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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, We have a bunch of people but we have a lot of land to work. Need another 5 more and we'll be set. Come visit us at H11 on Melody or just pop in our discord and say hi. I play most of the day as do some of the other members. We have new and vet players. You really should check us out before leaving the game. We are really enjoying this game together and working well together!!! See you soon. H Discord:
  2. Up for Auction, deed Kappa located south side of lake at Q15 Starting Bid: 40s Bid increment: 5s Reserve: none Buyout: Taking offers, PM Elizarya Photo album: Photos of Kappa Size of Kappa is 53X48. Formerly used for horse breeding, so it was expanded for higher animal ratio. Deed has large forrest area behind and to the side of the developed area and could be downsized quite a bit in one or both of 2 directions to lower upkeep costs if desired. Upkeep currently runs 5s 8 copper and 80 iron per month. It can currently accommodate 169 animals on deed. There is a supreme guard tower on the property, and it comes with an unfinished spirit gate. Spirit castle (mailbox) is in courtyard near supreme guard tower and has a 61 courier cast. Partially furnished including canopy beds, wardrobes and other misc fine carp furniture, fireplaces, 3 ovens, 2 forges in mine, forge and smelter in smithy, 2 looms, spinning wheel, kiln. Guesthouse is fully furnished as shown in photos. Chapel has silver altars for Vyn, Fo, Mag and Nahjo. Has massive storage space above crafting areas for ql sorting in kitchen and workshop and areas are sized so if wagon is parked below in center all tiles above can access wagon inventory from second floor. Additional coffer storage above garage can store even the biggest collections of sale stock/grinding tools. Comes with a minimum of 16 5 speed horses. I also own Vend A Horse, and depending on sale price more animals may be included if desired. Deed has a path of love tile which has a rug left on it so it is easy to find. There are 3 docks for boats, and an enclosed shipbuilding area large enough to build caravels in. This enclosure is attached to the carpentry building so also a great place for making coal piles. Has a vinyard and large plantings of maple, walnut and willow. Resources include a clay digging area, a roped sand/dirt dig pile, and there is moss near the water. Small cavern style mine behind the south farm enclosure has good ql iron uncovered, what further treasures lay inside will be up to the new owner to discover. Many public mines are nearby, with numerous irons of varying ql, gold, lead, copper, slate and marble veins. There is a canal which goes from the lake to the ocean at q14, where Asakusa used to be located. Canal goes all the way through to the exit and is fully reinforced on walls and is 3 tiles wide and deep enough for all ships (including caravels) to pass though but is not 100% dug down to depth yet all the way through. Deed itself is marked on RF map under the former name of Castle Edge if you wish to visit and see it in person, the nearest starter town/spawn point is Lormere. If exiting Lormere, go out the north gate to where the road T's, and turn left. Follow that road down to the lake and Kappa. I reserve the right to end this auction early if a buyout is agreed upon.
  3. Rancid Acres Farm Is up for sale. There are tons of stuff from carts to wagons to a corbita. I have about 15 5 speed horses, about 50 horses in total, 30 sheep, 40 cows, about a dozen bison with traits starting to pop out. The Farm is 46 by 119, its 11s 92i per month I currently have 36 days of upkeep I am going to add more. I have no pics as my old pc crashed an this is a new one. But I will show you around if interested. there are about 30 bsbs full of everything I have 4 fsbs full Plenty of stuff to keep a few people busy for a long time. If you are interested in looking at the farm message me an I will show you around. There is also a good iron mine an a good gold mine with many viens left to grind with. Thanks for reading Oh the cords are H 20/21 on the ingame map. Its a decent water front.
  4. I have been spreading myself thin across a few deeds. I had hoped this would be my man-cave retreat yet i saw more shinnies along the way. located at 4.5x, 13y, deliverance The size of Oak Grove is 43 by 31. The perimeter is 5 The settlement has 10 silver, 6 copper and 81 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 2 silver, 66 copper and 60 iron. -It has spirit castle, -guard tower, -deep harbor ports -shallow lagoon for reeds or on deed small boats. -Mine has several iron deposits and about 7 gold deposits. -a rare forge -Love tile -lots of oak trees -enchanted grass 4 tiers of gently sculpted terrain plateaus great hunting grounds and privacy for those that like it quite. easy access to chaos for the pvp player in mind. perfect for a nice farm, horses, ship building.. big enough for a village or a large estate. no rush to sell, yet find i don' t use it as much as i'd first envisioned. 43s - still cheaper than if you bought settlement form n deeded this size land. very pretty setting shrouded n natural fauna
  5. I am selling my deed Phar Lap located at 5x 13y, size is 27x21with a perimeter of 5. This is a nice starter deed, right on the water with pleanty of horses(5 speed) and cattle(some of each will go with me to start my new place). We also have 3 gold altars one for each god. In the horse pens we have some enchanted grass in each. Only one building on the property(a storage shead). With the started animals I will be taking starter seed ect. All else will be left to the new owner; even the 1k mortar just purchased to build a stone house(or have it built). At the moment I am working on building a guard tower and some more livestock pens. The fields are planted as we speak. Please PM or message me with your bid. I am starting the bidding at 10S. and the auction will end in 12 days. Thank you, Huntgrem