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Found 8 results

  1. Hello and welcome to Pantha's Weapons! I am a dedicated Freedom Master Weaponsmith and my mission is to provide value for money, hassle free and on time weaponsmithing services. Everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy this game and as such I do my best not to charge for premium that comes with this skill. There is no job too small and no order too big. Below prices are for Iron and Silver however I do stock all mined metals including those from metallurgy so if you have special requests please reach out via in game or these forums. Service Status Inactive Goods & Services * Silver weapons deal extra 10% damage to Hunter Mobs. ** Imp cost calculation example: Cost to imp 63.56 QL Iron Longsword to 90QL is 3s - 0.4s = 2.6s I believe in providing a genuine and fair service. If the weapon/tool that you have sent me for re-imp turns rare or supreme , I will not charge you extra. So far there have been 17 lucky customers. Contact (In game) Pantha Unique Weapon Auctions Helpful Info Weapon Stats Material Modifiers Enchants Active Enchanters Thank You, Pantha
  2. WTB an old priest account that I made about a year ago. Has a great deal of sentimental value to me and am willing to pay a price reflective of that sentimental value. I know who has the account currently and they are unwilling to sell, but in the event that A. they see this post and have a change of heart or B. They decide to sell it and don’t bother selling it to me, I’ll bump this thread occasionally as a standing offer for the account at any time from any owner. Thank you all
  3. The purpose of this thread is to discuss the Wurm Online market, its submarkets, supply, demand, value, population, or other factors that influence the market overall. It's a place to have a healthy conversation about changes over time that have had either positive or negative consequences on the market, players' ability to make in-game currency, get the items they need/want, etc. The goal of this thread is for the Wurm Online community at large to have a place to discuss these things and perhaps give some visibility to certain issues or problems that affect the market overall or even a specific submarket. The developers are doing a great job making improvements to the game. I believe it doesn't hurt to have this discussion though as it may guide future positive changes to the game. Share this thread and tell us what "you" think. P.S. Do not focus on the topic of selling in-game currency for real money. Keep it within the confines of in-game currency for the purpose of buying and selling in-game goods or services.
  4. I have lots of casted items to sell, many of which have rather nice casts ranging from 90+ to 60+, with the odd 50+. There's a huge range of tools, some horse gear and a few weapons & nolo rings. Items with exclusively CoC casts have been left as low-quality as possible, while WoA casted items have been imped up. Everything is COD from Chaos or can be collected from north Indy. I'll guarantee to have it in the mail within 24 hours of your reply below or PM Tools Pickaxes x29 [1 Sold!] QL WoA Coc Price 70.50 90 1.66s 70.41 85 1.13s 70.43 75 72c 70.35 73 71c 70.40 72 70c 70.51 71 69c 70.47 69 76 95c 70.38 68 54c 70.64 65 52c 71.22 64 52c 70.48 64 52c 70.31 64 56 65c 70.41 62 49c 50.32 96 2.52s 49.32 95 2.41s 47.96 91 1.95s 48.53 88 1.73s 44.45 87 1.70s 50.28 87 1.70s 49.96 81 1.20s 49.92 78 90c 32.82 78 90c 21.82 75 80c 11.10 69 54c 50.02 69 54c 50.35 65 52c 50.12 64 52c 49.14 62 51c Shovels x5 QL WoA Coc Price 70.38 66 53c 70.36 64 52c 70.32 61 50c 02.49 82 90c 04.44 73 70c Sickles x3 QL WoA Coc Price 39.95 89 1.25s 38.99 86 1.15s 48.78 81 95c Grooming Brush x3 QL WoA Coc Price 25.05 66 53c 48.63 64 52c 48.06 61 50c Rope Tools x4 [1 Sold!] QL WoA Coc Price 39.89 71 70c 38.92 69 65c 40.18 67 61c Fine Fishing Rods x6 (all made from willow) [2 Sold!] QL WoA Coc Price 50.22 82 95c 50.02 67 61c 50.07 66 60c 49.41 60 55c Hatchet x6 QL WoA Coc Price 72.44 75 67c 70.72 73 66c 70.56 73 69 95c 78.18 70 65c 79.12 64 52c 11.88 62 31c Cloth Tailoring Type QL WoA Coc Price Spindle 23.20 88 1.28s Scissors 58.49 68 54c Needle 70.52 82 95c Others Type QL WoA Coc Price Trowel 70.48 85 95c Rake 15.83 71 70c Rake 60.16 63 55c Mallet 50.46 88 1.10s File 64.21 72 70c Leather Knife 59.39 68 54c Leather Knife 67.01 61 50c Hammer 43.19 85 95c Hammer 51.00 58 35c Butchering Knife 28.03 65 52c Horse Gear Shoes x12 QL WoA Coc Price 77.24 76 78c 75.39 76 78c 72.46 76 78c 70.44 73 71c 70.61 71 70c 82.54 71 70c 88.32 68 54c 80.48 66 53c 86.91 64 52c 70.63 64 52c 70.46 64 52c 70.42 62 51c Saddles x4 [3 Sold!] QL WoA Coc Price 41.74 67 53c Weapons & NOLO Rings [3 Sold!] Type QL Casts Price Maul 75.33 n85 f73 c84 1.90s Longsword 79.92 n84 f78 c67 1.80s Longsword 77.86 n77 f64 c72 1.60s Thanks for looking! PM me if you have any questions. Screenshots of items in-game are available if you desire them. Also, as a side-note if you don't know me, I've played Wurm since October 2011 with over 150 days in-game and spent a combined total of over 2 years on the staff team. Unfortunately my account got accidentally deleted, so my new forum account makes me look much noobier than I should
  5. Just a sudden idea, On the yellow potions that allow shape change( I mean this respectively...though it would be nice to have the traits of the creature shape-changed into). Could we also offer bonuses from them? . Since its a bonus for paid accounts, could they be used as a chance to make a rarity chance pouring on an item to say add .05 chance or event bonus window to create rare or even a flat out 5% chance when poured over an item to create a "rare" item?(If this were the case they would undoubtedly sell for a silver each or less and the balance would be someone spending 10 silver for a chance to make a rare would limit what a person would want to spend). They are a gratuity for "paid accounts"(to/for which I say thank you) but why not even offer the following: add a quality or bonus to spell increase on item, have the effect of a supreme or fantastic sacrifice when quaffed(random effect to a skill gain), bonus to rarity window or similar effect as bonuses to settlements on deed tokens, or increase effectiveness/longevity of other potions or in creation of other potions made from/with the blood under the crafting window, (what about a chance(after "tasting") to be any one of the previous bonuses- yellow potion). Just a beginning idea for making the yellow potions more worthy of being sought after. What do you think? Would increase the desirability to purchase more account time too. Back to the game.
