i have installed that alters highways... I placed waystones without blessing before on another server... I'm a bit confused now.
  2. I just spent an hour trying to figure out how to start a highway. Everything pretty much made sense except ONE THING. The waystone dropdown menu should contain an option to "Start Highway" in addition to "plant" Planting, for every other non-growing thing, means you are securing an object, NOT performing an action with it. I 'knew' that 'planting' the waystone wasn't right, because I was trying to start a highway, not secure an object to the ground. Can we get a clearer dropdown menu option used for waystone activation to start a highway?
  3. In order to connect my deed to the highway, I would like to acquire 2 x Waystone with a quality above 10.
  4. Many highway tile corners at intersections have pointing signs at the tile corner. Trouble is that waystones have the same height as pointing signs making reading the waystone difficult to read. Please make the waystone a little taller so that pointing signs and waystones can both be read.
  5. I don't know about you guys, but my first approach to the new highways was a real mess and now I have to spend so much time to bash and replace waystones and catseyes in the right way. I know they are so hard to bash just because they have to protect the highways; because of this I would like if they were more easy to bash at least for the one who planted them, to clean faster the mistakes