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Found 1 result

  1. I hear a few grumbles from newer players about how hard it is to get started in Wurm. I think we need a thread about how the current Wurm Vets got their first break. I think you'll find most of them didn't hit the ground running, but clawed their way up doing odd jobs and getting a leg up from friends and village mates. Their successes were often hard-earned, because back then a 'fast track' was unheard of. From my experience any successes were on a personal level, vast wealth was never expected and high skills were admired but not deemed necessary to have fun. I'll pick just one skill out of the 138 available - animal husbandry: I've always loved horses, and, ever since I first saw the Wurm horses, I guess I fell in love with them. I was a villager when I got started breeding horses on Pristine, it wasn't my deed, but I was gifted the use of a field to breed some horses, with the condition that I do the horse breeding and would provide good horses for the carts and wagons on deed, but I had a lot of help.. I remember an exciting cart journey out to the Steppe, where I was shown where to find wild horses - I could not believe my eyes - lots of grey horses and they were free for the taking. I grabbed a rope, picked out a few and ran back home behind the cart leading my new horses. Breeding up these horses took time, and it was a joint project, if anyone produced a foal with traits we'd pick the best and breed them to try to get more good traits. I became stuck at 3 traits for a long while - I was not yet premium, and I did not know my low skill may have been stopping me adding any more traits. My village mate who was premium used to tell me the traits and I'd write them down against each horse name in a notebook. A lady up the road was breeding 5-speeds. At the time, I had no idea how she was doing it - I thought her AH skill must have been very high. She put an ad out over the freedom sever "Free 4-speeds to good home!" We jumped in the cart and set off as fast as our little 3-speeds would take us. As we travelled she typed the traits of the animals into our chat windows - We picked out three straight-4-speed stallions, white and gold. After that I started to breed my first 4-speed filly foals, and in due course I learned how to breed 5-speeds from 4-speeds with all 5 speed traits between them. Eventually I learned how to breed 5-speeds from two 3 speeds, but by then I was selling 5-speeds on Pristine. All this way before I went premium or got my own deed. When I went premium this opened a world of new adventures. It was exciting watching my AH skill rise and being able to see more and more traits. I got my own deed with lots more space for the horses. This did not happen overnight, it took a long time - then many months to build up a good herd, yet I still have the first named horse I got on Pristine back in 2013. Animal Husbandry is just one skill in Wurm - and it is by no means my main skill - yet all the skills are full of memories like these. What I'm trying to say is that success in Wurm does not come handed on a plate - although you will find as I did, that many more-advanced players are generous and eager to help new players get their first break. I owe a lot to the good people who were there when I started out and many more that I have met along the way. So calling all vets - how did you get your first break?