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Found 12 results

  1. I initiated combat with an aged slow goblin in the entrance to a tunnel, and noticed a visual distortion of bright colours that looked a bit like a cloud spell effect. I am not a magic user or even a follower, and I am not aware that goblins can cast spells. I can only assume it was a visual bug. The colours shifted and changed during combat in a jerky flickering way, and the patch of colour ended up being almost totally white. Combat continued as normal. I took some screenshots during the fight:
  2. Hello. I've been out of wurm for a couple months and i come back to find visual settings are (or appear to be!) different! O.o I mount my horse and this is what i see: i would greatly appreciate any/all help in correcting this! It's not very easy to see where I'm riding like this! lol thanks
  3. Both myself and someone else in my alliance are experienceing this same problem with crop sprites not loading correctly. Upon entering a field area I see only very faint crop sprites. Once I farm a tile the sprites, in a surrounding area of approximately 5 tiles, render correctly but the remaining crops are still fainter than they should be. This is a problem that I have only noticed since at the weekend I had to replace my GPU. Going from a GTX 680 to a GTX 1050 Ti. We're both running the same 385.41 drivers and both cards are Gigabyte. His is a GTX 1070 G1 Gaming card. On my old card with older drivers, this was never an issue. Any help with this would be appreciated.
  4. It's nearly pitch black out but the fish are visible from a great distance. Too bad fishing isn't like this IRL Config
  5. Hiho, i noticed that taking the glove off a hand that is holding a weapon also makes the weapon dissapear for other players. Equipping the glove again isn't bringing the weapon back. The weapon must be re-equipped to show again. It looks like being unarmed to other players this way.
  6. Hello! I finally made my own thread about this bug I've had for about 2 years now, ever since I started to use new laptop with 64-bit java. Tiles have since then shifted randomly while I move. I've tried to google out several times how to fix this issue, but I haven't been able to find solution that works for me. I've tried different combinations with the Compability -settings without any result and also tried both 32-bit and 64-bit java. My graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GT 740M. Here are some examples of my view when I play the game. Any solution ideas are welcome!
  7. I'm running the stable client and today on the north side of deli on a sailboat, I kept getting the your movement is not being updated jargan. Anyhow I was able to see mountains on the border of Deli. This is a photo facing north looking away from the mainland. At one point it was just trees floating in the air.
  8. Not even slightly game breaking unless there is a food fight.
  9. i unequipped my scale and in my character window it is showing me as wearing white drake and a freedom tabard when i possess neither of those things. EDIT: it also shows when i look down at my avatar's feet. to other players my character is wearing nothing.
  10. Wurmians... In real life, blades are usually stored in a protective casing or sheath to keep the metal from being exposed to the elements. In Wurm, this is not the case. Many of you would probably consider this "Unnecessary", and I agree, yes, it is silly when there are bigger fish to fry... ...but wouldnt it be cool, just from a graphical perspective? How it would work: New slot be added on the character sheet - the hip slot - right and left included Hip slot could hold the sheath, and maybe a few other items like a satchel or a "Belt bag"(which functionality could be added as well with sheaths) When not in combat, your weapon would be graphically in the sheath, freeing both hands visually. Axes and special weapons could have unique graphics to provide adaquate realism for the specific blade Two handed weapons would be mounted on the back graphically, but would still take up the "Hip Slot" ... just an idea, what do other Wurmians think?
  11. Hello i have a problem whith the animation on the fountain.! Please help me!
  12. Hi, i made some pottery shingle roofs for my house but i'm not able to see them. Other players can see them but that is not working for me, there are only bit question marks on a satchel where the roof should be. Same problem is occuring while i try to load the client with Ironwood skin, all UI opens with big Red X's . Waiting for help thanks