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Found 21 results

  1. Want to sell 3k stone brick for 1,5 s per k, send me a message
  2. Greeting fellow citizens of Wurm! Come, come from far and wide and buy our best goods for a reasonable prices! Here are some examples of what you can get in our shop: Some fine tools, that will help you in your hard work! Some gems for jewels or favor! You always can order bulk items like stone (sandstone,marble) shards,dirt,sand,peat etc. We also provide landscape and construction works, check it out here! All prices are negotiable, you always can leave a message here, or contact me ingame typing in chat "/tell DaaDaaa" without quotes. Cheers 0/
  3. I have a few different red HOTA statues for sale on Xanadu: Nogump, Stag, Lady, Dragon. You can PM or /tell with questions etc. Pretty standard pricing: Dragon - 45 silver Lady - 30 silver SOLD Son of Nogump - 7 silver Open to negotiation. Discount if you buy more than one. Pickup near Lormere at P14 Blackthorn Port or delivery can be arranged at an extra cost.
  4. As title mentions, looking to possibly sell a few items... 1. 86 quality tin rake 2. 93 quality tin file 3. Seven (7) sleep powders delivered to Lormere Feel free to make offers here or in PM.
  5. Wanting to sell 12x sleep powders for 1.25 silver each, or all 12 for a reduced price of 13 silver. Willing to travel anywhere on Deliverance, or to any bordering server to meet at Deli's border edge.
  6. Greetings wurmians! Port of Five Seas now will accept orders from you on ships and boats! Here is the price list: Raft 8c Rowboat 1s Sail Boat 1.5s Corbita 4s Cog 6s Knarr 14s Caravel 20s Also making crates and ship parts on your demand! Located on Indie 24x 43y according to Please pm in game DaaDaaa or here, on forums. Currently have a Cog,Corbita and a small sailboat ready and waiting for a buyer! Cheers!
  7. Is that carma being a ###### again to you? Worry not fellow Wurmian i offer you finest source that can help you with that, from springs in the deep intact nature of Xanadu It comes in the clay jar (that's 2kg of source) for 4s or in waterskin(2,5kg) for 5s each. I have some amount stashed and decent regular income so feel free to make orders and I'll be happy to deliver For those of you who are not sure what source and wheter will you need it is here are some additional informations
  8. Hello, I would like to have a price check on my Main - Necromancer I Would Like To Know What This Char Is Worth If You Would Like To Buy It As It Is At Current Stage PM Me On Forums Or Ingame ( Necromancer , Stardriver) Currently got an Offer of 60E Accepting 1s-1e(and or mixed) I Have Verified Paypal Account. Doesn't Come With Anything In Inventory >> Will Make another thread for tools/misc item sale. [01:16:10] You entered through the portal to Wurm on Wrath day, week 2 of the starfall of the Leaf, 1028. That's 682 days, 8 hours and 9 minutes ago. [01:16:10] You have played 76 days, 11 hours and 38 minutes. [01:16:10] You have been premium a total of 7 months until Dec 2013. [01:16:10] You have been premium consecutively for 2 months since Dec 2013. [01:16:10] You have premium time until 8 Nov 2014 17:32:29 GMT [01:17:09] Necromancer has played 76 days, 10 hours and 21 minutes and received 0 warnings. Necromancer has never been warned before. Eager of the path of Knowledge You have a total of 13 titles. Blacksmith, Carpenter, Chieftain of Lomaner, Digger, Educated, Handyman, Mason, Mercenary, Miner, Renowned Blacksmith, Rider of Lomaner, Soldier, Trollslayer. Recently converted from Vyn to Mag religion. Skills: Skills dumped at 2014.29.10 ----- Skills: 0.0 Religion: 3.419606 Prayer: 7.8378725 Channeling: 1.0 Preaching: 3.0 Exorcism: 1.0 Artifacts: 1.0 Hammers: 1.0 