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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! This thread is for deed videos, you need to be either the mayor or have permission to represent. This is for WO and WU, please specify origin. I'm personally using Bandicam, OBS Studio is a professional favourite. for general info on what to use, this url might serve you well: Be sure to max out the resolution with the gear icon, these first ones are uploads to combat compression and please, don't hesitate to present your own deeds here More people need to see this game, hopefully this thread will fill and the content will be used to market it. Knightshade, Deliverance - North East Coast Age - 5+ years (in 2019) Waystone Network - Yes Cash in Coffers - 1000 days Mayor Name - Steve Lee If you like what you see, half of the credit goes to@Warlanderwithout whom, none of this would have been possible. (dp) Fabled Halls, Deliverance - North East Coast Age - 2 years Waystone Network - Yes Cash in Coffers - 1 year Mayor name -@Fablecrafter This is my neighbors deed, a great deal of energy and finance went into creating it. This project was greatly assisted by@Shydowand@SugarFoxxwith additional commitment from@BipolarBear(and i)
  2. Hey guys so now I'm back actively making videos again I just thought I'd make a new thread that I can drop all my non Wurm related content into. Which will included mainly CS:GO related videos and then random other games (Right now I'm currently piecing together a Rimworld Video series). If you have any requests for games I should play or suggestions for video ideas please let me know! Cheers! CS:GO Rimworld:
  3. As many that subscribe to my channel on youtube, I've been doing a lot of streams of late. These are not specific topics or showcase, just gameplay that people can watch while grinding away. We do chat about specific wurm stuff it does come up but mainly it's just fun times, adventure or whatever comes up. Anyway, this is a heads up to those who don't sub to my channel. I know a a lot of people like watching stuff while grinding away so here the playlist. I mainly stream weeknights after 9;30pm (+10 gtm) Come along for the ride
  4. I've been putting together a few videos of things around Wurm (though I've only posted some kill videos so far, since they are finished in one go) and I realized I wasn't sure if I was doing Wurm title cards right. I had just pulled them from the wiki, grayed them out and cropped them, and used a WO loading picture for the opening. But I don't know if these are actually okay to use like that. If not, where can I find/find out what is okay for that? The videos in question:Forest Giant White Dragon Hatchling Kyklops
  5. Brought to you by Google. SwedishPhoenix: The Blob (2007) > Commcd: beta footage (2006 or earlier) > David Bowlin: Sky burning (2007) > Johan Nygren: pyramid thing with several piles of dirt (2007) > SwedishPhoenix: Raid at IS (2007) > ??? (2011) >
  6. Earlier this week I made a video covering some stuff in a battle in wurm and Google decided to do this little annoying thing to the video: Despite me pointing out that it had royalty free music and voice recordings from teamspeak they still want some form of paperwork saying we can make videos from the game developer. So was wondering if Code Club AB could post a statement for youtube monetization. This will also be a handy reference for any future people who make monetized videos about wurm in the future so they don't have to hassle the developers for some sort of email saying they can make videos.