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Found 13 results

  1. All Items can be sell separately Contact me in game always as Luttuosa or send me a PM in the forum Rare Archery Target Rare Armour Stand Rare Practice doll Rare Pole Trap If you will buy the whole bundle, you will receive a Rare Free Gift Happy New Year to all of you!
  2. Gwyn's fletching workshop is clearing some stock. Lot A: 1,000 creation quality (11.89) cedarwood hunting arrows Starting Bid: 3s Minimum Increment: 25c Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Buyout: 5s Lot B: 1,000 creation quality (14.84) cedarwood war arrows Starting Bid: 3s25c Minimum Increment: 25c Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Buyout: 5s50c Buyer collects from Xanadu Q/R24. Delivery to outer coastal Freedom locations for 50c. Free delivery if buyer spends over 5s.
  3. Three things every bug report should include: # What happened # What you expected to happen # Steps to reproduce Additional notes: # If we cannot reproduce a bug it will take a LOT longer to fix # Too much info is better then too little info # All bug reports get read and checked out. We're not ignoring any bugreport. Some things just take a lot of time to fix, are of lower priority, or depend on the time of volunteer staff. # Don't be afraid to bump old reports if they are still valid What happened? Decided to test War Permissions on Serenity - Epic Cluster, I did this by catapulting building of other deed until my deed finally had over 50 reputation.... Then.... the Victim Deed had just had enough bullying and declared War. Now I mind you Kriswald was the one doing the catapulting but it said Trundle was the despicable one.... betraying kriswald as he declared war...(with a trip to token) I did not seem to be able to declare war by clicking on the walls of the deed (like i expected and thought it had been announced... nor from clicking on the mayor(kriswald) or anything in the menus).( i think that msg should be changed ) anywho.... this was one of the most epic battles in all of serenity history.... KrisWald catapulted throughout the entire night... they were so determined that in the morning they renamed themselves from something long and unmemorable... to "Camp Focus" ..... Trundle finally gave in and had had enough...He pleaded for a Truce. (was quite unsure how to get the option to Truce) Finally Kriswald managed to break to the token and see the option to Offer peace... clicked.... nothing.... hmmmm.... Trundle then went to Kriswald's being dragged beaten behind the wagon all the way there.... and again clicked offer peace at token and again... nothing happened... no message in events or anything else... I assume this part was because of the name change. Shortly After, the the chaos of the war made the world unstable, there was great shaking as volcanoes erupted and tides rose and the server shut down unable to sustain itself. Upon restarting Trundle and Kriswald tried to make amends again to no Avail. Put in Ticket. Waited all day, gave up, disbanded deed instead. Things that went wrong: 1. Once at War Catapulting on Deed Building still gave rep hits and turned KrisWald hunted (Even though trundles deed declared the War (not that this should matter)) The building being catapulted was owned by someone who converted to MR.... however it was still 100% on deed and even if they are MR now (was jk when leaving), it is still an enemy building... but I would think being on enemy deed would trump all of that. 2. Once at War, ONLY trundle received the enemy debuff.... KrisWald was unaffected by it. I tried having Kriswald move around the deeds, had trundle leave and enter local even relogged... even after server restart only trundle was affected by the enemy debuff of suffering skillgains.... I was wondering if KrisWald was just so immensely powerful that trundle was unable to cause a problem? Perhaps Trundle's FS needs to be higher to make KrisWald Shake in his boots? I dunno if this was intended but it felt like a bug of some sort. 3. War was unable to be stopped once Started (probably because of name change but maybe something else? Ways to reproduce.... Make 2 deeds... put them at war.... change name of one.. try to offer peace.... I cant test this as it requires spending quite a bit of silver. I'm pretty sure you would get the same results. Most people don't war... or know how to war.... or think it is impossible to war... So I assume its an archaic system that just needs a little TLC here and there. If i think of more info ill try to update. Thanks!
  4. Hey everybody, Today I am posting for my village's Fo priest Mira! She has been working on our own line of horses, and we now have decided to start a sales thread for the ones we rule out. There is everything from wild to 5-speed! Just pass a PM or respond here with the names of the horses you want. Traits that are not war or speed do not count towards the price. No horse has bad traits. FREE DELIVERY! We have the feature that for a certain amount extra, you may request a carer for your horse. That means that somebody from our settlement will care for the animal until it passes away to ensure longevity. Old or Venerable horses always come with a carer. All horses except foals come with the feature fat. Foals will be fat if they have been with us for a while, but it might be too early for them to be at the time of purchase. DS in Location stands for Dragon Shore, R 22 - the second part is only for us to remember where we put them. Young F. = Young Foal / Adolescent F. = Adolescent Foal Young H. = Young Horse / Adolescent H. = Adolescent Horse
  5. Kos, Captive aggressive creatures, random aggressive creatures that wander near, on deed or off deed, what about ridden or hitched hell horses? This is intended for confirmed PvE results of how these new war machines interact, NOT a place for bashing or ranting. Just give feedback on actual experiences and results please.
