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Found 40 results

  1. [15:14:27] You continue to build a arched wall. Should be: [15:14:27] You continue to build an arched wall.
  2. Mobs get you target through wall but we cant attack to them [07:31:07] Aged mountain lion claws you pretty hard in the right hand and irritates it. [07:31:07] The plain stone barred wall blocks your attempt. Picture(if it helps or proof anything)
  3. Just think of all the possibilities if we had diagonal walls and/or curbed walls.
  4. Initial release only has Log works for interior or exterior. Bottom floor only at the moment for exterior until i figure out how to change the Z offset in-game. Interior works fine as its based off of floor level. Highly recommend Move To Center mod a nightmare without (ty Bdew). To place without a headache build on tile you wish to have the panel on, Move to Center, then rotate. The pivot of the models in some situations makes the model appear on the inside of the house if not positioned or rotated correctly, to resolve this select the model inside the house go back out to where the model should be, right click it in your select bar and click Move to Center. The tile adjacent to the house tile that has the panel needs to be flt for the alignment to work properly. Requires server side server-packs mod and the client to be running client side server-packs mod for the models to show.
  5. Hi - I would like to suggest that one of the creative (and overworked!) Devs has a look at marble items to improve the textures and colours for consistency and/or variation of choices. There are 3 marble items here - bridge wall and marble slab paving: http:// Here again, the marble brazier and the marble horses/ planters do not match - either consistency needed or choice of colour/texture would be good: It would be great if the height of walls to be used between bridges could be looked into as well, as previously asked for: Many thanks, in hope....
  6. A friend in my alliance and I were talking about putting one on the lower floor and the other on top of the jutting chimney. So what if there was a modification for plain walls (not doors, windows, ect) Where you could build a chimney using bricks that allow for forges/ovens/smelters to be secured into them. Keeping the quality/rarities of the heating container but removing the unsightly chimney through the floor.
  7. for the first item, I'd like to have a plain and trimmed narrow stone archway. This would help make some of the interior rooms easier to separate without needing doors or huge open arches. The second item would be useful for farmers with large fields. Activate the seed spreader, and you can use it to sow your fields without having to activate every seed. would still be limited to 100 seed count.
  8. We now have rendered versions of house walls and stone fences. Unfortunately a rendered version of the "low stone wall" seems to be missing. It would be good to have that too. Please add "rendered low stone wall".
  9. This is what it looks like, what it is meant to look like; This is what it looks like when you get far enough away from it; if there's no chance of a fix, please mention that.. I'll knock them down and try again. until then, thank you.
  10. Hey! I noticed this weird thing happening when I was building my house's second floor. It appeared that I wasn't able to plan walls in 5 tiles, as it claimed that "the roof is on the way". However, I was able to build on every other tile border, eventhough there was a roof touching the tile border on a side. I even managed to plan a wall on the same roof's side, where on the other side it claimed that roof was on the way. Here some pictures from what happened. So any idea what is going on and if this is a bug?
  11. Not looking for gunpowder-laced explosions (though awwwesome); however, some degree of animation for walls collapsing and stone debri flying. EDIT: Granted on the matter of explosions... there IS magic.
  12. I have several issues with buildings and fences in Wurm. Problem 1: Fences require 1 unit of rocks, shards, planks. Yet they only restore a flat 10 damage, and always take 30 seconds. No skill adjustment, no quality adjustment, nothing. For a repair: I suggest the repair is completed like any other item, and will consume quality as the item is repaired The amount of quality reduced would be dependent on the construction skill of the repairer. The amount of damage repaired would be dependent on the repair skill of the repairer. The timer for such actions would be 30 seconds - ((10 * repair skill)+(10 * Construction skill)) Allowing for as low as 10 second repair actions. For an improvement: I would suggest that the improvement process is just like any other. The primary building material or tools be used. Total improved cannot exceed quality of material? Total improvement would be Material QL/ # of primary items in construction. Thus 1 stone brick at 60 quality would at most improve a Stone Fence by 6 points, and will not improve the wall over 60ql in total, however tools would improve beyond that. Problem 2: Walls and fences don't always require their building material for repair/improvement. Rope fences require planks. Is built with shafts and ropes. (planks work with this how?) Woven fences require wood scraps. Repairs with Wood scraps. (only problem is you can only get this by making other things.) Round pole fence Low & High repairs with planks, and is make with shafts and nails. (this should repair with shafts.) Crude wooden fence: repairs with planks, (this at least makes sense.) Wooden fences: (works fine as is) Hedge fences: There is currently no way to improve these fences. Perhaps a hedge could take damage over time at it's highest growth stage, and this could be reduced by pruning. The hedge could also be improved in a similar way, if it is pruned and on a growth with 0 damage it would improve slightly? I'm not going to list the stone variants, as I think the list above makes my objections evident. I want to also take a moment while requesting this change, that this is not all meant to be implemented. It's a series of make the repairs a little more in line with the rest of the system. Thanks!