Warhammer: 1.0 Healing: 16.493967 First aid: 34.23488 Clubs: 1.600456 Huge club: 2.6490483 Archery: 14.748614 Short bow: 1.0 Medium bow: 11.113806 Long bow: 1.0 Thievery: 1.0 Stealing: 1.0 Lock picking: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 War machines: 4.871756 Catapults: 9.528124 Polearms: 2.3568568 Staff: 3.893083 Long spear: 2.618418 Halberd: 1.0 Prospecting: 29.658785 Coal-making: 18.948927 Milling: 5.3462634 Tracking: 7.554577 Paving: 21.97427 Climbing: 8.284905 Thatching: 1.0 Firemaking: 14.240962 Pottery: 4.7285223 Mining: 61.302006 Digging: 59.047043 Ropemaking: 5.4296618 Smithing: 46.50006 Blacksmithing: 81.70158 Locksmithing: 5.8319063 Jewelry smithing: 35.592678 Metallurgy: 8.649298 Weapon smithing: 24.573763 Blades smithing: 16.987328 Weapon heads smithing: 11.370882 Armour smithing: 10.421855 Shield smithing: 13.228068 Chain armour smithing: 24.8284 Plate armour smithing: 5.615937 Tailoring: 14.747455 Cloth tailoring: 18.777002 Leatherworking: 28.91983 Masonry: 56.504227 Stone cutting: 39.471436 Cooking: 14.444728 Hot food cooking: 27.87528 Baking: 5.6318007 Dairy food making: 4.1648965 Butchering: 18.347618 Beverages: 2.6916535 Nature: 19.90703 Fishing: 2.4254851 Gardening: 20.694862 Foraging: 9.399222 Botanizing: 14.544462 Animal taming: 9.821483 Forestry: 18.250244 Farming: 25.405962 Milking: 5.2508874 Meditating: 21.216187 Animal husbandry: 11.916999 Papyrusmaking: 1.5001647 Toys: 1.6379105 Yoyo: 2.583411 Puppeteering: 1.0 Fighting: 70.19029 Defensive fighting: 14.587111 Normal fighting: 50.177433 Weaponless fighting: 2.6802645 Aggressive fighting: 8.467364 Shield bashing: 3.7285316 Taunting: 2.3544264 Miscellaneous items: 57.839115 Shovel: 44.720005 Rake: 17.986523 Saw: 22.795424 Pickaxe: 63.970253 Repairing: 28.22079 Sickle: 13.543745 Scythe: 4.313532 Hammer: 53.673496 Stone chisel: 27.648138 Alchemy: 5.183831 Natural substances: 12.578929 Shields: 17.944967 Medium metal shield: 22.628569 Small wooden shield: 1.0 Small metal shield: 1.0 Large metal shield: 1.0 Medium wooden shield: 1.0 Large wooden shield: 1.0 Axes: 19.435516 Hatchet: 22.551693 Small Axe: 1.0 Large axe: 1.0 Huge axe: 5.1029468 Swords: 25.354582 Longsword: 51.100063 Shortsword: 1.4130675 Two handed sword: 1.0 Knives: 17.86289 Carving knife: 13.912844 Butchering knife: 24.499302 Woodcutting: 33.15263 Mauls: 12.088488 Medium maul: 20.151802 Small maul: 4.126883 Large maul: 11.971277 Carpentry: 58.595703 Bowyery: 13.436022 Fletching: 13.294789 Fine carpentry: 25.660278 Toy making: 2.472328 Ship building: 22.32396 Characteristics: 0.0 Mind: 29.65192 Mind logic: 33.083244 Mind speed: 21.432707 Soul: 24.442488 Soul depth: 21.621918 Soul strength: 26.770306 Body: 36.72277 Body strength: 34.1806 * Body stamina: 27.97633 Body control: 27.636255 Religion: 0.0 Faith: 3.9776716 Favor: 3.9776716 Alignment: 100.0 Thanks For Your Time.
  9. I want to sell following amounts: 1k Wemp 56ql 500 Wemp 45ql 2k Cotton 55ql 500 Cotton 46ql Price is 80c per 1k for pick up on Release l23, Castle Kochinac (x43 y26) on community map. I cannot deliver cotton, maybe we can work something out about delivery of wemp but pickup is preferable( i also have cheaper bulks of meat,animal parts and sprouts if you don't wanna to travel just for wemp and cotton), so PM me on forum or Vlada ingame. Will even go cheaper if you come to pick up all (3s for all).
  10. I have rare bulk storage bean made of cedar i would like to sell. Quality is 39. Since is mostly for aesthetic purpose ( it glows ) it also should decay slower than nonrare one i think but ondeed that's not so important i don't really know price for it, offer me your best price and i would be happy to deliver if the price is good enough, otherwise i'll probably keep it for myself.