  6. I am located on deliverance near Goring docks 4x 14y. The auction is for the arrows and the bow. Delivery is free anywhere on the freedom isles, but it may be much faster for you to come to me (I only have a rowboat ). Also, the bow is strung with a 90ql string Auction starts at 15s minimum bid increment is 1s PM me a buyout price ENDED private buyout.
  7. Arrows

    Anyone on Pristine who is selling many cheap Arrows (QL ablout 4-5)? Pls PM me
  8. Starting bid: 30s Reserve: none Buyout: none Min inc: 1s Pickup from northern Deli (5y20x), containers provided. Happy bidding
  9. WTB 1.5K cedarwood or maplewood war arrows for 4.5s. (3s/1k) I'll come to your deed to pick 'em up just shoot me a message on the forums if you'd like to arrange something.
  10. Trying to ally with another town results in only peace offer. If this is a known issue close please.
  11. *Note that honestly I know this will never happen but that's why it's called wishful thinking!* Topics to be covered. Feudalism - (Government and territory control) Family - (bloodlines, perma-death-sort of- and dynasties) Skills - (Will be tied in with family dynasties) Faith - (Grants authority to Feudalism -By divine right- /helps with succession and bloodlines- My first topic is Feudalism, well eventually. Village breakdown - On a new server everyone would start out independent with no kingdoms or any real structure in place, however players would come together in "Tribes" to create a village, the village would have a good size amount of land for up to about 20 players to live comfortably and have an elected chief. Raids between village could occur which would press the need for defenses and diplomacy to develop more, leading the way to pact between tribes. The villagers will get the title "Tribe of - village name" Town breakdown - Once a village is fully populated the elected chief could opt to upgrade into a town, the town would have more room of course for say 50 players to live comfortably. -Note I'm rather loose with the numbers as honestly some areas are better suited for more or less- At that point the tribe becomes led by an elected mayor instead of chief. The title also changes from (The tribe of -village name) to (The people of -town name-). When a town reaches it's max population it can evolve into a city with of course more land and raised population cap. Towns could band together to form an alliance and evolve into a city state. - See City State breakdown - City breakdown - Other than being a larger version of a town, the city could also grant civil bonuses such as increased crop yields, for example. A town can alternatively evolve into a castle with many of the same functions, however with warfare bonuses instead of civil bonuses. (Also castles are ruled by Lords instead of Mayor) City State breakdown - Basically when you have 2 or more towns or cities/castles together in an alliance you create a city state where one is voted to become the "Capital" (Probably the highest population one). The first real form of government comes from this point because the mayors of each town can vote for a ruler of the City state. (However after the governor has been elected, his title is passed down by bloodline. The only way to break this is to end the bloodline and reopen elections. -See family section for bloodlines.- As far as government, after the city state level they become a Kingdom with kingdoms becoming Empires as they grow later. But note that Kingdoms, Governors and Lords- are passed by a bloodline. - More on this later in the family section.- (A side feature that could be left out but I think would be interesting is a tax system, from the village you could "levy" livestock or resources from the villagers - of course only from a selected source- don't want to steal stuff from people right out from under them, but perhaps instead have them offer the resources at the village center. Where as a town would levy -coins?- also.) To expand upon this system in a city state the Mayors would then pass on some of the "tax" collected to the Governor. Family! I'll try and tie this into the government in as few words as I can manage, but it's mainly important for the skills portion of my suggestion. This is a rather hard topic but I'd like to throw it out there and see if anyone can give good feedback about it but having a perma-death type system involving aging and birth. Basically a male character and a female character get married and have kids, when they die they play the kids. -Simple concept right?- Except you might toss a wrench in the gears by saying "What if they only have 1 kid?" or something to that effect. Well, if it's a boy, the male character plays it and if it's a girl then the female character plays it, upon death of course. The person who doesn't have a child will simply die and create a new character - perma-death style. -Before you scream and run away see SKILLS section- You might also ask what happens if you have more than 2 kids, well it's good to have backups haha- control like NPC similar to livestock I guess would be an ok starting point. By having kids and dieing and playing those children and repeating the process you create a bloodline that helps you maintain titles such as King, Lord, Governor ect... It also acts like livestock because children can gain traits from the parents. Life expectancy - I would say 70 years old is a really long life expectancy for this time period but that number is up for debate, everyone should age in wurm regardless of being online or not, this would encourage playing a bit more in my opinion, it also lets children age and at 16 they become "mature". Skills! First lets get to why perma-death wouldn't be world shattering, simply because the I would replace the skills system entirely. Which I know would utterly destroy those number counters who love to grind hours away doing the same thing to get a few skill points. But I have to ask what the point of that is, and show how unrealistic and not-life like it is. Instead I propose a simpler solution that I believe will still give players a sense of accomplishment while also making the game more active as a whole and less tiring. Instead of skills you have proficiency and traits! For example, I use to live on a farm, where manual labor is a common practice from chopping trees down to digging ditches with a shovel old fashion. I quickly learned the best ways to achieve the end goal in as little as 3 months I could efficiently cut down a tree, remove the limbs and chop it into firewood for the winter. So I got to thinking why not in wurm? Time goes by in wurm much quicker than in real life of course so it won't take you 3 months in real life to master a simple woodcutting skill. I believe resources should be more valuable in terms of supply and usage. I don't really like the super mass production a single player can push out, leaving mountains of logs about to rot. Breaking the proficiencies down into tiers would allow some to be more difficult than others, taking a year or more game time to master. Certain traits would allow you to succeed in proficiencies faster. Proficiency works similar to the current skill system as in being 100% proficient in tree felling would give you X% (probably 5 or so) in the all other tier 1 wood-related proficiencies. You could also spend time "teaching" children skills so that when you die and play as them you have some skills available. I have ran out of time for my Faith however I plan to stick with this thread and edit it with suggestions and teaks from feedback which is VERY WELCOME HERE! I know there are a lot of holes to fill in this idea but if you ask the questions I'll try to fill in the blanks! Thanks in advance for at least taking the time to read this!
