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Found 1 result

  1. Ajala's Oil & Vinegar

    Hello folks! I have a load of barrels of cooking oil and vinegar for sale. All barrels are full (45kg per barrel), sealed for freshness (no decay as long as you keep em sealed with a peg after use) and many are 70+ QL. They're all 35c per barrel. Current stock: Corn Oil -- 45kg of sweet, oily goodness. Perfect for stir fries, curries, fish n chips, popcorn, and many many more recipes. Each full barrel contains 500 crushed corn and takes an absolute age to produce. Every serious cook needs a barrel close to their oven. Cotton Seed Oil -- Hundreds of pieces of cloth armor had to be sacrificed in the making of these oil barrels. Walnut Oil -- Seasonal item. Requires 500 walnuts and hours of clicking to make. Currently out of stock. Hazelnut Oil -- Seasonal, plus hazelnut farming is a relatively new development in Wurm, which makes full barrels challenging to come by. Currently out of stock. Malt Vinegar -- This stuff takes ages to prepare and real-life days to ferment, so why wait? Get yourself a few full 45kg barrels, keep them next to your oven, and make yourself as much curry, pickled veg, ketchup, mayo and other recipes as you want with no delay. Rice Wine Vinegar -- These are tough to make, give almost no skill when made, and take just as long to ferment as other vinegars. Can be used in all the same recipes that call for vinegar. White Wine Vinegar -- In Wurm, wine-making is punishingly difficult and almost impossible to grind. Unfortunately, you need to make wine before you can make wine vinegar. Red Wine Vinegar -- I forgot to mention, if you want to make both types of wine, you need to have vineyards on both sides of the server's equator. Blue grapes grow in the south side. Green, in the north. Just like in real life! This quirk adds potentially hours travel time to the already laborious process of making vinegar. Honey Vinegar -- Farming honey can be a painful business. Those little yellow-black buggers are very, very, very slow workers. Why bother waiting? Cider Vinegar -- Seasonal item, requiring loads of mashed apples. In-game PM is the quickest way to buy if I'm online, but you can order here on the forums too. COD cost is 10c per barrel. I will deliver orders over 10s. Pickup from central Xanadu is also possible. Looking forward to doing business with you! Ajala