  13. So tried to repair a wall on a upper level from the ground floor and I get the message "The stone wall is in the way." I can repair it from the outside okay, but not on the inside, tried doing this from adjacent tiles, but no luck there.
  14. I recently ran into a construction problem because I thought guard towers were solid and had planned on using two sides as walls. After asking in help about it, I was informed that my only options were to either demolish my project, or the tower, & rebuild; neither were very appealing. Because the only reason I thought the guard towers were solid is because they 'look' solid, I figure if the main level of the tower 'looked' to have arched walls instead of solid ones (& an unclimbable ladder inside, so it still looks functional) it might prevent others from making the same mistake.
  15. A fence will limit wall construction (wooden or stone) on any floor above it to only an arch. With an arch and fence already built on ground level, all floors above can only have another arch built on that tile border, no other wall type options are available. Presumably also the case (though untested) if the fence is already constructed on any floor it would block those above (and possible even below) (Originally reported in game by Nyuna on Xanadu, but reproduced by myself to double check)
  16. I have encountered a strange bug where a wall built on top of a slope block access to the tile at the bottom of the slope. I cant lead animals because it says theres a wall in the way when its not. The wall is on the top of the slope not at the bottom. It doesnt affect all tiles since I can lead through some borders and get around the bug The bug also makes it difficult to climb the slope and cause you to get stuck for a bit. The slope is 40 dirt steep. .
  17. Hi, just after i logged in got to second floor in one of my house and got attacked by a spider that was outside the house (locked house) and got bite by trough the Plain narrow stone windows. have no idea how it's possible so i asked on CA help channel and got suggested to post it here.
  18. hey guys, we're loving the new interior furniture, now we need to get some wall decorations! Some suggestions we came up with: Hunting Trophies - using corpse from champ animals/unique's, create a head mount for your best kills! (could also make full sized taxidermy trophy of things too.... new skill?) Shelves - show trinkets like bottles, couple books, maybe a skull or something (decoration only) Sconces - just something like branched lighting fixtures that are different than the standard lamps Wall Art - Paintings, Tapestries that don't wave... something like that. Just a few random ideas to flesh out the interior of the house a little more. Thoughts and suggestions welcome!
  19. We have a plain stone barred wall but no stone barred wall. In the interest of design and continuity, could you finish the job? ty
  20. Feature Request Perhaps add the ability to flip walls or some other way to fix cosmetic issues as shown below. Not sure what can be done about the walls bleeding into the floors but maybe it has to do with thickness. Cosmetic Issues Pointed ends of straight walls always face one direction and causes an issue like this... Angled part of arched wall only faces one direction and causes an issue like this... Textures from stone brick walls overlap with textures of wood floors and stone brick floors...
  21. With the recent addition of new wall types like the trimless stone options, timber frame, and the portcullises, I've been thinking about a few other options that would be easy to add and allow players to develop new housing and castle designs! Stone Long Arched Wall: Stone Tall Arched Wall: Though they don't add much, I think they will add even more variety to the walls in game currently. Just a thought (:
  22. I cannot draw but really would like the option to build walls like in the pic here, so that you can have the option to build just a little strip of wall either to the left or right of a tile, or just across the top, or half arch to the left or half arch to the right...please. We can then build tall arches, or wide arches, as big as we want. All of these parts have to line up when built next to or on top of each other, and when the arches are built there is empty space to the side where the wall is not built, so if you build another one on the adjacent tile they line up like one big over two tile arch, same principle for building them on top of each other to create very tall open spaces.
  23. Like the title says can you interact with a token through a window? I am wanting to put the token behind the wall in a secure area but use a window to allow players to reach through to make bank withdrawals..etc Will this work does anyone know? Edit: here is a pic so you can see more of what i am after here the spot of sand is the token tile..
  24. Okay, so figured these low stone walls match great with my slate - only to realize, although they are buildable, they have clearly not been adapted to be able to work with the multi story houses... I imagine this could use some work?
  25. Not entirely sure what impact windows and doors (let alone low walls) have on archery exactly; however, even an arrow slit can be fired into from the outside. Better defense to peeps inside than the aforementioned walls and fences... blah blah. Offhand would say stone only; though, the other wall material types would probably be fine. EDIT: Oddly enough, dont see this come up often.