  12. Hi there. While learning a small amount about the lore and playing the game for a while, I thought that the appalling subject of Libila worship was underplayed. According to early Christian teachings, the Devil often tempted his converts with riches and powers. These converts were said to practice or commence in ceremonies such as the Black Mass in secret under the nose of the European populous and even at times, secretly in Christian places of worship. This is part of Libila's inscription on the Bone Altar: "Let me sharpen you, and let me run you through the heart of my enemies. For this I will reward you greatly. You will be given powers beyond normal mortal possibilities. Exact my revenge anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Make it painful and frightening. Together, let us enter the Forbidden Lands. We are all in our right to do so!" This is not totally different from early Catholic dogma during the Dark Ages used to scare a chaotic European populous into becoming a tighter and more orderly society. With this being said, why are Libila worshipers only confined to being openly part of the HotS? Why can't they worship in secret in return for great powers promised by the dark goddess if certain rituals are met? I can see this implemented in TWO methods, though I'm sure that there are more that I'm not thinking of... 1) On certain days, moon cycles, or whatever else, the cultist should desecrate one of the three light god's domains by commiting actions such as sacrificing a tamed mountain gorilla in the domain of Magranon or desecrating an altar with the taint of Libila. 2) Seeing that players lack religious zealotry of a fictional world enough to convict a religious upstart to a crime, an obvious problem is presented. A way to bypass this problem is to make Libila worship allowed through settlement laws, which brings me to my next point... Throughout medieval history there has not only been wars between kingdoms but also in-fighting between vassals. One of the reasons for the multitudes of these mini-wars was religion. Some went as far as to call them crusades, such as those against the Albigensians or Cathars. Religious in-fighting may be possible through the tolerance of Libila worship or even the securing of holy grounds from other villages. This may even be a jumping off point for the creation of Boroughs, Republics, Duchies, or maybe even kingdoms having sort of leadership. Making a priest or champion gain faith or other bonuses through ousting these cultists (or 'witches') may be another counter-benefit to the witch/witch hunt implementation. Libila cultists, witches, secret priests, fallen priests, etc., could have powers such as a curse of lycanthropy or something while those who devote themselves to hunting these antagonists can have powers or abilities themselves. Please note that when writing this, I intend not to advocate for display a representation of Christianity, witchcraft, or Satanism in the game and do not wish to advocate for any side nor condemn any religion. I also do not intend to advocate for a furthering of historical accuracy in a fantasy game setting. I hope I didn't offend any of you If you have any issues or further suggestions, let them fly!
  13. this is going to be a long list of ideas some I read in the rest of this forum: I like the game but it lacks some action like what you will read in this thread.I think these idea will be worth adding. I think in both PVE and PVP servers that a idea that would be cool is more defense structures such as better wall that player can walk on and other different defences such as different towers and a area that you can have milita and knights and such could spawn from also gates that have iron bars should be buildable this I have pulled from different threads plus any other diffences you can think of from midevil times. another more animal to hunt that will not murder newbs 3 factions in both PVP and PVE that you can work with a evil faction a neutrul faction and a good faction that player can chose from the good and evil factions are for the players who like combat but do not want to fight in the PVP server because of all the high combat lvl players and the neutral for the people who want to make a peaceful life for themselve making and selling wepons and tools to the other factions more choices of rocks and stones to build statues and other structures that are made of stone The ability to hitch a horse to a small cart more NPC's more skills like a actual hunting skill and grave stone crafting etc. etc. more ships and ways to use a ship like cannons grapaling hooks also a cannoe etc. being able to put smaller items on tables flowers candals small statues etc. easyer to find animals like cows and pigs and chickens more wepons tools clothing armour and buildings such as wind mills etc. more rivers and a bigger map