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Found 5 results

  1. I would like to suggest a simple, and nice little touch to the Mission Progress Bars. Can we have it Start as a Red or Orange like the nutrition bar, and Turn to a Bright green as it becomes full? This should require all of like 1 dev and maybe 1 day of work, but would Look cool.
  2. Permission systems are hard to understand (having a couple of layered rules) and all the checks are done in the background, intransparently. When you drive a wagon or take something from a container, where you realistically need to use a key the game just does the check in the background. The player gets no feedback whether a lock & key were involved. Instead, a player has the memorize whether they already locked, unlocked and relocked (for temporary access), checked the boat after a server crossing, etc. So unless you repeatedly double-check using examine and cross-indexing your friend list and manage list, it's really just guesswork if your stuff is secured or not. Since we are as players responsible for keeping tight security in a cooperative environment, please give us the tools for identifying security problems easily and efficiently! Some suggestions to help with making the current lock and access status more transparent: 1. Event log notification of key usage: add some text like "<XYZ> uses the key for the <item>'s lock." to any interaction messages, like taking or dropping stuff. 2. Icons for container inventory and vehicle management (somewhere at the top): a ) Lock icon that displays whether the vehicle or container is locked or unlocked b ) Pickup icon that shows current rights of access to inventory: - green: access only granted to owner and specific users (vehicle management) or villager roles - yellow: access granted to owner and people who sit on the friend list or alliance (or any new group in the new permissions system) - red: access granted to anybody Of course the pickup icon would change status when a vehicle is moved off-deed for instance or when it's locked/unlocked. On deed an unlocked vehicle may show the green pickup icon when inside a building and the yellow icon when moved outside, and the red pickup icon when off-deed. On being locked there the pickup icon changes to green again. I wonder whether the pickup icon idea is really feasible, or whether vehicles need a driving rights icon instead or in addition to ensure indication of security status?
  3. Ever wanted to raise a specific skill, but just couldn't find the correct recipe to do it? That's where this button would come in - it will allow searching for the skill used in crafting an item, this would exclude skill used when improving of course (which is usually the same, except for few exceptions). Practical problems as example #1: looking up "Pottery" as category will return 4 items, but not the most difficult one called Clay/Pottery Smelting Pot. #2: All items of Jewelry Smithing show up when searching for "Jewelry" just Ball and Bowl don't (the most important for grinding this skill). #3: when looking up "Masonry" it returns ~ absolutely nothing. Also found here: ^ if you want to vote on it.
  4. Hello, I've got two suggestions: Add a visual representation of the action queue, where you are able to remove actions from the end and the middle of it by clicking. Maybe it could look like a couple of squares next to each other like the buff/debuff area we have now. Clicking on a square will remove the action from the queue. The ability to say things in your Event. I use files to load up different sets of tools and binds, one could use this "eventsay" to notify the user what has been activated, as an example. This suggestion is only minor, but would probably not be hard to implement.
  5. Okay, everyone already knows this, but, the UI is horrible, it's clunky, unintuitive, and just plain ugly, what I'm suggesting is a smoother sleeker, and more intuitive UI.