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Found 7 results

  1. Hello guys! Prices: Less than 10 = 2c/ql More than 10 = 1c/ql Will cod as soon as possible IGN: Panquecca
  2. So the story goes kinda like this.. i have reached 47 faith and 27 channeling and for the life of me i can''t vessel a gem and the only reason i mention is this is becasue i got a shiiite load of gems and am i told thats the best way to level channeling once you reach this state.. can anybody tell me why i can't for the life of me vessel a gem evrytime i try whether it be at 30 favour or 7.5 or 20 or 25 or 30 or 45 on a gem over 10ql under 10 ql or even with 10ql i always get a message saying failed to channel vessel...whats up with that?? i know its difficult at 70 i belive but i ahve tried with chain on with chaon off naked, with cloth on and every combination in between... is there something i am missing about this.. please enlighten me... thanks in advance for any comments.. />salamon
  3. Hello 280ql gems - 2.8s Delivery/cost depends on distance
  4. Looking for 11s for 1090QL worth of gems (2c/quality.) All gems are over 10ql, great for favour storage/doubling/vesseling etc. Free delivery to anywhere on Freedom! (I'm located on Deli but don't mind traveling.)
  5. 1156 QL Gems for vessel grinding. Starting bid : 22 S Minimum increase bid: 25 c No reserve No buyout Ravens Bluff is located at (25x 35y) on Celebration Happy biding
  6. [sALE PENDING] topic on hold till I work things out with possible buyer [sOLD] Here I am again with a nice batch of gems to sell. Lots of -10ql gems good for grinding some serious channling skill As always, I round the ql down while adding it up (5.99ql is 5ql), offcourse the 0.xx ones I round up to 1ql for cost-calculation. All gems combined I came at a total ql of 4612ql Using the 2c/ql that would make around 92s But I'm willing to sell it for an even lower price at 80s This is pickup only at the deed Havilah on the Independence server at 21x24y (thats on the inner sea, if you are coming from one of the newer servers, its best to use Kinoss bay canal a very nice and smooth going canal in the south west) Location of Havilah: Gems:
  7. First off, I'm selling 37 gems totalling 1233ql for 25s (2c/ql). I will deliver to anywhere on Deliverance, Exodus or South Independance for free. They are all above 10ql, ideal for favor storage. Secondly I have 16 gems totalling 37ql for 1s (3c/ql), all below 10ql. They're ideal for channeling grinding, free delivery to anywhere on Deliverance or +10c to South Independance or Exodus. If you want to pick up I'm based in South East Deliverance at Miya and if you buy them with the first package of gems then they'll only cost you 50c. (Right is the first set and left is the second set) Happy buying P.S. I may already have a buyer for the first set of gems, feel free to offer though as that purchase may not happen.