  6. Well in another topic there was talk about if the tool was oak or not and it got me wondering has anyone ever tested the oak vs the other woods? I would guess they must have since it is in the wiki but is it really that big of a difference and is this test posted someplace? I have just always preferred the oak on just blind faith in that the wiki is right and that there must have been some test done at some point on it. I never have given it much thought but it seems to me it would be like the ships and you would hardly ever notice anything anyway. We are so keen on it now though that if the item is not oak it becomes less valuable and sometimes not deemed as having any value to some players. It just makes me wonder how big of a difference it really does make.
  7. If you are wanting to sell a high end item and don't feel like messing with the whole auction/forum watching then message me and i might buy it from you for a fast simple private sale. Granted you won't get premium money for the item but you will get close. Anyway here are a few things i would buy and the normal price i would pay. Transmutation Rods - 30s Merchant Contracts - 6s Drake sets - 70-75s Spyglass - 35s This is a general idea on some of the things i would buy and about what i feel is a good enough deal so i can resell them for a little profit so if you have anything even if it is not listed just send me a pm with what you have. (i do not want any tools/weapons etc unless they are rare or above) Edit: I am closing this but if you have anything pm me here on the forums..thanks
  8. The Game Has Changed and at this Moment all want to know what are things worth in terms of Silver. This is a Price check Event and you can say your call. Firstly The Drake sets Drake Hide sets- The previous Drake Hide Price was 1 GOLD. Since now they Respawn every month but still it requires a lot of Effort to get a set it will be regarded in the Category of 80 Silver- 1.5 GOLD Drake Scale complete - Each complete butcher Gives 2.5 KG of scale and Still the Scales are the most loved Item of all and Still hold the true value. For a Full butcher - 2.5 on full butcher - 70+ butcher and 90+knife advised Complete Set - 2-3 GOLD Full butcher scale - 70-80 Silver New Unique Droplets - Sorcery Items- Price of Sorcery items Depends on which spells they Give. Note all Sorcery items give 3 charge. Discovered Until now - Red Cherry- 5% Physical debuff Price -10-15silver Per charge White Cheery- Attacker Weapons takes more Damage. Price -20-25silver Per charge Green Tomb- Summons a Worg. Price - 20-25 silver Per charge Green Cherry- Attacker Mises Next 3 Attack Price -20-25 silver Per charge Giant Walnut- 25 Damage Head wound Price -25-30 silver Per charge Blood Of angles- 20% Damage Reduction for duration Price -30-40 silver Per charge So if u are Purchasing 2 Charge Green Cherry then u may pay 50 silver for it. Also this is a permanent spell gain and 1 character can use only 1 charge. Potions Red Dragon -> Oil of the weapon smith- Price - 1-2s upto 50 ql and 2-4s for above 50 ql Black Dragon -> Oil of the armour smith Price - 1-2s upto 50 ql and 2-4s for above 50 ql Green Dragon -> Potion of acid Price - 1s upto 50 ql and 1-2s for above 50 ql White Dragon -> Salve of frost Price - 1s upto 50 ql and 1-2s for above 50 ql Goblin Leader -> Potion of mining Price - 1-2s upto 50 ql and 2-4s for above 50 ql Kyklops -> Potion of leatherworking Price - 1s upto 50 ql and 1-2s for above 50 ql Forest Giant -> Potion of woodcutting Price - 1-2s upto 50 ql and 2-4s for above 50 ql Troll King -> Ointment of stonecutting Price - 1s upto 50 ql and 1-2s for above 50 ql These Prices are given as a Guidelines to people so no one can cheat and it gives us all some idea about new changes. Prices may vary and changes may occurs as we Receive more information, also anyone can PM me to share knowledge and if he/she/it has some queries. Thought of the Day : Change is inevitable - Evilprince