  11. I have following amounts of sprouts in stock for sale: 250 Camelia 200 Lavander 50 Oak 50 Willow 150 Cedar 150 Pine 100 Maple 100 Rose 100 Walnut 50 Birch 50 Oleander 50 Grape 50 Apple 50 Olive 50 Cherry 50 Lemon And followin amounts of flowers: 100 yellow 50 orange-red Price is 80c per 100 (1s per 50 for oak and willow) for pick up on Release l23, Castle Kochinac (x43 y26) on community map. Pickup is preferable( i also have cheaper bulks of meat,animal parts, wemp and cotton if you don't wanna to travel just for sprouts), but i'm also willing to deliver for price of 1s per 100 for non oak and willow sprouts, so PM me on forum or Vlada ingame. P.S. If you need more tha i curently have, you can make an order and i'll try to get more of them. Plant a tree and make Wurm even more nicer place!
  12. Want to sell rare oak fruit press Price is 5s. Price is 4s. PM Vlada ingame, or reply here for details about picking it. I'm willing to deliver just on Release. Others will have to pick up or COD...
  13. Hi everyone I want to sell 1k cooked meat. Pick up on Release X43Y26, delivery possible only via small rowing boat on Release. Price is 1,5s for 1k 75c for 500 50c for 250 20c for 100 PM Vlada ingame or leave reservation here to make a deal. Cheers!
  14. Want to sell rare oak fruit press 20ql. [21:10:44] A wooden contraption made from planks with a shaft to press in order to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from oakenwood. It could be improved with a log. Price is 5s. PM Vlada ingame, or reply here for details about picking it. I'm willing to deliver just on Release. Others will have to pick up or COD...
  15. Like the Title says Selling Settlement Form for 8s *Delivery Free for Release PM Stonecutter1995 here on the forums for a offer or pm Stonecutter ingame
  16. Selling mortar to order. pickups at North star industries, celebration. PM me in game or cohanthebarbarian for orders. delivery can be arranged.
  17. Recruitment Rivendell is looking for new premium account players that have recently joined the game. Rivendell is a trading village so your job will be to for fill customer orders. Unlike most villages you will be paid for what you make, all Rivendell asks for is a 20% tax which goes towards upkeep and maintenance, there will also be a village economy where you will be able to spend your wages on food weapons tools etc. There will be space to build your own house but there are to ways on how to do it 1st choice is to rent the space eg you want a 3x4 area so 12 tiles x rent per month but you would not own it and Rivendell keeps the writ. 2nd choice is to buy so again 3x4 area 12 x cost of tile plus rent ( council tax lets call it) but this way you keep the writ. I'm doing it this way because some people might want big houses but tiles cost money on a deed and space is costly , also gives the village a real estate economy where people can buy and sell there houses. If you like the sound of this please message me we need lots of hard honest working people to help grow our village to have thriving economy and most of all to make friends and have fun. What you will need to achieve before you earn your citizenship Ranks Miner : mine 1k rock shards & 60 iron ore ( reward x1 stone chisel) Mason : make 1k stone bricks Lumber jack : chop up 100 logs Carpenter : make 100 planks 100 shafts Black smith : make 50 large & 50 small nails Fine carpenter : make large cart Tera former: dig 1k dirt Citizen : collect your free armour chain set sword and shield The stone bricks will go to the village as we only sell 30ql + Congratulations you are now a citizen of Rivendell. You are now free to take what ever career path you choose wether that be a warrior , powerful priest, black smith, or farmer the choice is yours. Rivendell Rules Rivendell business should never be discussed outside the village. No privet bulk deals will be set up unless asked to No bullying of any kind in or outside the walls of Rivendell, if you have a problem with some one please tell me so we can deal with it professionally. Theft is the upmost crime and will not be tolerated, the offender will be KOS on many deeds. The most important rule have fun look out for each other and be proud of Rivendell . Regards Mayor Swistony
  18. Selling Merchant contract for 7s Location: Celebration Can deliver up to indy for 0.5s extra.
  19. Wts 21.96 QL Supreme Iron Hammer, it is on the Pristine Server and I will be more than happy to deliver it. If you have an offer to make post it here or pm Nikolae in game.
  20. Soft Cap 98.96 QL PM General if interested. price 2s or a good deal (covers delivery) contact today supplies are very limited (only 1 for sale) so get yours now.