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Found 23 results

  1. As topic say, i need a large maul 90ql with all the bells and whistles. N, LT, MS, and coc. I would like to see the power on each at 90+. Post here with a price or pm me ingame.
  2. Want to sell 3k stone brick for 1,5 s per k, send me a message
  3. Not having much luck in Trade channel, so thought I would try here. Looking to purchase a Knarr, delivery to Blackthorn Port at P14 on West Lormere Bay preferred. Otherwise somewhat local pickup to Lormere area.
  4. Willing to negotiate on prices or trades. [08:22:01] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, ''.
  5. I am in the market for a couple potions of mining. If you have any you would like to sell please let me know either by posting here or PMing me in game or in the forums. Thank you
  6. Please pm with offers. High quality and enchants not essential. Ta.
  7. Please pm me the priest ability and price. Thanks.
  8. Want to buy supreme butchering knife. Ql and enchants not essential. PM me with offers please Elf
  9. Just as it states, I am looking to purchase an unfinished JK Guard Tower. Please PM me with offers.
  10. Want to buy 50 Silver, lets make it happen.
  11. Yes, as the topic states. I want to buy 10,300 dirt to be delivered on Xanadu. PM me here or in-game.
  12. Recruitment Rivendell is looking for new premium account players that have recently joined the game. Rivendell is a trading village so your job will be to for fill customer orders. Unlike most villages you will be paid for what you make, all Rivendell asks for is a 20% tax which goes towards upkeep and maintenance, there will also be a village economy where you will be able to spend your wages on food weapons tools etc. There will be space to build your own house but there are to ways on how to do it 1st choice is to rent the space eg you want a 3x4 area so 12 tiles x rent per month but you would not own it and Rivendell keeps the writ. 2nd choice is to buy so again 3x4 area 12 x cost of tile plus rent ( council tax lets call it) but this way you keep the writ. I'm doing it this way because some people might want big houses but tiles cost money on a deed and space is costly , also gives the village a real estate economy where people can buy and sell there houses. If you like the sound of this please message me we need lots of hard honest working people to help grow our village to have thriving economy and most of all to make friends and have fun. What you will need to achieve before you earn your citizenship Ranks Miner : mine 1k rock shards & 60 iron ore ( reward x1 stone chisel) Mason : make 1k stone bricks Lumber jack : chop up 100 logs Carpenter : make 100 planks 100 shafts Black smith : make 50 large & 50 small nails Fine carpenter : make large cart Tera former: dig 1k dirt Citizen : collect your free armour chain set sword and shield The stone bricks will go to the village as we only sell 30ql + Congratulations you are now a citizen of Rivendell. You are now free to take what ever career path you choose wether that be a warrior , powerful priest, black smith, or farmer the choice is yours. Rivendell Rules Rivendell business should never be discussed outside the village. No privet bulk deals will be set up unless asked to No bullying of any kind in or outside the walls of Rivendell, if you have a problem with some one please tell me so we can deal with it professionally. Theft is the upmost crime and will not be tolerated, the offender will be KOS on many deeds. The most important rule have fun look out for each other and be proud of Rivendell . Regards Mayor Swistony
  13. Looking to buy a skiller hatchet, under 10QL and with 70-75 CoC. PM me with prices.
  14. "RMT" Red Mountain Trade Port is recruiting for the following people to join our lovely new city and to be apart of our community. We are a socialistic community helping one another to achieve greater goals and personal gains. We are looking for the following types of occupations to join our community, Builder/Mason Brick and Mortar Maker Carpenter Lumber Jack Priests!!! Fo, Mag, Vyn Digger Smiths Farmer If your a mature, helpful player, looking to be apart of a great community then we need you. We are a honorable bunch and are very keen at being the largest trade hub within the freedom cluster. We request that those that join us to be premium players 18 or older. We are looking for dedicated players who want to devote there time to assisting the community and being apart of our trade city. Our members are friendly and helpful and we do welcome new players in addition to the experienced. We have strict rules of conduct and new member are placed on a trial period to make sure personalities work out smoothly. We ask our members to follow basic rules of respect and conduct as we are apart of a large alliance. Our community is energetic and fun we hope to find new citizens who like to join in on the fun. WHAT WE OFFER We offer a friendly social community from which you can interact with and be apart of. A chance to participate and help in the design and continued creation and growth of our trade port. We provide vast knowledge and experience of game play within Wurm and can help new comers to the game. We also offer access to our local ,high ql resources to create goods to sell for personal gain with in our newly constructed trade hub. WTB Clay 1000 pay 1S Mortar 2000 pay 4S Brick 1000 pay 2S Also looking to hire someone who can make our trade city a logo in graphics so we can use it on our Tabard's. Round Logo of a Red Mountain back drop with blue Sky and Flaming Sun. PM me if your interested.
  15. Hello, I'am looking to buy a Settlement Form. Details LOCATION : Deliverance TIMES AVALIABLE : Weekdays 4:30PM - 11:30PM (GMT + 10:00 hours) Weekends 10:00AM - 11:59PM (GMT + 10:00 hours) DELIVERY : I can come and pick it up or you can come to me what ever works best. PAYMENT : 9 Silver for 1 Settlement Form CONTACT : If you are interested please send me a Personal Message here on the Forums Thank you CLOSED
  16. I would like to buy 1000 planks delivered to Southern Crystal Lake for one silver.
  17. Hi there! I would like to buy a Carving Knife, with 70+ CoC (up to 100 if the price is fair) 50-80 ql and another one with 70+ WoA, 70+ Ql.
  18. PM me with what you have. Exodus only since i'm not going to go pick it up. Will pay COD costs.
  19. As title says, i'm looking to buy mailbox enchant and metal altar The location is: Hillbilly Hermitage http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png - i34 http://forum.wurmonl...elebration-map/ - X28Y44 Mailbox enchant details: Preferably looking for 50+ strength. Metal altar details: Silver or Gold, 50+ql (ideally 70+). You bring the materials, 70ql forge available. PM me on forum or ingame with offers/prices. Ingame same name as forum.
  20. as title says, looking to buy 10k dirt, delivered to SE Deli, Otherside Village 37x 37y, Bins are placed out on my little pier(?) lol so yeah looking for it to be delivered, I know its 3 trips, so give me prices (not that I don't know)
  21. WTB 2x Rakes with decent to great enchants 2x Shovels with decent to great enchants Contact Brem or pm here
  22. Looking for a 60ish QL ropetool, no enchants necessary.