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Found 1 result

  1. I've always wondered. Why isn't there a way for a mayor, or villager, to put up posts and ads at their town center? The reason? There isn't any tools to allow it. Now, having something to add a second use to papyrus making: You write up Posts onto papyrus, and then anyone who has permission access to the board can open the board and leave a papyrus scroll in it with something written. The owner of the board can set a time limit, or no limit; in any case, one would be given an Option to Read. There would be many uses to such. yes, people use forums to replace them, but it would add a lot more to the game if you could do it In Game... Job Requests. Someone could go to a blacksmith's, drop a tool to be imped, and leave a note in his buletin board that reads "Hello. When you have time, I'd like to see my Pickaxe Imped. Thank you!" Messages from the Mayor without having to clutter up the MOTD or change it daily. So, any villagers could go to the buletin board, and see what's going on around the place. On PvP servers, people could post up bounties, or warnings and such. I'm awful at drawing, but I'm sure some of you great artists could come up with something awesome. It would need planks and sticks for building the post, and likely several hooks (only use otherwise being toolbelts) that are used for hanging the papyrus on. (Punch a hole, and let the sheet dangle) Planks, nails, hooks, and shafts. Quantities and such still needs discussion, but it shouldn't be too different price-wide to a large sign. Quality could affect the decay rate of the papyrus inside it. ((Low Quality making the message rot away from rain and decay in a few days)) while a high quality one better protects the precious messages it holds!