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Found 6 results

  1. Hi fellow Wurmians! After a longer hiatus, I am back to business! Not sure if I should rather start a new thread, but I still had this one so... thought I'd just update it with current stock. I am also available for custom casts again. Prices below. *** Fo and Vynora priests custom casts available! *** 2s per 90+ Mind Stealer Cast/ 90+ Life Transfer cast, 80 c for 80+ cast, 60 c for 70+ cast. 1 s per 90+ COC /WOA/Nimbleness, 40 c per 80+ cast, 30 c per 70+ cast. No extra charge if cast turns out way higher than ordered by accident. We can forge most items to specs, up to 90 ql for blacksmithing items, 70 ql for weaponsmithing items, 50 ql for wooden items, 30 ql jewelry, 30 ql masonry items. Demise of choice: free! Current Vynora priest stats: 99 Channeling, 64 Soul Depth, Benediction, Faith and Alignment are kept at 100 for casting. Fo Priest stats: 91 Channeling, 38 Soul Depth, Faith and Alignment are kept at 100 for casting. *** Free mailing included & free Pizza with every order*** *** Current Special Items *** pendulum, gold, 31 ql, 91 LITW - 1 s Star Diamond, 21 ql, 1 s Star Diamond, 24 ql, 1 s Fireworks 80 ql - 1 s Supreme Champagner - 3 s Rare Adamantine lump, 87 ql, 0.35 kg - 2 s *** Skiller *** awl, steel, 33 ql, 101 coc - 2.5 s bucket, oakenwood, 34 ql, 100 coc - 2 s butcher knife, iron, 1 ql, 96 coc - 1 s carving knife, iron, 50 ql, 92 coc - 1 s cheese drill, oakenwood, 50 ql, 98 coc, 1 s dredge, 51 ql, 101 coc - 2.5 s eye, 62 ql, 101 coc - 2 s file, iron, 61 ql, 103 coc - 3 s fork, steel, 19 ql, 101 coc - 2,5 s fruit press, oakenwood, 54 ql, 99 coc - 1 s grind stone, 30 ql, 97 coc - 1 s grooming brush, oakenwood, 17 q, 97 coc - 1 s grooming brush, pinewood, 17 ql, 103 coc - 3 s hatchet, steel, 1 ql, 102 coc - 3 s knife, steel, 19 ql, 98 coc - 1 s large metal shield, iron, 13 ql, 93 coc - 1 s large metal shield, steel, 8 ql, 101 coc - 2.5 s leggat, pinewood, 50 ql, 91 coc - 1 s lump, gold, 33 ql, 96 coc - 1 s lump, iron, 90 ql, 96 coc - 1 s lump, lead, 95 ql, 97 coc - 1 s meditation rug, 8 ql, 100 coc - 2 s pelt, large rat, 99 ql, 100 coc - 2 s pelt, large rat, 100 ql, 105 coc - 3 s pickaxe, steel, 14 ql, 100 coc - 2 s pickaxe, steel, 4 ql, 97 coc - 1 s puppet, vynora, 20 ql, 92 coc - 1 s puppet, magranon, 29 ql, 101 coc - 2.5 s puppet, libila, 20 ql, 91 coc - 1 s puppet, fo, 27 ql, 93 coc - 1 s rake, steel, 19 ql, 95 coc - 1 s rake, steel, 19 ql, 102 coc - 3 s ring, gold, 20 ql, 102 fire protection - 2 s rope tool, oakenwood, 49 ql, 100 coc - 2 s shovel, iron, 8 ql, 95 coc - 1 s sickle, iron, 74 ql, 103 coc - 3 s sickle, steel, 1 ql, 96 coc - 1 s small anvil, 19 ql, 104 coc - 3 s spindle, cedarwood, 2 ql, 104 coc - 3 s stone chisel, iron, 20 ql, 99 coc - 1 s trowel, iron, 5 ql, 102 coc - 3 s *** Speedster *** pickaxe, iron, 84 ql, 91 woa, 1 s saddle, 31 ql, 93 woa - 1 s highest casted tools on my Glasshollow merchant: (can be mailed too) *** Weapons *** Rare staff, iron, 91 ql, 100N, 96LT, 93 COC, 95MS - 10 s Rare small axe, copper, 80 ql, 99N 97LT 100COC 100MS, Monster Demise - 10 s axe, iron, 72 ql, 79N 71LT 71COC 73MS - 1,8 s huge axe, silver, 71 ql, 86N 76LT 82COC 78MS - 2,20 s large maul, iron, 73 ql, 73N 91LT 89COC 104MS - 7 s large maul, lead, 77ql, 71N 71LT 68COC 63MS - 1,50 s long spear, oakenwood, 71 ql, 94N 73LT 102COC 76MS - 5 s long sword, iron, 71 ql, 80N 69LT 78COC 67MS - 1,50 s long sword, lead, 80 ql, 102N 94LT 90COC 90MS - 7 s scythe, silver 71 ql, 83N 90LT 89COC 93MS - 5 s short sword, lead, 71 ql, 84N 80LT 99COC 71MS - 2,80 s short sword, silver, 71 ql, 102N 89LT 95COC 81MS - 5 s sickle, silver, 71 ql, 95N 83LT 91COC 83MS - 3,60 s staff, silver, 71 ql, 90N 101LT 97COC 83MS - 6 s small axe, iron, 73 ql, 74N 90LT 76COC 83MS - 2,50 s small maul, iron, 70 ql, 92N 93LT 92COC 99MS - 6 s two hand sword, iron, 74 ql, 70N 79LT 106COC 87MS - 4,50 s enchanted weapons on my Glasshollow Market merchant (can be mailed too): Free demise spells of choice, just let me know which one you want! Legend: coc = Circle of Cunning = helps with skill gain woa = wind of ages = makes the task you are doing with said item go faster c = copper coins s = silver coins ql = item quality aosp= aura of shared pain = deals damage to the attacker when they hit you. LT = Life transfer = heals you when dealing damage to an enemy MS= Mind Stealer = has a chance of stealing knowledge/skill from an enemy once it is killed by this weapon N= Nimbleness = Increases chances to hit LITW = locates champion creatures
  2. Selling a bit of everything ! Pickup available at Independence House of Lords M25 (ingame map) or 62x41y (community map). Taking sleep powders as payment for crops and enchants now! Taking orders for any items you may need ! For any questions or orders send a forum message or PM Zoranah or Raldon ingame ?Acorns? ?Animal bits? ?Building materials?️ ?Cochineals? ?Collectables? ?Compasses?️ ?Crops? ?Cheese? ?Dyes? ?Eggs? ??Enchants?? ?Fillets? ?Fish? ?Flowers? ?Fruits? Grass? ?Herbs&Spices? ?Hides? ?Imping services? ?Juices? ?Leather? ?Maple sap? ?Meals? ?Meat? ?Milk? ?Oils? Potions Potion mixing ?Rares/Supremes/Fantastics? ?Recipes? ??Rune attaching services?? ??Sacs?? ?Seedlings? ?Silver coins? ?Shoulderpads? ?Sprouts? ?Tomes? Transmutation liquids ?Woad? ?Wool?
  3. Offering you the finest wares, Tenakill has 3 merchant locations spanning across 2 servers, holding a variety of goods. The first location is found at Freedom Market on the Independence server (m16, in-game map). The second location is found at Slovenia (Glasshollow) Market on the Xanadu server (c10, in-game map). The third location is found at Tenakill's Landing on the Xanadu server (b16, in-game map). Tenakill also takes special orders and offers equipment improving service. If you do not see an item on our merchants, you can contact Asidecay or Becket to place an order. All orders and improvement services will require the customer to meet the delivery costs. Delivery/Pickup will be made to either Tenakill on the Independence server (n9), or to Tenakill's landing on the Xanadu server (b16). We can send items via mail to any Freedom server, but the CoD cost may vary for the customer, depending on their location. Pricing is listed below, excluding improvement services. Contact us for pricing on an improvement. Smithing Blacksmithing (iron) 81ql - 70c91ql - 1.5s92ql - 2s95ql - 4s Weaponsmithing (iron) 81ql - 1s91ql - 2s Chainsmithing (iron) 81ql Pants or Jacket - 70c81ql All other armor pieces - 50c Platesmithing 71ql Great helm - 80c Shieldsmithing 81ql - 1s91ql - 2s Horseshoe Sets (4 shoes per set) 71ql - 2s (50c per shoe)91ql - 5s (1.25s per shoe) Light Sources 71ql Iron lamps - 60c each (set of 10 - 5s)91ql iron lantern - 2s *light sources can be dyed white at no additional cost if requested Anchors 50+ql lead anchor - 50c Carpentry Carpentry and Fine Carpentry Tools 81ql - 70c 91ql - 2s*wood type can be requested, if applicable Bowyery 81ql Willow - 1s91ql Willow - 2s Large Crates 50+ql - 30c each*wood type can be requested Wagons 71ql Freedom kingdom wagon - 1.5s*wood type can be requested Tailoring Studded Armor 81ql Pants or Jacket - 60c91ql Pants or Jacket - 90c81ql All other armor parts - 40c91ql All other armor parts - 60c81ql Full set - 4s91ql Full set - 6s Saddles 71ql - 1.5s91ql - 4s Bridles 71ql - 50c91ql - 1s Meditating Rugs 71ql, any type - 1s Misc Cloth Items Sheet, varying ql - 15cFreedom tabard, 50+ql - 20cFreedom Flag, 50+ql - 25cFreedom Banner, 50+ql - 25c Vynora Enchants WoA, CoC, AoSP or Frostbrand powers 0-69 power - 1c per power70-75 power - 1.5c per power 76-80 power - 2c per power81-90 power - 2.5c per power Nimbleness 0-70 power - 1.5c per power71-75 power - 2c per power76-80 power - 2.5c per power81-85 power - 3c per power86-90 power - 3.5c per power Mind Stealer 0-80 power - 3c per power 80-90 power - 4c per power **All skiller tools (<20ql) will have a base price of 25c in addition to enchant costs** Life Transfer Enchants In limited capacity, we are now able to offer LT enchants on weapons, thanks to a partnership with the almighty Pumpkin King, Raamkozijn/Blahsonson. You can visit his merchant page here: > Generally speaking, we are unable to offer custom casts at this time, but a variety of pre-enchanted weapons will be available through our merchant locations listed in the beginning of this opening post. Raam's pricing structure for LT is also used by us, with prices per power listed below (in copper coin value):
  4. Im on the Exodus server, based near Sheriff, Y-46, X-25. Libilian Outlaws on the map. COD available, 91 courier on the box so items arrive fast! With new changes to mailing, im unsure what i can still mail. (Updating mail items as i discover what can and cant be mailed.) Currently have 2 merchants place at Arcanium market, 3 at Exo central market, 1 at White pearl. Large Maul = Yes Huge Axe = No Longsword at 30ql yes in a barrel wrapped, 70ql wont even wrap. Sycthe = No Status - Open! Weapon workload Light Enchanting workload Light All Weapons 50ql 50c 60ql 60c 70ql 70c 80ql 1s Takes awhile, please be patient when ordering All Tools 50ql 25c 60ql 50c 70ql Very soon Enchants Coc + Woa + Frostbrand + Litd etc 1-69 1c Per enchant power 70-79 1c Per enchant power, +10c 80-84 1c Per enchant power +30c 85-89 1c Per enchant power +60c 90+custom Nimbleness + Mindstealer 1-69 2c Per enchant power 70-79 2c Per enchant power, +10c 80-84 2c Per enchant power +30c 85-89 2c Per enchant power +60c 90+custom Max of 70 when ordering, often cast higher. Mining up to 92ql Locks and Lock picks - On request Woodcutting up to 73ql Jewelry Smithing up to 50ql Healing - Free! Also plenty of food at my place for the starving travellers, just holla if hungry! Current Orders Open!
  5. Ships Sailing boat 2s Knarr 20s Caravel 30s I will not make Cogs or Corbitas - they are not worth the effort anymore as prices are so low. Imped to 55ql, any wood you like, made to order. Pickup only. The Whispering Wood's cave shipyard. 5 Trait horses 50c each. Have many in black. Discounts for venerables when available. Blacksmithing items 60ql for 40c each. I will not do large anvils it's too boring. Vynora enchants up to 50 power for 1c per point. Can often get higher enchants, just not reliably enough to advertise. Jewellery items Up to 50ql, gold or silver: Altar message me to discuss Candelabra 60c Other stuff 50c Mailbox ready Can CoD those things which are CoD-able. [14:42:56] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [94]
  6. Ebon Rih & Cobalt Quay ( x38y12) present Rihland Trading reply here or pm Renala, Cally or Liviella ig or on the forums Enchantment Pricing Guide; 1-49 power == enchant is free! 50-59 power == 1c per enchant power 60-69 power == 1c per enchant power +5c 70-79 power == 1c per enchant power +10c 80-89 power == 1c per enchant power + 50c 90+ power will be auctioned! Carpentry & Blacksmithing Pricing Guide; 1c per 5ql Bulk Pricing Guide; 10i per action Rare, Supreme and Utmost Items will always be auctioned! --- mailables for sale cod paid by buyer 61.19ql oak mallet (woa50) == 62c 61.83ql oak mallet (woa76coc32) == 98c 61.29ql oak mallet (woa44) == 12c 43.72ql iron pickaxe (woa54) == 62c 54.25ql iron pickaxe (woa48) == 10c 70.90ql iron pickaxe (woa67) == 86c 70.40ql iron pickaxe (woa47) == 14c 65.27ql iron saw (woa56) == 69c bulk for sale pickup only! 2000 cooked meat (pickup only) == 3.5s --- ​for auction 30.70ql birchwood rare long spear, FORTHCOMING