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Found 20 results

  1. Goritschitzen Farm Market Located @ T18 on Melody FREE Delivery on some orders! Crops 90-95ql 95-98ql 1s/k 1.25s/k Cabbage 5k N/A Carrots 4k N/A Corn 3k 5k Cotton 1k 1k Cucumber 4k N/A Garlic 14k N/A Hay 1k N/A Lettuce 4k N/A Onion 7k 3k Pea Pods 7k 3k Potato 3k N/A Pumpkin 3k 2k Strawberry Sold Out 1k Tomato 8k 5k Wemp Sold Out Sold Out Grains 90-95ql 95-98ql 1s/k 1.25s/k Barley 1k 1k Oats 2k 1k Rye 1k 2k Wheat 5k 1k 80+ QL Black Mushrooms - 2k available / 3s per k 90+ QL Brown Mushrooms - 1k available / 2s per k 90+ QL Green Mushrooms - 1k available / 2s per k 80+ QL Sugar - 2k available / 3s per k Small Barrels of Honey (30 QL) - 3 available / 10c per barrel Delivery to Cadence or Harmony under 5k - 2s, 5k - 9.9k - 1s, 10k+ FREE Delivery on Melody - FREE Leave a post here or contact Tukodama in game.
  2. Screenshot updated after every harvest or transaction. I sell by the large crate-load. One large crate can hold 300 items. Price is 30c per 300 items. I cover the delivery cost and the crates. Wagoner delivery on Xanadu only. However for big orders valued at 4s or more I can find the time to sail to other freedom servers. In this case, free delivery and free crates as usual. Send me a forum PM or reply to this post if you're interested. My in-game name is Blakd but I am not online so much any more, except to farm.
  3. Cleaning out the bins of old stock. mix and match to your needs. Minimum order of 1k, please. Free fsb's and delivery, if reasonably accessible. I do have a Knarr for low water ports. If delivery by wagoner small crates free, but large crates 25c each, plus wagoner fees. **Wagoner deliveries only available on Melody currently unless you can provide a known public waystone near the shoreline that i can access with my own wagoner racks (or public racks).** 1.5s for 90+ql farm goods. 60c per k for the meats and fish. 97ql wemp available for 2s per k. Contact Snaglejr in game. *current stock as of July 3rd
  4. Currently at 87 farming skill. Selling bulk veggies 2s/k. Bulk wemp & cotton 4s/k. Want something specific? Tell me what to plant. 1 or 2 Chef packs still available 2.2s. PM Briars in game or respond here.
  5. CLOSE

    LOT 1: Overview of what you get: 13k reed 1.9k acorns 4k wemp 15k mushrooms 5k cotton Total:39k Starting bid: 9 silver Minimum increments: 50c No reserve LOT 2: Overview of what you get: 23k fruit 51k meat 3.4k flour 1.7k eyes 19k rice 4.7 k veg Total: 102k Starting bid: 30 silver Minimum increments: 1s No reserve LOT 3: Overview of what you get: 12k eyes 1.4k cheese 5k hearts 1.9k rice 400 eggs 1.8 fruit 2.7k spices 6k meat Total: 32k Starting bid: 10 silver Minimum increments: 1s No reserve Sniper protection for all: 1 hour SPECIFY WHICH LOT YOU ARE BIDDING ON AND THE AMOUNT YOU ARE OFFERING IN THE COMMENTS.
  6. Brewery Hill Produce Pristine All produce is priced at 1s/1k. Will provide a better price for bulk orders. Order requests also available. Produce Quantity Quality Cotton 4 94 1 93 1 95 Wemp 3 94 Cabbage 1 92 Carrot 2 95 Pumpkin 1 91 Sugarbeet 1 91 Tomato 1 92 Corn 1 95 Cucumber 1 95 Free delivery for orders over 3k to coastlines of any PvE server. Pickup can be arranged from Pristine. Smaller quantity deliveries can also be arranged. PM here or to Aussiemel ingame.
