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Found 4 results

  1. Like the title says. Ondeed minedoors are opening... For enemies. (this is the second time i've witnessed it and its been at diffrent deeds with diffrent type of minedoors) Needs fixing, asap. First occurance everyone could enter for about 30-60 seconds before it closed. (steel minedoor) This time it closed a few seconds after 2 people entered. (silver minedoor) Uncertain what triggers it. However inhabitants of the deed did go in and out of it in both cases.
  2. I am looking for the owner of the ponderosa, it started a few tiles on the opposite side of the road from me and it seems the perimeter is constantly expanding my way and it recently prevented me from building a plan which i had to retweak. Now I am not complaining it is all well and good but i looked over there before and I can't see to see any settlement at all and would like to speak on this perimeter thing. I do not know whether they are aware of it but we have a little community growing on this side of the road. I hope we can have a meeting and sort this out so it doesn't overlap one or the other I don't want to step on anyones toes. -Can't find the token to get a name thus why I am posting.-
  3. So yesterday after the patch that released arch walls i was super excited, because they are really pretty and make for a great atmosphere i my house But around the time i had to logout to go to bed i found a bug that made me unable to sleep in the 2 beds i have in my house causing me to loose a far bit of sleepbonus last night. Before yesterday the house was a simple 4x2 stonehouse with a few windows and a doubledoor. and the beds had worked just fine. Then after the patch i added 4 internal walls.. to split the house into a 2x1 bedroom with a door and a window and just walls. and 2x2 workshop with a window and an arched doorway that leads into the hallway thats also 2x1. There was no change to any of the outer walls in the house to let in a draft. Which leads me to believe this bug occured because i setup an internal arch wall. (all stone btw. not that i think it matters). So this to me obviously means the code surrounding arch walls is bugged. sure if it had been an outer wall yes.. open house.. but it the code needs to learn to differentiate. So please either teach the code to differentiate between inner/outerwalls or atleast check on a room basis to allow beds inside closed off rooms to be used even if you decide to make a frontporch with arches. or even a decorative arch innerwall like i did. Or if this takes too long to code.. please allow temporary sleeping in houses with arch walls so we dont have to bash them down to avoid loosing sleepbonus untill this issue can be fixed.