  7. Hello If you do not have time but you would be build! Brick 2,0s/K Mortar 2,0s/K Plank 2,0s/K Slate single 2,0s/K Marble brick 2s/K Colossus brick 2s/K Slate slabs 8s/100 Stone slabs 1,5s/100 Marble slabs 1,5s/100 Marble bazier 2.5s/1 80ql Slabs: stone slab, marble slab The transportation price is the same 1s. Location Xanadu S15 Karvalytanya port, Location primary: Xanadu M line west coast Minimarket (under construction) Storage level and price calculator (cost with crate or without crate)
  8. Hello All! I am currently trying to keep up with 2 deeds, with a total of 7s in upkeep combined, I have been having trouble selling my veggies over trade channel... I have 60k garlic at a quality of 98. Great for those Nahjo Priest who needs to sacrifice for favor or those who are trying to cook really high quality meals. Perhaps you have another use for the veggies. I am doing a one time sale on my veggies selling at a 10% discount so that is 90c for 1k of the veggies. There is no limit to how much you can order, with only the exception to Xanadu. Any order on Xanadu that is less then 5k veggies has an additional 1s delivery fee. If you buy all my veggies, you pay 54 silver flat, I will deliver it all to you. If you have a deed inland I can bring a wagon with me, but you will have to provide me with the animals to use for transport while I am there. Please PM Sugarfoxx on Deliverance. I am slow to reply to forum pms
  9. WTB vegetables up to 60k (different).... Interested in: corn/potatoe/garlic/onion Pickup is possible PM with your offers
  10. *This shop is on pause* Willow Point Trading is a port on Inde south coast and from here we offer FREE DELIVERY* to all Freedom servers (where our ships can sail to). All our items listed are already on our piers, guaranteeing fast delivery. (* Minimum order is 1s on Inde/Deli, 2s on Exo/Cele/Xanadu-West, 3s Xanadu-East/P & R.) Prices and current stock Crops etc Cotton QL61 - 2s per 1000 (stock 2000) Building materials etc. Ash QL26 - 2s per 1000 (stock 2000) Charcoal QL37 - 4s per 1000 (stock 400) Tar QL20 - 70c per 1000 (stock 1900) Logs QL80 logs - 1c each QL85 logs - 2c each QL90 logs - 4c each QL92 logs - 6c each Random QL cedar and willow - 1c, oak - 2c 200 sprouts for 1 silver Grapes QL44 (stock 1500) 150 sprouts for 1 silver Apple QL44 (stock 150) Birch QL51 (stock 150) Cherry QL50 (stock 300) Lemon QL50 (stock 300) Olive QL50 (stock 300) Pine QL52 (stock 300) 100 sprouts for 1 silver Apple QL82 (stock 100) Chestnut QL35 (stock 150) Linden QL50 (stock 300) Oleander QL45 (stock 150) 50 sprouts for 1 silver Camelia QL82 (stock 150) Thorn QL51 (stock 50) Walnut QL50 (stock 150) (flowers below!)
  11. Summer is here so it's time to clean out those BSB's and FSB's! Cooked meat 6k - 45ql // 1.5s/k ~Sale pending for 5.5k 0.5k - 90ql // 1s Vegetables 1.6k garlic - 70ql 1.4k pumpkin - 74ql 1s for 1k Sprouts 200 apple - 62ql 150 birch - 63ql 400 camellia 62ql 300 cedar - 57ql 300 grape - 46ql ~Sale pending for 30 085 lavender- 62ql 200 linden - 62ql 050 maple - 52ql 015 oak - 42ql 090 olive - 55ql 100 walnut - 61ql 1c sprout for regular ones - 2c/sprout for camellia, lavender and oak. Also 15 white-dotted flowers available at 10c each. Delivery/pickup Delivery possible, fee is negotiable. Pick up at L17 Exodus. Free delivery on Exo when ordering 2k+ veggies or meat, 5k+ to other servers. Trades for mid-high ql cotton (~2k), high COC (80+) grooming brush or large crates negotiable. You can also hire me for genesis casts & enchanted grass on all servers to speed up your breeding process! Love, Nadineb
  12. crops 83ql 4800 pumping 4000 corn 2000 garlic 1500 wemp 1k for 1s have seeds for wheat and so, cotton, onions, potatoes, so you can order (about 2k week) bulk carpentery 25ql, mix pine, cedar, birch (soon fruit trees logs) 1k planks - 1,50s 1k shafts - 1s 100 pegs - 20c 100 logs 25q - 50c 100 wooden beams - 20c for more to make arrows 100 maple arrow shafts ql 20 - 1s 44 hunter arrows ql 15-20 - 1s bulk blacksmith 500 small nails - 75c 500large nails - 1s 100 ribbons - 1s 500 rivets - 1s 500 mixed grass 50c 100 mixed flowers 20c Delivery for free on Indy and NDeli for order more then 3s Further for 50c Xanadu for 1s I´m not making for stock by now, so orders will be done by few days.
  13. Welcome in Varsovia Shipyard My nick in game: Wiluss Loc Exodus x47 y35 (East shore island) We offer : Ships: All with free lock and anchor and QL 80 Free delivery on exodus Raft 8c Rowing Boat 40c (pick up only) Smal Sailing Boat 1.5s Corbita 5s Cog 7s Knarr 16s Caravel 25s Farming: Vegetables, Coton , Wemp at 1s - 1000x Carpentry: Carpentry Tools up to 90ql Wood Cutting: 100 logs 70 QL - 50c Cotton: Meditation Rugs 30/40/50/60c at 60QL Sails Armors Ropes: Rope 1c Thick 10c Moring 5c Cordage 5c Weapon smithing (50ql Max): 10c for 50QL Stock: All ships with free lock and anchor and (Max 80QL) Rafts 70x - 8c per 1 Caravel Willow 80ql - 25s Caravel Apple 80ql - 25s Cog Mapple 80ql- 7s Knarr Cherry 75QL - 16s Corbita Apple 75QL - 5s Corbita Cherry 75QL - 5s Sailing boat Cherry 75QL -1s Sailing boat Apple 75QL - 1s Unfinished 99% : Sailing boat (you can pick wood type 1 peg left) 75QL - 1.5s Knarr (you can pick wood type 1 peg left) 75QL - 16s Sold: Sailing boat (you can pick wood type 1 peg left) 70QL - 1.5s Knarr (you can pick wood type 1 peg left) - 18s Knarr (you can pick wood type 1 peg left) - 18s Farming goods: 1s - 1k 10s - 11k PM Wiluss
  14. My nick in game and forum: Wiluss Loc Exodus x47 y35 (East shore island) All ships with free lock and anchor and QL80 Free Delivery on Exodus Rafts 70x - 8c per 1 Caravel Willow 80ql - 25s Caravel Apple 80ql - 25s Cog Mapple 80ql- 7s Knarr Cherry 75QL - 16s Corbita Apple 75QL - 5s Corbita Cherry 75QL - 5s Sailing boat Cherry 75QL -1s Sailing boat Apple 75QL - 1s Unfinished 99% : Sailing boat (you can pick wood type 1 peg left) 75QL - 1.5s Knarr (you can pick wood type 1 peg left) 75QL - 16s Farming goods 1s - 1000x Pm on forum Wiluss i get my emails everyday.
  15. 10k corn 90ql+ 1s per 1k 10k onion 90ql+ 1s per 1k 10k potato 90ql+ 1s per 1k Bricks 1.8s per 1k ql varies Sleep powder x4 3s per 2 Delivery available, will not deliver to pvp, message me in game (Druanie) or Pm me here Located in South Freedom
  16. My nick in game: Wiluss Loc Exodus x47 y35 (East shore island) Varsovia deed 1. Rare Fruit Press 90QL Willow Start Bid 1s 2. 8K Potatoes 68QL Start Bid 4s 3. 3,5K Onions 53QL Start Bid 1.5s 4. 5,5K Onions76QL Start Bid 3s 5. 4K Wemp 75QL Start Bid 2s 6. 4K Wemp 74QL Start Bid 2s 7. 4K Cotton 74QL Start Bid 2s Delivery on exodus 30c Auction End 09.09.2013 GMT+1 20:00
  17. Hi, I have 16k wemp (ql 74) and 8k pumpkins for sale, 1s/1k. Free delivery on Exo to coastal areas, in case of other freedom servers: forum pm me. Note: pumpkins can be used by priests too for making stew, if you crush them, if you don't crush it produces meal in a frying pan. Regards, Heroic
  18. Looking to buy 10-20k at 1k/1s. Delivery preferred (SE Independence). If its a large enough order I may be able to pickup.
  19. WTB veggies in 1k bulks Paying 1 silver per k. delivered current budget for this, around 20s. Location Exodus x14,y22. in game names Griffith or Femto but pm here, cuz i rarely read global chat.
  20. Hey everyone. Looking to buy 1k cooked meat and 1k veggies. Preferably pumpkins pumpkins but I'm open to other things. We're located on Celebration at New Awesomesaucia, between Tap Dance and Kami. 38x, 27y I'll pay the usual 1s/1k and we can discuss pickup or delivery options. If you're on celebration we can probably pick it up, but other servers would have to deliver. Open to any fair price on the delivery.